Terrifier 2

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art's evil intent.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 138 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars: David Howard Thornton, Lauren LaVera, Samantha Scaffidi, Casey Hartnett, Griffin Santopietro, Felissa Rose, Sarah Grace Sanders, Elliott Fullam, Tamara Glynn, Devon Roth, Charlie McElveen, Darsh Gandhi, Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran, Katie Maguire, Jackie Adragna, Sarah Voigt, Amelie McLain, Michael Leavy, Rick Styczynski
  • Director: Damien Leone
  • jp_91 - 13 January 2023
    All the gore but a script that is "just the tip".
    "Terrifier 2" is a decent movie whose gore scenes are the highlights, most of the deaths are well done and look realistic, the prosthetic effects have an old school charm. The cinematography is interesting, during the day scenes it looks a bit amateurish and has a super 8 effect that suits it well, during the night scenes it achieves a better effect in front of the camera lens. The performances do their job without being outstanding. The most notorious is its script that tells a repetitive story and that lasts until it reaches a duration of 138 minutes, when this plot could be told in 78 minutes, there is a lot of recycling of ideas that go wrong with the script, it also includes supernatural elements that feel a bit forced. The best of the movie is in the middle scene in the end credits.
  • alecsharratt-30092 - 12 January 2023
    The Terribler or maybe the Tropeifier (actually boring)
    I ended up skipping bits of the dialogue and whole scenes simply because of how boring it was. No one should have to describe a film like this a boring.

    The first film was amazing, I am a huge fan. I loved Art the clown in the first movie, he was... terrifying! The plot of the first film wasn't exactly complex but it put the characters in a peril they didn't recognise until it was too late.

    This film falls flat, lacks all the gravitas, tension and entertainment value of its predecessor.

    The plot is just a series of tropes rehashed in an unoriginal and bland sequence of forgettable nonsense. It feels like the stripped back old school gore / horror of the first film just got watered down (way down) into generic trash. There is nothing original or worthwhile in the entire 2 hours and 18min runtime. Although with all the skipping you will do, you will be lucky if you only have to sit though 1.5 hours of this tripe.

    Probably the worst tragedy this film this commits is absolutely destroying the protagonist, Art. Art was a great villain in the first movie, in this he is just a cheesy pale imitation. He's boring, predictable and the gore is frankly lame af.

    He relies on the characters being idiots and just standing and staring at him or doing the most unbelievable stuff. Even when the film kind of ramps up after AN HOUR AND A HALF, its not interesting or scary.

    Art actually takes a hostage at one point, seriously wtf? His random and ad hoc attacks in the first film made him far more scary. Put him in daylight on full view and it just loses everything that made it good.

    Is there gore? Yes, but it loses the impact the first film had and just seems like its just there because it needs to be. Gore does not equal horror unfortunately for this film.

    The film makes very little sense, its very confused about what it is and is trying to achieve and fails to deliver on every front. Complete waste of time and they ruined a great protagonist. This is basically Halloween 18 (or whatever the latest one would be).

    Don't bother.
  • Vorhees1996 - 9 January 2023
    Story Lacks Where Kills Overkill
    The story is absolute garbage. It's extremely slow. And the kills are over the top. But let's be real, people who like Art aren't here for a good story, (no offense).

    For a slasher movie with many slow scenes that should have been on the cutting room floor, this movie was too long.

    My rating is low because the movie dragged and left more questions than answers. The acting wasn't great but I also wasn't really expecting it to be either.

    The kills were a lot but that's Art the Clown, so no one should expect any less. But I don't think I'll rewatch this movie because of how slow it moved. Just got to the point where you wanted it to end.
  • johanhoekstra87 - 9 January 2023
    Love Art the clown
    Great horror movie! I loved the first one but this one is also good! The blood and gore are sometimes to much for me, but Art the clown has great potential to be the new horror icon!

    My only critism is that i think the movie is to long. I think for the next one a hour a half would be enough. And I didn't like the dream moments and the little clown girl. I like suspense but sometimes the movie feels like the gore is only there for the gore.

    I can recommend this movie if you like slasher movies and horror movies with a lot of gore! The character of Art the clown makes this movie!

    I can't wait for a part 3!

  • anthonytravaglini - 9 January 2023
    Did Rob Zombie make this?
    I feel terrible giving this a bad rating, I loved the first film and there was a good portion of this movie that was just as fun or better. However, this is a slasher movie. They should run about 90 minutes. This ran well over two hours and it was mainly due to a bunch of unnecessary symbolism and half baked lore. Look, I get adding lore. It's needed for a franchise, but everything they added left major plot holes or raised questions. The movie really got away from itself for about fifty minutes and went down a rabbit hole of bad storytelling. I honestly felt at a point I was watching Rob Zombies Halloween 2 because of how much of a mess this movie became.
  • samfin-37776 - 8 January 2023
    Utter carnage, and a refreshing change from predictable modern horror
    After watching all the Art films, I was unsure when the trailer for this dropped that it would stay true to its roots in throwing boundaries out of the window upon hitting mainstream cinema... what a pleasant surprise I had!

    Terrifier 2 amps everything from the original up to 11; sure, the backstory to the characters is a bit thin on the ground, but I find it so refreshing that hints are dropped as breadcrumbs throughout, allowing for speculation rather than a half hour segment of individual character backstory. The gore remains wonderfully prevalent with a fresh injection of jet black humour (the original was hilarious, but moments in 2 will have fans of gore laughing out loud) and the casting is particularly good this time around.

    I personally thought the last half an hour was questionable on first viewing, but after watching the film through a second time it somehow made both more and less sense at the same time (without spoiling and being as vague as possible, I assumed the end sequence was metaphorical, but second viewing revealed I was overthinking and it's much more literal).

    Leone has absolutely mastered the delivery of 'video nasty'-esque horror to a mainstream audience, and I think it's so refreshing for a franchise direction to have no boundaries on gore, story or violence. An absolute masterpiece in black comedy and modern horror!
  • DarthVoorhees - 8 January 2023
    'Terrifier 2' is a masterclass in the horror hype machine building up a listless product
    We are living in a pretty good era for the Horror genre. There's a variety and respectability to the genre that has never seemed to exist in all my years as a fan. But as much as I love a good A24 thematic dissection I get the desire for a good old fashion sleaze fest. 'Terrifier 2' fought its way to be on your radar through good old fashioned word of mouth and embellishment. It did the trick I went and sought it out despite the fact that I really didn't know if I wanted to...

    It's good to remember that none of the claims surrounding 'Terrifier 2' are unique. People supposedly puked when they saw 'Night of the Living Dead' in the 60's. I'll say what I said about the infamous 'Human Centipede' movies...'Terrifer 2' needs to be seen with a like minded audience in a theatre. It needs to feed on the adrenaline of a Horror fan crowd because otherwise 'Terrifier' is a very boring film. The gore and sleaze which might titillate a crowd at a midnight screening just becomes redundant and gross especially with the bloated run time. My opinion of the movie is colored by the fact that I saw it on Blu-Ray alone. There's something that separates the Wes Craven's from the Damien Leone's and the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' from 'Terrifier 2'. The heights of this genre that stand above their exploitive value are reached because a creep hacking up people is only as interesting as the ambiance and story surrounding it. 'Terrifer 2' is entirely a face value blood fest...

    And those scenes are technically impressive. I mean I guess I can appreciate the effort and craftsmanship needed to create Art the Clown's handiwork. There's no CGI here and that is praiseworthy. But there's something to be said about leaving them wanting more. By over exploiting the gore you see the artifice of it. I found myself thinking about Monty Python's gory bits a lot because 'Terrifier 2' plays like a feature length Black Knight bit.

    In the end 'Terrifier 2' is kind of review proof. It knows its audience and it has found it. Any trashing the movie gets Art the Clown will wear with reverence honor. The whole thing seems like the answer to Siskel and Ebert's infamous 'Women in Peril' take down of slasher films and okay If the movie was designed to make Roger Ebert roll over in his grave it is a masterpiece of epic proportions. It already seems to be heralded as a classic and the horror conventions are lining up to market Art the Clown as Freddy's heir. I'm sure with the overwhelming success 'Terrifier 3' is inevitable but I won't be rushing to see it. I guess I've become the old man shaking his fist at the kids...

    But who knows? The hype train might lure me back. I'll say this though I kept my lunch in.
  • edupac-85661 - 7 January 2023
    As most people, I decided to watch Terrifier 2 based on the hype sorrounding it. I was already impressed by the first Terrifier because, based on the very low budget, it was still able to deliver a more interesting film than most major studios' blockbusters.

    (And, yes, it's not everyone's cup of tea. It's violent, it's gore, it's kind of trashy, but you probably know that first hand.)

    The second Terrifier comes with a higher budget (still kind of low) and it shows: more characters, more locations, and a more intringuing and complex story. If the first Terrifier was based purely on gore and the performance of Art the Clown, the new one introduces supernatural elements to explain (yet vaguely) the origin of Art.

    Terrifier will probably beocme a franchise if a new sequel comes. I'd watch it in a heartbeat.
  • pieraussie - 7 January 2023
    One of the worst movies of all times, and I am a horror/thriller/slasher fan so I am not appalled by the graphic killings. It's not that. It is horrible because there is no plot, the dialogues are like a b movie from the 80's, the acting is something you can find in cheap 80's flicks, the music not even Carpenter would dare to use and because it's at least 1 hour too long for no reason. You know what happens if you have seen the previous horrible movie. A psychopath dressed as an ugly clown walks around killing random people in graphic and bloody ways. He is a silent killer not just mute that saves on the work of writing a script. He never dies whatever you do to it, shotgun, sword, nailed bat nothing works. The killings are so over the top that soon don't make no more impression on the viewer, it is just boring watching a messy butcher. There is nothing to like.
  • athanasiosze - 6 January 2023
    6.9/10. Recommended
    1) Wow, this movie doesn't fool around. It's the goriest and most sadistic movie i have ever watched, except for MARTYRS (2008). I am not a big fan of this genre, i mean, i like TCM/HALLOWEEN/SAW movies but this is way nastier and bloodier. So, if you don't like watching a psycho clown dismember bodies, don't watch it. Having said that, truth is that the killings are not so shocking because, and i quote another reviewer here "the kills are so over-the-top, unrealistic, and cartoonish, that it plays out more like a horror/comedy than disturbing torture porn".

    2) As i said, this genre is not my thing, however i respect this movie because it's honest. It doesn't pretend that it's something else. Furthermore, Lauren LaVera is amazing. Art the clown, too. I didn't love the acting of the rest, but it was not so bad, it's a b movie, i don't expect some top notch acting here. I liked the fact that they seem like human beings, not just caricatures. These characters have a background and the movie spends some time in order to reveal the relationships between them. They are convincing. There is a price for this: 138 minutes are too many minutes for a slasher movie. But it didn't felt that long, i didn't get bored. Pacing was good, all these things considered.

    3) Yes, the ending is somewhat confusing and some things don't make much sense. That's the reason i didn't rate it higher. In spite of this, it's a (very bloody) fun ride. A clown doing clowinish things but still being that menacing. Well directed, nice soundtrack. What's not to like? Seriously though, don't watch it if you don't like violent movies. The kills are indeed cartoonish but they are also very sadistic.
  • michaeldanielbourke - 6 January 2023
    Oh my, overlong but fun!
    As a fan of practical effects, kudos to the team. As talented as Mr Leon is, in crafting a solid horror piece, maybe recognise that scriptwriting and character development is not in his wheelhouse and don't subject the audience to this bloated overlong mess in a good and a bad way) Their were scenes that just dragged on and on and on, and the ending, when it finally happened was as bloated as the rest of the film. The cast were a step-up from last movie, a couple of them were clearly, actors. The gore was out of control and what I and most of us came here for. There was a particular scene on a bed with the one word "mom" which was especially well done. Adding lore and back-story was ok, but the magical elements were a little confused.
  • pipescreamsproductions - 6 January 2023
    Not just a brilliant film, but an inspiring filmmaker.
    Could it be better than the first?

    Hell yes.

    Loved EVERYTHING about this one, even the length.

    The gore was spot on, the violence up to 11.

    There were some genuinely funny moments but that just added to Art's creepiness as you never knew what he would do next.

    The characters were brilliant, I thought they were all fleshed out and more rounded and of course Siena was a wonderful new Final Girl but personally I adored Jonathan.

    If you listen to Damien talk about this film, you'll know it was as much of a journey for him as it is the characters. They grew and matured as so did his talent. You'd never know it had taken years to make, there's no obvious continuity issues or blatant changes.

    The FX are again spot on and seamless - I don't envy him the job of topping the bedroom scene in T3 but I have total faith he'll bring it.

    Were we left with burning questions?


    Was it purposefully ambiguous to the extent of being annoying or was it like a cliff hanger keeping us dangling and hopeful for the sequel? Obviously the latter. Again Damien has always been open about having far more to tell so there's no way he would have given us all the answers in T2. You have to leave your audience wanting more.

    T2 has won the hearts of many, many fans. The box office and streaming numbers prove that. Art is no longer just a cult classic hero, he is a legit horror icon.

    Personally for me, Damien has done more than given us another brilliant film. He has shown us what can be achieved with passion and determination. He has allowed us to dream. As a fledgling indie filmmaker myself, Damien has not only lit a fire in my belly, but he has made me believe I can follow my dreams. Listen to one of his interviews where he talks about his love of the genre. Listen to him talk about watching horror with his mum as a kid and self teaching himself all the makeup effects and how to make a film. Then see what he's achieved. And tell me that isn't just impressive as hell, but that he doesn't inspire you to want to chase your dreams and smash your goals too. And now, go do that.
  • imxhill - 5 January 2023
    I gotta watch pororo or something now :(
    In terms of overall experience and enjoyment, I'd say it is similar to the first movie, maybe better. While they maintain the low-budget youtube short horror film vibes of the first movie, you can tell they had a bigger budget this time around. This is basically longer and gorier version of the first movie. The difference is that they spend some time to develop the characters and their relationships. I don't know if it 100% works since the first act or so felt not necessarily boring but quite cheesy, but I do like the choice of actually developing the characters, unlike the first movie where it was just carange and gore from start to finish. Towards the end you care about the characters at least more than you did in the first movie.

    Just like the first one tho, the most gruesome and disturbing kill is in the middle of the movie. (Damien Leone you are really messed up bro). Towards the third act, it was a bit ridiculous but it was better structured and better made than the first. These are not great movies nor masterpieces, but I am kinda looking forward to the third movie, mainly because of gore. While I am really grossed out by the kills in these movies, I still am weirdly interested in what could come next?
  • RiaHelen - 3 January 2023
    Tiberius Films strikes again - but not in a good way
    It's not even the worst that the movie only consists of nonsensical needless gore without any sense or context. You could rather watch a local butcher do his job in your hometown and it would acquire the same excitement.

    The worst are the actors (excluding the clown, that actor did a fabulous job), the poor dialogues ("why are you not listening me and blaming me?!" - "because!" ???) and the unnecessary long scenes. Every single scene could've been cut by a few seconds or even minutes and then, maybe, the movie wouldnt give you the same feeling as watching your boomer mother searching for the space bar on the computer keyboard. Maybe, and only maybe, then the movie would've had a chance to build the slightest tension that otherwise you were searching for unsuccessfully.

    We finally walked out of the cinema when after 40 minutes the plot (and the gore/splatter) still hadn't really developed but instead only some school children and a clown had played with an already dead opposum and its rotten maggot infested insides for over 10 minutes straight.

    Save your money and your time, this movie ain't worth it.