Halloween Ends

Four years after the events of Halloween in 2018, Laurie has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. But when a young man is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t control, once and for all.

  • Released: 2022-10-13
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, Will Patton, James Jude Courtney, Nick Castle, Michael O'Leary, Emily Brinks, Nick Lawrence, Ben Manning, Sierra Stoliar, Will Baker, McKenna Edwards, Rohan Campbell, Omar J. Dorsey, Stephanie McIntyre, Emily Brinks, William Brooks Perez, Derrick Lemmon, Nick Lawrence, Dawn Lasusky, Joseph D. Webb, Nick Castle, Michele Dawson, Dillon Belisle, Keraun Harris, Russel Bryan Winstead, Jesse C. Boyd, Joanne Baron, Rick Moose, Michael Barbieri, Destiny Mone, Joey Harris, Marteen, Jaxon Goldenberg, Candice Rose, Jack William Marshall, Diana Prince, Turcotte Nancy, Diva Tyler, Leila Wilson, Blaque Fowler, Tony DeMil, Holli Saperstein, Matt Meece, Jimmie Cummings, Montarius Dailey, Steven Williby, Jibrail Nantambu, Javanna Rogers, Jon Bruce, Dave Brown, Joey Brinkley, Nicky Lawrence, Judy Greer, Drew Scheid, Dylan Arnold, Michael Smallwood, Carmela McNeal, Nedim Jahić
  • Director: David Gordon Green
  • mDanHam - 12 January 2023
    Much better than expected, but I wasn't expecting much.
    After "Halloween Kills," which was nothing but mayhem, almost anything would look good, but even on its own, "Ends" was pretty enjoyable.

    There's a decent story that goes beyond Michael Myers, involving a young man who was responsible for a child's accidental death, who may be going down a dark path himself. Laurie Strode is trying to live a normal life with her granddaughter Allyson, but of course you know that ain't gonna last. There are also some local punks who make trouble for Allyson and the aforementioned young man. Add to all this the fact that Michael is still out there somewhere, and you have the ingredients that make up a good horror movie, with unexpected twists and a satisfactory denouement.

    Satisfactory, that is, for viewers who may not be big fans of the "Halloween" franchise (like myself), as this works nicely as a standalone movie, if you'll have it. Purists and fanatics who take the series too seriously might have issues with what is done here, but it gave me what I wanted to see, and more! No spoilers here, but if you read my review for "Kills," you'll know what I wanted to see, and "Halloween Ends" provides a reasonable approximation of that.

    Now, regarding the title ("Ends")- is it really the end? Well, knowing Hollywood, what do YOU think...?
  • drewvogelaar - 11 January 2023
    They Should Just "Halloween" End this Franchise
    Why does this happen so often in horror? A film makes millions of dollars and becomes beloved just for it to have every last dollar squeezed out of it. When the original Halloween came out in 1978, it became an instant classic. Sequels ensued over the next decade, each progressively worse. Then it was announced they would reboot the franchise. Halloween (2018) was good. It had good acting and a great score. Then came Halloween Kills, and that was okay with an absurd ending. Halloween Ends was supposed to wrap the franchise up and offer closure. They would have been better off stopping after 2018.

    In terms of this franchise, there have been worse. Halloween Resurrection and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers are two stinkers that are way worse than Ends. This is easily the worst of the trilogy. 2018's version feels fresh and has an intriguing story. Kills is not very good, but it falls into the category of it's so bad it's good. My biggest complaint is the reason I watch these films, Michael Myers. Michael does not do anything for the first 45 minutes. How are you going to make a Halloween without Michael? Now yes, Halloween 3 doesn't have Michael. The thing with that movie is that Michael wasn't supposed to be in it. Halloween Ends promised Michael; we got Corey. Corey is also my other complaint. His situation is terrible and was not his fault. Itas if they wanted Corey to be the main protagonist and turn him into the antagonist. Except his character is so bad you never root for him like a regular protagonist. The only redeeming quality of the film is Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis has been in nearly every bit of the high points of this franchise. I just wish they could have given her a better send-off than this.

    4.5/10 A sad rap-up to an already dying trilogy. The lack of Michael makes this one of the franchise's low points.
  • Parks - 9 January 2023
    Another Sequel We Have To Pretend Doesn't Exist
    I am one of those horror fans who LOVES the original movie. Not just like - utterly loved it. I'm aware it's not for everyone, but it is for me.

    Obviously I've followed the franchise through its sequels and remakes. And while there have been some highlights there have been many, MANY more disappointments.

    The half-hearted "Halloween II" from 1981 - which Carpenter didn't want to write and it shows. The decent "Halloween IV" followed by the inane "Halloween V" that bottled out on the ending set up by IV. The enjoyable H20 followed by the absolute disaster that was "Halloween: Resurrection". The interesting Rob Zombie remake followed by the WTF Zombie sequel.

    Halloween fans are used to having our hopes raised, then dashed, is what I'm trying to say.

    And now we have the conclusion to the new trilogy. Sadly, it's a familiar sinking feeling we're left with. After the superior 2018 movie, my hopes were high indeed that THIS time we'd get good, coherent sequels to finally finish out the story.

    And despite the spotty and inconsistent "Halloween Kills" I still held on to hope. It was a middle part after all. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride could still bring it home for "Ends".




    I've read DGG's comments that the plot of "Ends" was always intended. Maybe it was. But it's a sad reflection on the story that ends up being told here, that it FEELS like the writers were fired after "Kills" and replaced by someone told to do a complete 180 on what had come before.

    The complete change in character on the parts of Laurie and Allyson is the most jarring problem with "Ends". Laurie goes from guarded survivalist to unguarded optimist. The reason, we are told, is that she has learned to move past fear.

    I mean. That's lovely for Laurie. But hard to swallow when it happens offscreen in between a movie which ended in tragedy and slaughter and this one.

    Allyson is even worse. From an intelligent, open-minded young woman who wants to understand her grandmother's trauma, she has now regressed into a whiny, irritant who refuses to listen to her grandmother's (understandable and reasonable) warnings.

    There is seemingly no reason for their character overhaul other than the story needs them to be different people than the ones we met in earlier films.

    I didn't have so much of a problem with Corey and at least his character journey did make some sort of sense. All the same, it did muddy this movie's intended (I think) message about letting go of fear. Actually it contradicts that message entirely.

    It's not all bad news. There are some parts of "Ends" that I enjoyed. But that's the frustrating part. I can't like the film as a whole. I can enjoy it only sporadically.

    And there it is; the story of the whole franchise. Hugely enjoyable in parts, massively frustrating at others. It is no wonder that we Halloween fans constantly come up with new ways to watch these films - (Halloween 78, Halloween II 81, H20) or (Halloween 78, Halloween 2018) - and pretending those other movies just never happened.

    I'm afraid that "Ends" ends up in that same bin - and along with it, the middle part "Kills" as well. They can be filed alongside Busta Rhymes's kung fu, Rob Zombie's white horses and Silver Shamrock's masks.
  • jangu - 7 January 2023
    Well made, but hugely disappointing
    I will keep it "short and sweet" here in my review:

    Pros Jamie Lee Curtis The murder of the DJ In general, the movie has a professional look

    Cons The movie drags in spots, especially between the first death and the second one Michael Myers appears very little in the movie Rohan Campbell as Corey Cunningham is the main character, not "The Shape" Rohan Campbell doesn't give a strong performance The ending is a bit of a let-down Many times it's actually not that scary

    To finish off, the movie doesn't really feel like a part of the Halloween franchise any more than "Halloween 3" (which I liked btw). It kind of cheats the viewer expecting a powerful fight to the bitter end between Michael and his sister since the finale isn't built up like it should have been. We get a fight between them, but it's something of a yawn. This is a trilogy that started out great with the first film, the middle movie was "okayish", but the end here was unfortunately extremely poor.
  • QueenoftheGoons - 7 January 2023
    Killing Michael Myers is like killing Jesus Christ
    Michael is an afterthought in this movie. He's in it for what 10 minutes? This has been done before, a new killer is introduced and the original is just an afterthought. No surprises at all here. I never realized people watched these movies for her. I always watched it for him. George P Wilbur was the best Michael. Halloweens 4,5, and 666 were the best. He is the reason I watch these. Those who like her will be pleased with this family movie. I should have known Blumhouse would blunder. Their movies aren't any good. First 2 Halloweens were good. This one is a waste of time. This movie belongs in the dumpster with the rest of the garbage. You don't kill off Michael Myers. Now her and her brood - yeah kill them all. I hope the next people who make Halloweens like Michael Myers. I did not watch the end. I know how it ends. No desire to see it.
  • oneeyedpauly - 6 January 2023
    I'm sure I'm not the only one that was wondering what the hell was going on!
    I'm not sure I've given a one star review before as can usually find at least something positive to say about a movie. Not this time though!

    About an hour in and I had to double check I was still watching a Halloween movie as you know, that masked killer we've all come to see has only had about 2 seconds of screen time up until this point.

    Honestly, I have no idea what the script writer was thinking. You have to wonder whether they watched a Halloween movie at all before writing this. There's zero continuity with previous movies and barely has Michael Myers in it.

    It's really not hard to make a decent horror movie, just stick to the basics, have a decent kill count and your half way done. How can a team of supposedly creative people get it so wrong.

    This is just an absolute train wreck of a movie and an absolute disgrace to Michael Myers and horror fans. Between this and not getting a new Friday the 13th in we'll over a decade I'm feeling seriously let down.
  • jacobjohntaylor1 - 4 January 2023
    very scary
    This is scarier then. Halloween kills. Not has scary has Halloween 2018. Not has scary has Halloween resurrection. Not has scary has Halloween H20. Very well written. Very good acting. Very scary. Halloween III season of the witch is not scary but this is very scary. Not has scary has Halloween the cures of Micheal Myers. Not has scary has Halloween 5 the revenage of Micheal Myers. Not has scary has Halloween 4 the return of Micheal Myers. Not has scary has Halloween II (1981). Not has scary has Halloween (1978). Not has scary has Halloween II (2009) Not has scary has Halloween (2007). One good horror movie see it.
  • Poshlust - 2 January 2023
    Pretty enjoyable
    I really enjoyed Halloween 2018. It was a by the books Michael Myers movie, he goes around slashing people one by one. It did it well. I hated Halloween kills. It was awful. It tried to do the same slasher Schlick as the last one, except fell flat with a terrible story and really underwhelming scenes, save for the fantastic opening firefighter scene.

    Halloween ends takes a different direction, where as you likely already know, Myers takes a backseat as a supporting character. I ended up actually really enjoying this direction, and it ended up being uniquely enjoyable. The only bad part is they decided to end the movie with the same tired Myers vs. Strode thing, except it was super lame and underwhelming. If they hadn't compromised on that lackluster ending, the movie would have been even better.
  • akoaytao1234 - 2 January 2023
    Bad Endings
    Halloween Ends, pretty much continues what had happened during the last Halloween film, and how it "TRAUMA"-matize the people around them. With another character introduced, who himself is involved in an accident that left him the pariah of the town. Laurie, her granddaughter and Corey, the Pariah all cross paths yet again with the villainous Michael Meyer AS a new crazy wrecks havoc in the Strode neighborhood.

    This film is full baloney to be honest. I just do not even know what to say about it. Its pulled someone's ass, that's for sure. The writing is interesting. They tried to pull some philosophical meandering here and there (think Carrie SATC reflections) BUT the final rundown is such a choice. Its such a 360. Its like they just want a new star to take over the role. AND the fact I remember really loving the last one.

    Not really worth your time.
  • Filmfan824 - 1 January 2023
    Hideous, repulsive effluvium on the cinema screen
    Words do not do justice in describing what a horrific pile of trash this """film""" is, nevertheless I will do my best to explain this garbage. First of all, this film and its marketing has defrauded the audience by lying to them and telling them this is primarily about Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, it is not. The overwhelming majority of this film tells this pseudo intellectual drivel of a story about this guy named Corey who is bad because we as society are all terrible and should be ashamed of ourselves, and the Michael and Laurie story is shoved in for a tiny portion of the film so that, technically speaking, the marketed material is somehow in the film. This film takes a lot from Halloween 3 and also takes a lot out of the dumpster fire of the worst ideas anyone could ever come up with. The credits in the film use what looks like some cheap Microsoft movie maker font in baby sky blue color and the film has a soundtrack that sounds like some middle school band if they suffered severe vocal injuries and wanted to make music mocking themselves. The microscopic fraction of the film that does have Myers has him being beaten down by everyone as if it was Jason vs My Little pony with Michael being My Little Pony. The only thing Michael can do in this film is magically send visual waves into people's eyes that causes them to become bad when combined with the horrible society that we're all in. The few people that defend this filth say "you Halloween fans are spoiled, they did something different, that's great". This is literally identical to marketing a film about a sasquatch, and then 99 percent of the film is a car ride where people are bullying each other and the film is saying how we all should be ashamed of ourselves as a society, and in the final few minutes, the sasquatch is just a bully in a costume who gets defeated in a pillow fight. Then, the film's defenders start saying "how dare you sasquatch fans expect a sasquatch movie to actually be about sasquatch? You sasquatch fans are spoiled!". The concept of this film is also identical to having a shark movie like jaws, and then 99 percent of the film depicts bullying on the beach and bad behavior on the beach as a pseudo intellectual commentary film on how we are all bad as a society and the shark turns out to be a robot machine controlled by a bully who gets defeated with a pool noodle, and then the defenders say "how dare you fans of shark movies actually expect the shark movie to be about a shark? You shark movie fans are spoiled!". Don't forget to include in those identical comparisons marketing that depicts the films as being all about a sasquatch human battle or shark human battle, like Halloween ends fraudulently did with Michael and Laurie. Imagine titanic being released today with marketing showing it being about a sinking ship, and then, in the actual film, 99 percent of the over 2 hour film takes place on land in some office workplace and depicts people acting bad towards each other as a pseudo intellectual commentary on how horrible we all are, and then the final few minutes shows a model boat in a bathtub sinking as a commentary for how society is bad. That is literally identical to what this film is, no actual boat sinking in this case being the equivalent of Myers being as strong and violent as a teddy bear like he is in this """film""". This garbage is a slap in the face of the franchise and its fans. This garbage makes Halloween Resurrection look like Shakespeare. Instead of wasting your time with this sack of garbage of a film, I highly recommend you go spend time with a loved one, or go for a walk, or take a nap, or watch a Halloween film which is an actual Halloween film unlike this garbage on the screen.
  • GrayedMan - 1 January 2023
    Here's why this doesn't work.
    According to the first 2 films of this trilogy(which I liked), Laurie Strode lives in defense-mode, with guns and mad-skills in an enforced safe house. Even with all that she's done, she still winds up losing her daughter, son in law, and friends. All she has left is her granddaughter, but instead of doing all she can to protect her, in this film she's just "living". Lindsey has really bad bangs, why? Because she had them as a child? A completely different actor that looks nothing like the child played Tommy was cast as adult Tommy but Lindsey needs to have her childhood bangs? The whole town united against Michael Myers in the last film, finally seeing the truth and proving Laurie right. They all saw first hand what supernatural psychokiller Michael Myers can do, but just 4 years later everyone has forgotten. They mock and have turned on Laurie, they even blame her? This makes no sense. Laurie has had some kind of psychic connection to Michael Myers all this time, yet now he's living under a bridge in the sewer or something underground just blocks from her home and she has no idea? Michael Myers is a well established super-natural unstoppable force but now has aged like a man, has stopped stalking and hunting and just stays underground, waiting for opportunity kills? We never find out if he killed the kid Corey was babysitting. We think yes he did, with the knife disappearing, the door left open, etc. But if he did, that makes even less sense. He came out and killed once, then just disappeared into the sewer? The father of the kid says he thinks Corey was a good kid who didn't kill his son, but looks at him years later for a few seconds and says he could tell Corey was not the same person by his eyes. Really? Again Laurie talks about Michael's eyes, and the connection, but still has no idea. At this point though so much of this movie contradicts what's been established in the last two movies, that we just accept nothing makes sense. And that "teach me" stuff from Corey? Teach him what, how to shove a knife into someone? Now Michael Myers comes out of retirement finally and kills at the doctor's house. Corey purposefully smacks his bloody hand on the glass. Why? To leave DNA?

    Halloween movies are about Michael Myers. This isn't a movie about Michael Myers. It's about Corey, and his screwed up mother, and his poor father, and the girl with baggage he likes, and the pack of bullies that chase him, and the psycho in the sewer he connects to.

    Rohan Campbell is an intense and gifted actor. No disrespect intended. But we don't want a movie about Corey in the Halloween universe. We just want Michael Myers. And, he can't die.
  • HlotSfan2003 - 31 December 2022
    Halloween Bores
    OK, in all fairness, I am 1 hour 28 minutes into it and Laurie has just had her first encounter with "Michael", but I had to type this because I just realized that this is supposed to be a parody. Good lord, I thought this was just a terrible terrible movie where nothing at all happens but is trying to pass itself off as an actual good movie, but when the DJ's tongue gets cut off and lands on the record, causing it to skip? It hit me ... This was meant to be a trick, not a treat!

    I should have known when, in the previous movies, Laurie was a super paranoid recluse living in the woods and preparing for Michael's return -- yet this time around, after Michael has escaped the mob from the only marginally better Halloween Kills and killed her daughter, Laurie has now decided to "just move on" and live in the suburbs. Yeah ... It goes all downhill from there.
  • ThePamster1 - 31 December 2022
    I enjoyed it
    It was a good movie, a little heavy on the jump scares, but I enjoyed the dialogue, the story line and the soundtrack really gave it a boost in my rating. It had a retro feel to it I really liked. I felt it was a nice nod to the series.

    I loved the character development with Laurie Strode's character. It felt like a full circle and I was engaged from the brutal opening to the unbelievable crescendo ending. Cinematically beautiful, and a frighteningly haunting addition to this franchise.

    I didn't know what to expect when we rented this, but it's fair to say I was not disappointed by this film.
  • GeorgeI4280 - 30 December 2022
    So it's ok & bad all at the same time
    So here we have the finale of a poorly constructed Greene Trilogy. The movie was entertaining and could've been fine had it not the title Halloween attached to it. I was fine with the story of Corey & Evil & Twisted Broken Romance. It was fine & then they managed to combine that with Halloween and morphing it into a Splinter & The Ninja Turtle style bond between Michael and this Corey character. They didn't have enough material to be a true Trilogy. It could've been Halloween original, 2018, and if they merged Halloween Kills & Ends into 1 movie. Honestly it's different and can be entertaining but True Halloween are going to be left with a very bitter taste after watching this. Glad I ordered on Prime Video instead paying theater price.