A young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Jamie Clayton, Odessa A'zion, Drew Starkey, Brandon Flynn, Goran Visnjic, Adam Faison, Aoife Hinds, Hiam Abbass, Selina Lo, Jason Liles, Yinka Olorunnife, Zachary Hing, Kit Clarke, Predrag Bjelac, Gorica Regodić, Vukašin Jovanović, Ivona Kustudić, Greg De Cuir, Miodrag Milovanov, Nikola Kent, Katarina Gojković
  • Director: David Bruckner
  • ridcullyshat - 13 January 2023
    Some good points in a bad flick
    I love the new makeup, and the new tale on the prepay. Bit within the first 5 minutes they broke a cardinal rule ( it is not hands that call us, but desire), the box redesign does not appeal, and honestly the whole thing feels more like a nightmare on elm Street movie than hellraiser. Maybe I'm spoiled by Doug Bradley, but the gravitas just isn't there. Remember when they gave us a new evil dead, and as good a movie as it was, it just dismemberment have the original soul? Yeah, same feeling. I never got the sense of deaf and mythos from this female that I did from the original 2. Just my opinion.
  • psvail - 6 January 2023
    Another terrible remake.
    The Hellraiser franchise has been waiting for a decent writer and director with a sizable budget to appreciate and follow what went before, it's a franchise that has been used and abused but I was hopeful this would be a decent resurrection. With a vast fan base eager for something decent after all these years it's an open goal. But sadly yet again we get an utterly uninspiring formulaic film with none of the magic of the original. Gone is the dark, bleak and gritty feel of the original films. This is far too long, none of the sexual vibe of the original, terrible pacing and dislikeable characters. Just watch the original and part 2, Maybe even Bloodline which was a much better effort than this. An lazy insult to the original films.
  • w-c-elliott - 2 January 2023
    Quite a good film actually!

    I haven't seen any other Hellraiser films since last seeing Hellraiser 3.

    This film, was actually quite good.

    True to the fact that most new films can't beat an original. Been seeing too many bad reviews about this film, but as it's rated a 6 on here. I had no expectations whatsoever, so I decided to watch it. Also, this is my first film review!

    If you're gonna watch this film, then watch it and enjoy it for what it is. It's not a bad horror/thriller at all. The Cenobites do look their part, especially the Priest, she is awesome looking - and she has a good Pinhead feel to her. And also, whilst watching this film, it did have a good old feel to it - the main actress who played the part as Riley, reminded me of the original actress from the first film who played as Kirsty. Which in all gave the film a really good feel to it.

    Don't expect this film as a remake, or a reboot, as nothing can beat an original. But, if you like the Cenobites, The Box, and it's mysteries, then this film is definitely worth a watch, and also because it is something new.

    I've rated this film a 7, which is kind of rare for me to do so, as most recent thrillers/horrors barely get a 5 from me nowadays.
  • imxhill - 1 January 2023
    I get why this is divisive but good movie
    This is the first Hellraiser film I watched. The 2nd act or so was pretty slow and felt dull, but the 3rd act was really great so it made up for it. It basically got better as it went on. The gore effects were well done and it made me shrink a couple of times.

    The performances were great, the directing, and the cinematography.... Can't wait for David Bruckner's segment on V/H/S/85. And yeah I gotta watch his other films now. And by the way, this paragraph I'm writing simply because there should be 600 characters at least or whatever. So I'll finish this review by saying that this could have been 8 (since I gave avatar 2 an 8 as well)
  • Parks - 1 January 2023
    Dumb, but thinks it is smart
    To be honest, that whole "pain is pleasure" thing that powers the original movie never really worked for me, and I never made it past the first sequel, "Hellbound".

    But I was intrigued enough by the trailer to try this new movie.

    I have to give it credit for at least attempting to give some additional explanation to the original story of the Lament Configuration.

    But unfortunately that weighs the whole thing down with a new set of rules which make very little sense even within the confines of this story.

    For example, Cenobites are fast-moving and all-powerful - except when the story needs them to be slow and a bit dumb. Nothing can stop the Cenobites, except when the movie needs to hit "pause". Victims are relentlessly taken straight away, except when we need a character to stop and think about their choices.

    The underlying tale of accepting pain in actual life is not bad, but bludgeoned home by moralising monsters clad in leather at the end of the movie. The Cenobites aren't so much monsters in this film as they are flawed philosophers, turning up every now and again to chunter some trite nonsense about choices and desires.

    Also they actually kill people in this movie. Which is not nearly as terrifying as the original concept that they were carrying off their victims for eternal torment. How prosaic.

    And at the end, it remains flat. Unscary. Unfunny. Uninteresting. Like another installment in a particularly bloody soap opera.

    And please spare me the "deep" dialogue if this reboot does get a sequel.
  • donancricchiasaverio - 30 December 2022
    Just nonsense
    It was so far away from the source material. I mean plain garbage. I really wanted this to be good. I'm a huge Hellraiser fan, movies, books, and comics. This is just a waist. I didn't care about the characters, the story and plot was boring, and the new pinhead just was lacking. I mean the fan fiction Hellraiser Redemption was better. Even Hellworld was better with young Superman and young Lagertha. But this here, this movie here is inflated garbage. Good thing they had the foresight to not release it in the theaters and save everyone their hard earned money. But, if you want to watch a movie about addiction and a few demons in it, then here you to.
  • zotovictash - 29 December 2022
    Not terrible - But it ruined Pinhead for me
    While the movie was very much entertaining, and even scary from time to time, I can't help but rant. Anyone who has seen the original film probably feels the same way.

    It was off to a promising start. It did resemble the hellish 80s saga with a hint of Gen Z atmosphere. And it felt like our favorite anti-heroes are sooo back!

    And then it turned out that Pinhead is, in fact, a Disney princess. Now, I guess that the feminine touch was added on purpose and that it does come with another type of value. Still, a massive chunk of the original character's appearance (and fear factor) was lost So while I truly wanted to love it, it was just like Hellraiser Light.
  • griffithxjohnson - 28 December 2022
    Looks great but still lacking
    Lots of awesome aspects that never quite line up. It looks great with awesome costume, sound, & set design. But the acting isn't convincing & the plot doesn't reach its potential. The lore is fascinating yet underdeveloped.

    . .

    . Lots of awesome aspects that never quite line up. It looks great with awesome costume, sound, & set design. But the acting isn't convincing & the plot doesn't reach its potential. The lore is fascinating yet underdeveloped.

    . .

    . Lots of awesome aspects that never quite line up. It looks great with awesome costume, sound, & set design. But the acting isn't convincing & the plot doesn't reach its potential. The lore is fascinating yet underdeveloped.
  • underfire35-1 - 27 December 2022
    Hellraiser (2022)
    In 1987 novelist and artist Clive Barker wanted to bring one of his own stories to the big screen making his directorial debut in the process. 'Hellraiser' was born in a sticky combination of sex, violence, incest, religion & practical effects with a gritty grindhouse vibe and tied together by one of Christopher Young's best musical scores. It also introduced the world to the Cenobites, emissaries from of a type of purgatory dimension where pleasure and pain are indistinguishable. Their leader, Pinhead, became an instant horror icon and the film was a box office hit relative to the budget.

    Jump to the present, where everybody is out of ideas so they have decided to reboot the franchise. This new one is not a remake, having a completely different story, but also not a sequel? I don't know. I'll start off by saying that the new 'Hellraiser' is not terrible, but needlessly complicated and fussy about useless details. It follows a forgettable group of characters around as they continually find ways to stab each other with little knives that extend out of the puzzle box which is the key to summoning the Cenobites. Once these gruesome messengers take form in our world, thirsty for the flesh of their prey.. everybody just kind of stands around for awhile.

    Everything could have been solved by putting the box down and not screwing around with it anymore. The plot is fueled by coincidence and bad decisions as it slowly drives to the next unremarkable scene. This includes a plot twist late in the film which creates more plot holes than it resolves but by that point, I didn't really care. Overall this new version is kind of boring, with very few surprises. It looks and sounds like any other horror movie that is being made these days.

    The Cenobites costumes are practical, which is something I guess. The redesigns are weird though, choosing a white / soft red color scheme as opposed the distinct black leather of the originals. This not only makes these creatures less imposing but actually harder to make out on film. A perfect example of this, which also sums up the film as a whole, is the Pinhead makeup. The original concept used nails in the facial prosthetics, giving it a harsher edge. This new design uses long push pins which softens the character, making her less threatening - and yes Pinhead is played by a woman, but you can't really tell and also, who cares?

    'Hellraiser' 22' seems to be a step up from some of the more recent sequels both in money spent and overall concept but doesn't really add anything fresh or interesting. It meanders for two hours where as the original film shot what they could afford, making every scene carry some weight and kept the pacing pretty brisk. Limited resources can inspire creativity but now, there are very few mistakes you can't fix while making a larger budgeted film. Sometimes the mistakes are the best part though. 4/10.
  • fciocca - 23 December 2022
    The Hellraiser golden age ended a long time ago. It is time to bury this franchise for good.
    I have watched all the movies of the series. The quality dropped after "Inferno". However, the 2018 entry was a bit better and in my perspective they put the basis for a great sequel, but of course this reboot is completely unlinked to the previous chapter: they just threw away nice premises to write a sloppy and predictable story. There is no tension buildup, the gore is not nearly as good and violent as the original and the design of the Cenobites, despite having potential, looks badly made. The acting is pretty bad. Doug Bradley will remain the one and only Pinhead, I personally did not feel the need of this cheap copy, that at least they had the decency to call Priest. Trevor is one of the most annoying characters that I watched in the last few months; Drew Starkey was unbearable in his performance. Overall, the entire cast was bad, they really should take some serious classes, because they are clearly very flat and they cannot convey emotions to the audience. Maybe they are not really cut for this job.

    The plot is tedious, predictable and boring. The director needed to polish it before releasing it. The story takes too much time to finally develop, there are many sequences that in my perspective were completely pointless. The lore of the "Hellraiser" is not expanded, and there is absolutely nothing interesting about the Cenobites. I consider myself a fan of the series, and I am sorry that they keep releasing stuff, when there is clearly nothing left to tell. They should put it at rest.
  • jldmorris - 23 December 2022
    So disappointing
    Not scary at all, really pointless dialogue. A lot of the time I was watching them act I wanted to hit fast forward.

    The main actress girl with the curly hair was a bad actress and annoying. Her voice was really crackly and screechy when she yelled, I never felt more annoyed.

    I never wanted a movie to end so badly, I was so bored. At one point they started naming random stuff in the dialogue, it felt like nonsense trying to be deep.

    The plot felt disjointed from the start and the end. Felt like a really big waste of time and couldn't wait for it to end.

    The only redeeming part was the gruesome and gore, but thoee were few and far in between.

    Very little character development, felt not connected to any characters, didn't care for it. Lead actress very unlikeable.
  • PhuccyXI - 23 December 2022
    I think this is one of the BEST hellraiser movies I have watched. And I have watched all hellraiser movies. This movie provides a new perspective on the pinheads and kind of deviating from the previous movies. However, it was done effectively and i appreciate the director still keep the original cenobites. Would love to see more background/stories about the female pinhead. Also, more gore please :(. The acting is pretty good, especially the female lead.

    Overall, if you are a fan of Hellraiser fan, this movie is a must watch. You won't regret it. Even if you havent watched this franchise, you should give it a try :)
  • sarah-508-649421 - 21 December 2022
    Doesn't Raise Hell
    If the review didn't have to be 600 characters I would probably only write the word 'Meh.' Absolutely nothing like the original which I'm sorry but set the bar pretty high in terms of original horror and story for me.

    We've a girl and her family who we don't really care about. In fact I don't really know how they're all related. I'd have preferred the girl to have been killed by a cenobite early doors to be fair.

    Effects were great. Nothing wrong with the acting or script. Are we trying to be all woke with s woman pinhead or a gay couple? Who knows but both fell flat. Pinhead is tall, booming voice, a bully and scary. The female pinhead is not.

    Forgettable I'm afraid.
  • BandSAboutMovies - 20 December 2022
    No reason to exist
    You know, I made it through every Hellraiser - yes, even Hellraiser: Judgment and Hellraiser: Revelations - and the stupid social media uproar that Pinhead would be a woman, plus the second social media fervor that this movie was going to make Hellraiser too gay, which is absolutely the most hilarious argument of all time.

    Too bad that the movie that resulted - directed by David Bruckner (Southbound, The Ritual) from a script by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (The Night House) from a screen story they co-wrote with David S. Goyer - can't live up to all that tweet and retweet noise.

    Roland Voight (Goran Visnjic) is a hedonistic millionaire who serves Leviathan and brings the puzzle box - the Lament Configuration - into the lives of people who pay as it cuts them and the Cenobites arrives to flay their souls.

    Riley McKendry (Odessa A'zion), a recovering addict who solves one of those boxes and learns that they mark their victims as a sacrifice. She learns that when her brother Matt (Brandon Flynn) gets taken away when he is sliced open. Soon, she and her boyfriend Trevor (Drew Starkey) and Colin's lover Matt (Adam Faison) are trying to escape Voight's mansion with their lives.

    For all the noise about Jamie Clayton playing Pinhead - I mean The Priest, as it says in the credits - it really doesn't change the story or the idea. It's just a gender swap and people should get over these things. What I want is a movie that lives up to the first two films and again, again, again and again I never get what I desire. Some critics say it's better than the last films and that's like saying it's the best of your breakups.

    Maybe I expect too much and get too excited. Maybe I watched too many Eastern Europe-shot direct-to-video sequels (this was shot in Serbia). Maybe I'm not getting the right versions of all these reboots and reimaginings that everyone else seems to love.

    But when someone says, "We have such sights to show you," they should show me.