The Flash

The Flash travels back in time to prevent the murder of his mother, an act which disrupts time significantly.

  • Released: 2023-06-23
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Stars: Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Kiersey Clemons, Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck, Ron Livingston, Maribel VerdĂș, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Rudy Mancuso, Ian Loh, Richie Lawrie, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Temuera Morrison, Gabriel Constantin, Bastian Antonio Fuentes, Liam Edwards, Paul Fairlie, Nina Barker-Francis, Andoni Gracia, Oleg Mirochnikov, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Rudy Mancuso, Temuera Morrison, James McAvoy
  • Director: Andy Muschietti
  • MattyLuke-81663 - 16 June 2024
    The Flush
    The Flash is a lot. I was never bored watching it, and I found it enjoyable. I am, however, mixed on everything else with the creative choices.

    Despite what some celebrities have said (i.e., Tom Cruise, James Gunn, and Stephen King), this is not the best superhero movie ever. But it is the Most superhero film to date. It has everything.

    This movie has been stuck in development hell for years now. Announced way back in 2014, throughout that time, directors and writers came and went. Hence, I feel like this movie is a collection of every idea those people had and cramped into one movie. On top of that, with DC rebooting and Ezra Miller's legal issues, more significant changes had to be made through reshoots. So, we have a film that has been shifted around and changed about 1 trillion times until its eventual release. The storyline and structure feel chunky and have plenty of fat to their bones.

    So, the elephant in the room who has caused so many problems for both DC and Warner Bros, Erza (We Need to Talk About) Miller. How is Erza's performance? Horrific crimes aside, I thought Miller was enjoyable. I can honestly understand why they did not reshoot all of the scenes that the people on film Twitter were suggesting because Miller (I would say) is in 95% of the film, and what is trickier is that there are two versions of the character since it is a multiverse story. And, of course, other factors would make it impossible to reshoot to consider. In a situation like this, I say bite the bullet and release it anyway.

    OK, enough of that drama trivia. Now for the things that I liked.

    Michael Keaton makes his return as the Caped Crusader, Batman! Keaton's presence helped elevate my interest in what was happening in the story. And whenever he is not present, I miss him greatly.

    Speaking of Batman, I guess this is the last time we will see Ben Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne. Sad, but if he wants to go, then let him go. His final scene and speech are memorable. "Not this time. Maybe some other time."

    The score from composer Benjamin Wallfisch was solid and mixed in the old but familiar music from previous DC movies well.

    Now for the things I was lukewarm with and the other things I did not like.

    Sasha Calle, as Supergirl, is...fine but not fantastic. I was not as wowed as people were with her performance. I am not faulting the actress here, but I think people are overhyping her.

    Now, let us go over the most talked about aspect of the film that I think everyone can universally agree on, even if you like the movie, but these are some of the worst visual effects in a big-budget film in ages. I question if it's finished because it looks like Play Station Two graphics. There was not a single frame that looked believable. Every shot is so unsettling and digitally gross. When we get to 'the cameo scenes', we see Superman Christopher Reeves come back from the grave in CGI form, a horrific sight. Or how about Adam West as Batman? What about Nicholas Cage as Superman from the unmade Superman Lives film? Stuff like that rubbed me the wrong way.

    Also, if you do not know any in-depth film history/trivia, seeing a Nicholas Cage Superman fighting a giant alien spider will be strange and confusing to the general audience.

    Michael Shannon is back as Zod, and he could not care less if he even tried. In all fairness, he probably had no idea what was happening. I find it funny how he cared more in Pottersville than he did in this, and he isn't even good in that movie, either.

    Is it just me, or did anyone else feel like the ending was a downer? I mean, where and what happens to the characters is devastating. It left me feeling a bit sad. I have a feeling this is done unintentionally, lol.

    Overall rating: Despite my mixed reaction, I still found the film entertaining and never dull. The DCEU is a hot mess, and the behind-the-scenes drama is so fascinating that there should be a documentary about it in the future. Besides Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2, this movie is more of a finale to this broken universe. After ten years of an uneven series of films, it is time to put it to rest...and start again.
  • julzclaridge - 29 April 2024
    It's OK
    I would of enjoyed this film more if the character of the flash was cast better. When you're suppose to like or relate to the main character in some way, it's difficult because Ezra makes the character so hard to like. He's boring and fails to portray the level of confidence this character should have, even though the flash is a little awkward.

    People complain about the cgi etc, but if you've watched the TV series, you get past that pretty quick. If only the DC movies didn't stray from the story line so far.

    For pure entertainment purposes, you'll enjoy the movie, but if you're a comic lover, this'll probably feel unsatisfying.