Halloween Ends

Four years after the events of Halloween in 2018, Laurie has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. But when a young man is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t control, once and for all.

  • Released: 2022-10-13
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, Will Patton, James Jude Courtney, Nick Castle, Michael O'Leary, Emily Brinks, Nick Lawrence, Ben Manning, Sierra Stoliar, Will Baker, McKenna Edwards, Rohan Campbell, Omar J. Dorsey, Stephanie McIntyre, Emily Brinks, William Brooks Perez, Derrick Lemmon, Nick Lawrence, Dawn Lasusky, Joseph D. Webb, Nick Castle, Michele Dawson, Dillon Belisle, Keraun Harris, Russel Bryan Winstead, Jesse C. Boyd, Joanne Baron, Rick Moose, Michael Barbieri, Destiny Mone, Joey Harris, Marteen, Jaxon Goldenberg, Candice Rose, Jack William Marshall, Diana Prince, Turcotte Nancy, Diva Tyler, Leila Wilson, Blaque Fowler, Tony DeMil, Holli Saperstein, Matt Meece, Jimmie Cummings, Montarius Dailey, Steven Williby, Jibrail Nantambu, Javanna Rogers, Jon Bruce, Dave Brown, Joey Brinkley, Nicky Lawrence, Judy Greer, Drew Scheid, Dylan Arnold, Michael Smallwood, Carmela McNeal, Nedim Jahić
  • Director: David Gordon Green
  • drewvogelaar - 11 January 2023
    They Should Just "Halloween" End this Franchise
    Why does this happen so often in horror? A film makes millions of dollars and becomes beloved just for it to have every last dollar squeezed out of it. When the original Halloween came out in 1978, it became an instant classic. Sequels ensued over the next decade, each progressively worse. Then it was announced they would reboot the franchise. Halloween (2018) was good. It had good acting and a great score. Then came Halloween Kills, and that was okay with an absurd ending. Halloween Ends was supposed to wrap the franchise up and offer closure. They would have been better off stopping after 2018.

    In terms of this franchise, there have been worse. Halloween Resurrection and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers are two stinkers that are way worse than Ends. This is easily the worst of the trilogy. 2018's version feels fresh and has an intriguing story. Kills is not very good, but it falls into the category of it's so bad it's good. My biggest complaint is the reason I watch these films, Michael Myers. Michael does not do anything for the first 45 minutes. How are you going to make a Halloween without Michael? Now yes, Halloween 3 doesn't have Michael. The thing with that movie is that Michael wasn't supposed to be in it. Halloween Ends promised Michael; we got Corey. Corey is also my other complaint. His situation is terrible and was not his fault. Itas if they wanted Corey to be the main protagonist and turn him into the antagonist. Except his character is so bad you never root for him like a regular protagonist. The only redeeming quality of the film is Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis has been in nearly every bit of the high points of this franchise. I just wish they could have given her a better send-off than this.

    4.5/10 A sad rap-up to an already dying trilogy. The lack of Michael makes this one of the franchise's low points.
  • HlotSfan2003 - 31 December 2022
    Halloween Bores
    OK, in all fairness, I am 1 hour 28 minutes into it and Laurie has just had her first encounter with "Michael", but I had to type this because I just realized that this is supposed to be a parody. Good lord, I thought this was just a terrible terrible movie where nothing at all happens but is trying to pass itself off as an actual good movie, but when the DJ's tongue gets cut off and lands on the record, causing it to skip? It hit me ... This was meant to be a trick, not a treat!

    I should have known when, in the previous movies, Laurie was a super paranoid recluse living in the woods and preparing for Michael's return -- yet this time around, after Michael has escaped the mob from the only marginally better Halloween Kills and killed her daughter, Laurie has now decided to "just move on" and live in the suburbs. Yeah ... It goes all downhill from there.