The Greatest Beer Run Ever

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Chickie wants to support his friends fighting in Vietnam, so he does something wild—personally bring them American beer. What starts as a well-meaning journey quickly changes Chickie’s life and perspective. Based on a true story.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, War
  • Stars: Zac Efron, Russell Crowe, Bill Murray, Kyle Allen, Jake Picking, Will Ropp, Archie Renaux, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis, Will Hochman, Christopher Reed Brown, Joe Adler, MacGregor Arney, Hal Cumpston, Kristin Carey, Paul Adelstein, Matt Cook, Shirleyann Kaladjian, Kevin Tran
  • Director: Peter Farrelly
  • jackreinbott - 28 December 2022
    Underrated for mine...
    I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, touching, and had some good things to say. Russell Crowe gives easily one of his best performances in recent years, and The Greatest Beer Run Ever marks a welcome return to form for him.

    Sure... it is no where near the Oscar worthy movie that it could have been, but what you get is far better than reviews let off. Zac Efron was a pretty perfect choice for this one, and you can tell he gives it 100% for the whole movie. The story, while unbelievable at times, is never dull, and this movie keeps you interested for the whole time. I would certainly recommend a viewing because, although it might be forgettable, it truly is the Greatest Beer Run Ever...
  • Drawmort - 4 November 2022
    Nice for a light afternoon
    If this movie wasn't based on real events, it would be the stupidest war story I've ever seen. Well, it's not that it isn't, but being real, it gives some credit to the movie. The protagonist embarks on a literal and figurative journey where he understands the horrors and idiocies of war, but the reason behind the trip is quite particular.

    There is not much to say about the technical aspects of the film. It's good, but it doesn't really stand out. The script wobbles a bit, because it has a marked tonal imbalance. The story begins casually comic, to move to a quite emotional war drama. The first act could have been shorter to give priority to the most important part of the film.

    The performances are decent, not without great brilliance either.

    In short, it's well done, it isn't boring, but at times it's repetitively moralistic, which tends to annoy a bit. It could have been better written and edited.