In the 1930s, three friends—a doctor, a nurse, and an attorney—witness a murder, become suspects themselves and uncover one of the most outrageous plots in North American history.

  • Released: 2022-11-04
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thrillers
  • Stars: Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldaña, Anya Taylor-Joy, Robert De Niro, Michael Shannon, Andrea Riseborough, Alessandro Nivola, Timothy Olyphant, Taylor Swift, Matthias Schoenaerts, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Leland Orser, Beth Grant, Christopher Gehrman, Shiree Nelson, Tom Irwin, David Babbitt, Mike Azevedo, Martin Harris, Christopher Kager, Donovan Hurst, Jarrett Johnson, Kawan DeBose, Deon Sams, Mel Fair, Vaughn Page, Bonnie Hellman, Max Perlich, Jessica Drake, Ed Begley Jr., Colleen Camp, Gabé Doppelt, Lauren Shaw, Brandon Davis, Casey Biggs, Dey Young, Sean Avery, Gigi Bermingham, André Tardieu, Casey Graf, Rebecca Wisocky, Daniel Riordan, Steven Hack, Floyd Armstrong, Leonard A. Tucker Jr., Baxter Humby, Richie Harrington, John Pirkis, Shedell, Kindsey Vaughn, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini
  • Director: David O. Russell
  • SnoopyStyle - 13 January 2023
    so many stars
    It's 1933 New York City. Burt Berendsen (Christian Bale) is a doctor working for disfigured war veterans. His war buddy Harold Woodman (John David Washington) is a lawyer. Harold recruits Burt to perform an autopsy on their former commander Bill Meekins at the behest of his daughter Liz Meekins who suspects foul play. He was probably poisoned. While meeting Liz on the streets, a car runs her over and kills her. Harold and Burt are accused of her murder. During the war, Meekins assigns Burt to lead an all black regiment. Burt gains respect from Harold and the other men. They are all injured and hospitalized where they are treated by nurse Valerie Voze (Margot Robbie).

    There are so many stars in this one. Sometimes, they're distracting like Mike Myers and Taylor Swift. Mostly, they are overkilling to fill the secondary roles. The stardom overload is distracting. Writer/director David O. Russell seems to be impersonating one of the Coen brothers except the humor is not there. It's deliberately quirky without actually being funny. The second half turns a bit Kafkaesque. It does have something to say, but the last ten minutes get rather preachy. The tone of this movie is all over the place.
  • msishak - 13 January 2023
    An original and great story. Dont Trust The Critics Or The Masses (normies)
    3 people who made a pact of friendship in Amsterdam were separated and reunited years later but unwittingly caught up in a mysterious and sinister conspiracy. This is the premise of Amsterdam. It is a story of love and friendship. But the way the story is told, its wrapped in a tale of conspiracy and mystery. And it just has so much colour and quirkiness to it.

    It's an original story in a sense that you dont see these kinds of movies being shown anymore. You dont know what to expect and you don't know whats going to happen. But you're interested and vested in the story and characters. That's what a good movie is about. THE STORY AND CHARACTERS. A good movie can stand on its own without big budget explosive scenes.

    There are too many movies these days where you can sort of tell what will happen next. Its formulaic. Even those that aren't, the tone of the movie can be monotonous. This movie mixes love and friendship WITH a murder mystery AND conspiracy BUT the story is told in a light, comedic and quirky fashion. Name one movie that DARES to mix all these elements together and does it right.

    I see complains about pacing, that it's boring, it's hard to follow. Are we as an audience too dumb these days to follow a good story? About the pacing, is it slow or jarring? No it is not. Because each scenes moves meaningfully to the next with a relatively fast pace because it shows alot of details that describe the characters, relationship between characters, events that bring the story forward.

    I'd say, this is amazing and tight writing. If people hate this movie for the pacing, then they would hate LA confidential as well, which is a fantastic crime mystery movie also.

    We need more movies like these. More films that dare to be different and has a class of its own.
  • athanass - 12 January 2023
    Disjointed at times - but a powerful cast
    Many of the actors in this movie only play roles they WANT to play - they do not need any more fame. This should tell you something about the film.

    Christian Bale and Margo Robbie can read the back of a bus ticket and I would pay to see it. Add to them the other "A" grade stars like Anja Taylor-Joy, Matthias Schoenaerts, Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldana, Rami Malek, Robert De Niro,and you can see the weight of talent.

    Starting out as a "Whodunit" this movie twists and turns into a powerful portrait of aspects of power and control.

    What shocked me most of all was the final 15 seconds where the truth behind the plot is highlighted.

    I already had a rough idea of the pre-WWII situation in the US, but this film hammers the story home with fearful energy.
  • matteo-coppolaneri - 12 January 2023
    Was it the directing, or the editing?
    At the end of this movie, I was left baffled. The cast was stellar, and had great performances. The story had a lot of unexpressed potential... but the movie was excessively quirky and ultimately fell flat to me.

    So why was it?

    Was it the directing, that couldn't focus coherently on the plot, without adding useless and weird details?

    Or was it the not so great editing, that made some of the dialogues between the actors feel artificial?

    At the end, the movie just felt strange. It lacked direction, introduced too many weird and wannabe-funny characters in a plot that probably required a more serious and straightforward approach.

    Christian Bale an absolute master though, as usual.
  • odaleg - 12 January 2023
    Casts of great actors are no longer useful.
    The film bases almost its entire premise on a cast of great, and famous, actors who try to sustain a poor and rather predictable script that is also extremely confusing.

    It is extremely confusing because you don't get to understand the film until the third act, until then it is a succession of dialogues that rarely bring any development to the plot or the characters, as the latter do not advance in the whole film, there is no evolution. Just as they begin, they end.

    The speech that the film tries to give is totally legitimate and necessary in today's times but it gets lost in a crude and convoluted plot of investigation, crime, I do not know. Film that promised much but remains a mere pastime that will not be remembered in a short time.
  • KDPeffley-2 - 11 January 2023
    Weird but worth watching
    This movie is especially worth watching if you like Christian Bale or any of the several very talented actors that played in the film. I couldn't help but think that this was directed by Wes Anderson. The timing of the dialogue certainly impresses me that way, as well as the color schemes and the way the story is told. It was intimated at the very beginning that the movie's story was based in history, but I haven't seen anything to confirm that yet. Alternatively there are some parallels to Jan 6th 2021. Overall, I liked the film and I'd recommend it to friends who happen to like Wes Anderson or just quirky movies in general.
  • Aregie - 11 January 2023
    It's got HEART
    I've grown so tired of Hollywood and its predictable plot lines and characters, and gratuitous action, romance, sex and violence.

    This was a breath of fresh air, delivered with style and beauty and HEART, and some of the most engaging, thoughtful dialogue I've heard in some time. It kept me glued to the screen, and it truly made me laugh and cry out loud.

    I am sorry for those who don't "get" it. But it's a work that everyone who contributed to this piece can be incredibly proud of.

    It's definitely on my top ten list for the year, and I am genuinely shocked that it has received some low-star reviews.
  • jokool-2 - 11 January 2023
    I Can't Stop Smiling!
    I've just finished watching this film and I'm feeling great. I have a big smile on my face and I'm refreshed and tingling all over. Coincidentally, the last movie that made me feel this way was "The Suicide Squad" that also starred Margot Robbie.

    Am I in love with Margot Robbie? Possibly. For me she's the Raquel Welch of this generation, although she is a far more talented actress. But that has little to do with my review.

    This was one ambitious, star-studded movie with a message that parallels the perilous politics of the U. S. and the world today. Did the filmmakers fulfill their ambitions? No! They fell a little short. But I'm very thankful for their attempt.

    I think the plethora of stars in the cast was a distraction in light of the lack of meaty and memorable roles for them. I'm a war movie buff and two star studded movies that come to mind are "The Longest Day" and "Apocolypse Now."

    Decades later I clearly remember the moments and lines of the likes of John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Red Buttons, and Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, and Dennis Hopper. Of the secondary stars of "Amsterdam," I won't remember them or their lines, but I will certainly remember Taylor Swift getting thrown under a bus (car actually) early in the movie. That's about it. A waste of star power in the film, but maybe not in boosting ticket sales.

    I think the primary stars did very well with what they had to work with. You know how I feel about Robbie, and I think this was the best I've seen of John David Washington. You could say the same for Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek, and Andrea Riseborough too.

    That brings me to Christian Bale. He was marvelous. But was he intentionally channeling Peter Falk's detective Columbo for his character? Was it me? Joke on us. I dunno. It worked.

    Finally, Robert De Niro is one of my all-time favorite actors. But in my opinion, his acting has not aged well. In its stead is his political activism and that amongst other things may be the reason for some of the lower reviews. I gave the film a solid seven stars. The filmmakers shot for the stars but landed on the moon, and that's pretty good.
  • user-35583 - 10 January 2023
    Reach exceeds grasp
    There's a lot going on here. So much potential. The cast is marvelous. Maybe too marvelous that nobody can truly shine and anchor the movie for the viewers.

    There are really brilliant individual scenes. Wonderful dialog, set pieces and costume design. We are immersed in both post WWI 1918 and the rise of fascism in 1933. The film moves between these time periods and unfortunately it only adds to a confusing plot. There is an extended flashback near the start of the film that felt overlong and jarring in its placement. But once you get to the 2nd half of the film, things start to come together more coherently. The obvious political statements regarding parallels with current political strife are not surprising but sometimes heavy handed.

    Director O'Russell had considerable ambition here but in the end, fails to pull it all together. Enjoyed the individual performances.
  • trudjoh - 9 January 2023
    Has to be the best movie of the year!!
    Up until now I have been so disappointed in most films produced in the USA by the larger film organizations. They are just not what I consider excellent cinema although they are well acted etc. It isn't that I don't like super heroes. But at the end of the day I am only fascinated by the use of current technology and imagination. I do like watching the hunks, don't get me wrong. But I like movies that TEACH something. This is one of those movies.

    The acting and camaraderie is wonderful. I have never seen movie made by these actors that has not been excellent. But when I started to watch this, I even forgot to feed my cats!!

    I had to have my phone and Wikipedia right next to me because this film, although very humorous, also provided an interesting history lesson of the perhaps alleged plans to allow powerful people of the Nazi persuasion to infiltrate our government. And at the beginning of 1933 that was not much of a stretch. I looked up place and event referrals, some person referrals, etc and in this movie you have a history lesson for a lot that took place. Referred to Drug use, ,new drugs for pain and mental health, music, dancing and costuming, places, social norms of the wealthy, mansions, etc were all accurate (I use Wikipedia a lot and find it wonderful!). So if you want a history lesson of some events in the US in the early 1930's, have a go. Even the beginnings of plastic surgery after the horrors of WWI.

    I need to emphasize from Wikipedia that such a plot was never proven to be executed. But the evidence suggests that such plotting did occur. Gosh, it would happen now.
  • musclesz - 8 January 2023
    Seemed like Wes Anderson without the interesting characters and plot
    This felt like a Wes Anderson movie. Kind of goofy weird characters, interesting scenery and sets. But it's just a cheap imitation.

    This is a slow moving nothing burger that wants to be much more. Or appear to be more.

    Despite a well recognizable cast, the actual characters were shallow and boring. Several minutes of people just dancing around in what seemed like a way to kill time on the screen.

    At the end we are reminded that in the beginning it said "a lot of this really happened". So it's a semi-documentary, but with goofy, unrealistic characters? Ok. Seems a bit contradictory. Pick a lane, if you want to be serious about the actual events which sound interesting, take it seriously. But being a big goofball movie then at the end pretending to be biographical didn't mesh.

    An honest attempt may have been to introduce the brutality of war and how they created their own fantasy world. But everything was goofy. A woman getting killed is goofy. People with war injuries, goofy.

    Pick a lane, that's all I'm saying.

    And at the end you're wondering "is that it?". With all the talking, was there supposed to be a moral presented? Is that what this was all about?

    I can see why people may like it. It has a lot of meaningless but appealing eye candy. But my god, it's so slow moving, going no where, you have to have infinite patience to endure it to the end. Or just watch it at home and use the FF>> button.
  • giulsgaleazzi - 8 January 2023
    I don't understand the reason for such a low score for a film like this. It is inexplicable because it is really a quality product. I am already a longtime fan of David O. Russell and I must say that this film met my expectations. I am glad I watched it without being influenced by the negative critics because it really surprised me so much. I loved it from the very beginning. The cast is really stellar, and the performances are masterful, the film is very enjoyable and easy to follow, it draws you into the story and is very engaging. I liked the cinematography and the characterization of the characters. Very much approved and highly recommended.
  • staubachster - 7 January 2023
    Extremely entertaining portrayal of an important event
    I love this film. Christian Bale, John David Washington, and Margot Robbie are great individually as well as together. They have palpable chemistry as three close friends who stumble upon a murderous plot to bypass the democratic process and install a dictator in the White House. (Sound familiar?) The lighthearted, comedic tone is a clever counterpoint to the story's dark themes -- the horrors of war, pervasive racism, the unchecked power of the super wealthy, white supremacy, the rise of fascism, and more. The movie's dark humor is served up in a delightfully palatable way. The story is based on a real historical incident which, along with Robert DeNiro, gives it the necessary gravitas to avoid being farcical. I found it eminently entertaining and extremely relevant to current events. The music added an appealing touch.
  • drgeisme-02622 - 7 January 2023
    This movie is soooo slow and takes forever. The worst performance by Christian Bale I have seen. His character is a cross between Kramer (Seinfeld) & Nick Tortelli (Carla's husband from Cheers). After watching and leading up to the finally, the movie just would not end. Then it contains the diversity requirement by the white people falling in love with the black people and the white people with white people are bad people. The (in real life) rich Hollywood celebrities complaining about the rich is ironic. The comedy fails. Margot Robbie is as beautiful as ever and Robert DeNiro plays his usual one-dimensional character that fails to inspire. I wish I knew more about the actual events. I'm just glad I didn't pay to see this movie.