Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling

Alice and Jack are lucky to be living in the idealized community of Victory, the experimental company town housing the men who work for the top-secret Victory Project and their families. But when cracks in their idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something much more sinister lurking beneath the attractive façade, Alice can’t help questioning exactly what they’re doing in Victory, and why.

  • Released: 2022-09-22
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, KiKi Layne, Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, Douglas Smith, Kate Berlant, Ari'el Stachel, Asif Ali, Timothy Simons, Sydney Chandler, Alisha Heng, Wylie Quinn Anderson, Mariah Justice, Michelle Ells, Marcello Julian Reyes, Daniel Nishio, Venice Wong, Dita Von Teese, Monroe Cline, Kurt Scholler, Anna Tenney, Ali Starr Goebel, Natasha Luna, Trevor Hooper, Samantha Sookdeosingh, Ebru, Kaleigh Krause, Kate Ellie Fitzgerald, Mario White, Anthony Soto, Nataly Santiago, Natasha Kalimada, Charissa Kroeger, Alexandra Nicole Hulme, Brooke deRosa, Hal Rosenfeld, Connor Ryan
  • Director: Olivia Wilde
  • ThatDoesntMatter - 13 January 2023
    Does not work
    Couldn't finish it due to limited lifetime and lack of masochistic inclinations.

    Nothing against the actors.

    Started watching not knowing what it would be about except '50ies-like utopian community'.

    The film did not work for me from the very beginning.

    Silly games with couples that have no connection (spoiler: point of the movie I know now after reading up on the ending).

    Trying too hard to pretend to be vacuous happy couples.

    Well, vacuity is what was supposed to be portrayed, and vacuity is what I felt.

    While I liked Florence Pugh in The Wonder, I found her 2022 behaviour off-putting in this. Again, knowing the ending, that may have been on purpose (or not, I may be giving the filmmakers too much credit), but because it isn't obvious and we are not told ANYthing it was just annoying. For some reason also her voice grated on my ears.

    I was simply not interested. It was non-sensical and boring.

    No matter, just not a film for me. Chris Pine is as vacuous in this as I didn't think it was possible for him to be.

    And, as many have already mentioned, who knew that reading up on the film on the internet brought more interesting silly gossip to my eyes than its pretty pastels did.

    Did not finish. So many better films, so little time!
  • lmivey - 12 January 2023
    Great, you're hooked from the start!!!
    I have to admit, I didn't figure it out before they revealed everything to us. I only knew something was off, no spoilers! The cinematography was amazing. The casting was great. The acting is phenomenal. Harry Styles really surprised me. He is so so talented I wasn't a fan before this movie, but now I am forever. There are so many underlying things lessons you might say to take from this movie it is a must see. And kudos to Olivia Wilde as a Director very impressed. The only complaint I have is the ending. I would've liked just a little more. But then again, I don't like open endings. I know we are supposed to use our own imagination, as to exactly what happened, but sometimes I'm just lazy and don't want to do that, lol! I have to say I really love to Florence Pugh as well. She's a great actress and was perfect for this role.
  • aboutrage - 12 January 2023
    Stepford Wives meets Get Out (sans aliens)
    It's the pretentious version of Stepford Wives, with some Get Out thrown in to try and give it some eerieness. Unfortunately, after about twenty minutes, the movie becomes absolutely snooze-worthy. It's an hour of pseudo-psychedelic scenes with neither rhyme nor reason, but who needs that, as long as 50s life, idyllic home life and a simpler kind of living, can be portrayed as the most offensive thing on the planet once more. How original. Yawn.

    The last half an hour is where the viewer finally understands what the point of the community is, what is actually happening in the film in and of itself. Well. There are more logic issues there.

    All in all: Okay concept, horribly flawed execution. But a very brilliant Florence Pugh, with a surprisingly solid Harry Styles.
  • KasparD - 12 January 2023
    Honestly, people giving this low scores just didn't get it...
    I thought this was just some simple love story movie, fun for teenage girls. My daughter made me watch it and wow! My expectations couldn't be further off... This may very well be one of the best movies I saw in a long, long time. It's a confusing yet intriguing trip that's a mix between Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and the Truman Show. It took me quite a long time before I started figuring out what was going on here. In the end all the subtle little hints throughout the movie fell in place, and there's many! If you blink at the wrong time you'll miss them. Some are just a few frames in the movie... The acting of both Florence and Harry is spot on and they have great chemistry on screen. It all works. But the movie definitely is some mindfck. I can only assume people giving this 5 stars or less didn't understand what the movie is about. Possibly because they also expected some thirteen in a dozen teenage girl romantic love story. It's not.
  • s_worrell - 10 January 2023
    Don't waste your time darling
    I was curious about what all the hype was about, especially with little to no information on the plot line. This was a complete waste of time, Florence Pugh and the fashion/style are the only good things about this movie, I was annoyed afterwards that I even finished but I'm one of those people that has to finish something once I start it. I'm still wondering what the point of this movie was and how it has a rating as high as it does. You can hear through Harry Styles accent and with such a generic and pathetic plot line this makes it more frustrating to finish. I usually love Chris Line as an actor, I can't say anything bad for him except that he didn't choose wisely on accepting this role. Jack(Harry Styles character) is a selfish prick who changes their lives because he was lazy and pathetic as you come to find out way too far in the movie, they spent a lot of time on the current lives of the characters and very few time on the backstory.
  • Vanessydelg - 9 January 2023
    Stepford wives online
    The atmosphere the movie builds during the third first parts of the movie is not enough to compensate for the disappointment caused by the last part. Did Alice (the name choice is not random) really wake up or did she continue to dream ab aeternum? Was she disposed of?

    It's not a happy coincidence that Victory is a neighbourhood set in the fifties, when women's choices were limited to what to cook in the kitchen, always carrying a broad smile. Olivia Wilde is trying to tell us something Stepford wives told us many years ago. In this movie, men replaced their complaining, unsatisfied wives with perfectly built robots copying them, though deprived of free will and entirely submissive to their husbands. It also took place in a suburb somewhere, with a cofrady of men behind the whole scheme.

    In DWD the story happens while the characters are hooked online. Without Alice's approval, she is submitted into a deep dream where she is supposed to obey the rules, be sexy, a good housewife and supportive of her husband's secret work.

    But the real struggle is not only finding out that she has been forced to dream of an alternate reality. The real struggle would be waking up and escaping the facilities in which she is tied up to a bed. And that is not showed to us. We just hear her gasp, and the screen goes dark. Now her struggle for survival is entirely hers and we aren't supposed to care about that anymore.

    The movie seems to only want something from us: to accompany Alice during the process of realising that she is dreaming a dream made up by someone else and forced upon her.

    As an allegory, we got it. Most of us have already woken up a long time ago. How to survive after that is the issue. But Olivia chooses not to show us that part. Perhaps because it's a fase that none of us has been able to finish yet.

    The message succeeded in being put through. But the plot died there, where the message was conveyed.

    All in all, the political idea was decent but it overtook part of the plot leaving it's essence a tad unnourished. The female victim that tries to escape has been overtaken by the heroic women who face reality in many other movies. I prefer those ones and they represent me more.
  • tonywho13 - 9 January 2023
    A Wasted Opportunity
    The premise for this movie was exciting but the execution was just so wrong. One of a small handful of films that deal with a virtual reality, and easily one of the worst. The only redeeming features of this film are the automobiles, the musical score, and Florence Pugh's incredible acting skills. Throw in Chris Pine's performance for an additional attempt at saving the film's boring plot and that gives it 3 stars, otherwise I would be generous at saying 2 stars for the film. I hope that Olivia Wilde recognizes that Florence Pugh carried this endeavor on her shoulders, and compensates her for the needed spinal adjustment that that enormous task entailed.
  • kimshots - 9 January 2023
    Is a life of comfort worth losing some freedoms?
    The beautiful people of victory live in spacious homes, dress in elegant clothes, eat spectacular meals and have a lot of parties. The ladies take ballet, the men have very long Elvis style cars. There appears to be no trash, no crime, no disease, no poverty. Nonetheless, the ladies are not happy. Why? The sexy and mysterious Frank, who runs the place, is at the head of the local business but what does it make? Really? Who cares. Your husband goes to work, makes good money at a secure job, you live in a stylish and comfortable and spacious house in a safe neighborhood. Just imagine the real plights of many of the real people watching the film: job insecurity, the gig economy, for most women, the second shift of housework after the day spent on their feet at some badly paid service jobs. Sure, it seems the men have a proclivity for hooking up with their wives by engineering a dropped train ticket, or is this a manufactured memory? The reality is this is the life of the rich, yes there are social rules to follow. Yes, you must follow those professional and personal rules to stay in this world. But let's be honest: for a lot of women who got jobs after the Feminist revolution, the end result is an impossible life, trying to meet the demands of small children and other family obligations while now required to engage in paid employment too. The resultant health and social problems do not add to the argument the film is trying to make. To answer my question we ALL give up some freedoms to live in a community. Nobody is free; nobody lives alone in a state of pure nature. I think for the vast majority of those struggling to make ends meet getting a job in a place like victory would be like winning the lottery. In fact, we put walls around our gated communities to keep you out, right, not to keep us in. I rest my point.
  • Shilo_R_A - 9 January 2023
    4.3/10 - Soulless
    The bad reviews made me push this film out of my mind for a couple of months, but yesterday a friend of mine suggested that we watch it together and I was like "sure, why not". So, yeah, let's dive into it.

    Don't Worry Darling has become controversial even before its first screening. There was quite the drama surrounding this film, but I won't go deep into that. You can check it all out quite easily online. Anyway, when the trailer first came out I was hyped - Matthew Libatique, a cinematographer who worked on some of my all-time-favorite films (Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan) and Florence Pugh (which was really good on Midsommar) are both contributing quite a lot to this movie, psychological thriller vibes, a director with pretty well-received debut film (though I'm yet to watch it). You can't go wrong with that, right?

    Turns out that no, folks, you totally can.

    This film thinks it's so serious, so deeply disturbing and profound and beautiful and sophisticated. Well, not really, Ms. Wilde. Not really.

    You see, this movie definitely has something to say. Oh yes boys and girls, this movie knows exactly how men just can't contain the chaos of females. Men can't bare it when they need to lean on their wives to make a living, when it's not vice versa. The old societal structure is a blessing for them, breaking free is terrible. Doesn't sound bad cause it's not what the film is trying to say, but how the film says it.

    I could mention the poor performance of Harry Styles, the full-of-itself dialogue, the feeling that the whole plot is constructed of small rip-offs of another, better movies. It all adds to the fact that I can't take this movie seriously, but it all comes down to one thing - it doesn't have a soul. It just doesn't.

    Psychological thrillers are supposed to be built around layered, intriguing characters. How can I be interested in anything that's on the screen if every character is just flat and boring? Why should a concept that's about society at large make me care even slightly if the film oversimplifies everything? It feels almost like a writing exercise that somehow became a movie. An idea and some visual metaphors that were forced into a plot without that characters to make it work. No emotional attachment whatsoever.

    I like some of the motifs a little - the dancers sound good on paper, the mirrors are pretty cool as well. The hysteria thing is somewhat interesting but I suspect that it's actually quite dumb. Florence tries her best, but even her being a great actor can't save such an emotionally lacking film. Nothing moves me, makes me care. The only thing I was slightly intrigued by is just the big reveal, getting to know what's out there and how everything works. Slightly.

    I wanted to close this review by saying how good it could've been, but thinking it over it might just be wishful thinking. It's a shame that some really good artists ended up taking part in this movie. It's not terrible but it's definitely bad - I was seldom more than slightly curious and pretty cringed. This film has an immense lack of emotional depth, and it honestly just feels soulless. Feeling a 4.3/10 on this one. Doesn't worth your while.
  • corolladisser - 8 January 2023
    This is a film with many good elements. Olivia Wilde is clearly a competent director; she elicits a brilliant performance from Florence Pugh (despite rumours that the two hated each other) and Chris Pine, the film is visually stunning and the tension builds nicely throughout the first half or so. But, like many movies of this ilk, the ultimate answer proves very unsatisfying. One gets the feeling this movie would have benefited from more ambiguity, rather than blatantly trying to be a feminist statement (her comments about Jordan Peterson really do not help matters). All in all, this feels like a wasted opportunity, with a second half that maybe needed a re-write.
  • djsmanzgeier - 7 January 2023
    Doesn't deserve the hate
    This film is great. I love it how it depicts the idea that nothing is as it seems. I just love the acting excluding Harry styles the actings great. And the production design is amazing to, that deserves an Oscar nomination for sure. But the suspense is what I love most of all. It's not a perfect films but it succeeded my expectations. I went in blind and am glad. You need to see this. I'm not gonna lie and say I fully understand it. But it's great it's shot amazing. It's one of the best dystopian films I've seen. And it's thought out so well. It dose not deserve the hate. It's better than other films that came out this year. A-
  • jwassdesign - 7 January 2023
    Stepford Wives but make it 2022
    This is a clear spin on Stepford Wives which is exactly why I chose to watch this film.

    I was really impressed with lead actress Florence and lead actor Harry. There were jaw dropping moments for me, personally. Pure disgust on my face for some moments that weren't even gory! Just the concept, the idea, the heinous decisions people can make.

    I enjoyed this flick and can see myself watching again.

    You should give it a try if you liked Stepford Wives.

    I'll admit there are some decisions I didn't understand and some slight holes in the story but at the end of the day, I couldn't make anything better. Lol.

    Just enjoy the movie. Will ya?
  • rachaelperson - 6 January 2023
    Waste of time
    The "drama" around this movie certainly created some buzz, but it didn't take long for it all to die down. Why? Because the movie's not very good. The real shame is that it's not terrible, which would've been more entertaining. Instead, it's just bad, and thereby boring.

    Florence Pugh saves this from being completely without merit. She's good in just about everything she does, so that shouldn't come as a shock. Chris Pine also does a fine job. Harry Styles, though...ooh boy. I'd keep this one off the résumé, 'cause this is not a good performance.

    Visually, the movie is fine. Nothing to write home about, but it's not an eyesore, so there's that. The story is just hardly interesting enough to want to know where it'll end up - I say hardly because by the time things were being explained, I really didn't care anymore. And my word, the big reveal. That might be the only part of this movie that is actually entertaining, and it's because it's truly awful. They're obviously trying to make a point about gender inequality, which I'm all for, but they failed.
  • parry_na - 6 January 2023
    "You stupid, stupid man."
    There seems to be a trend in 2021/22 to make films that stretch beyond the two-hour mark, whether or not the story necessitates it. I'm sure 'Don't Worry Darling's story could be shorn of half an hour and not lose much of its impact.

    There's much gossip about alleged problems that occurred behind the scenes. This might be interesting if you're into Hollywood scandals, but opinions about the film itself shouldn't be influenced by any of that.

    From the outset, we have a convincingly idyllic 1950's setting, with impossibly co-ordinated lifestyles, glamorous couples and stylised conversations. Olivia Wilde, who directs and stars, conjures up an almost David Lynch-ian environment and peoples it with an interesting cast, from an occasionally wooden Harry Styles to an impressive Florence Pugh.

    As soon as the story begins, we get the idea that something is distinctly wrong here - and an inference that male sexism has a large part to play - and are reminded of it again and again without much in the way of explanation. With a tighter running time, this would have been more effectively conveyed.

    The third act reveals the truth of matters and again, the directorial flourishes are eccentric and delightfully disorientating. Helpful in expanding on this delirium is John Powell's feverish score. Rummage beneath all that though, and elements of it don't make sense. The overall effect depends on whether the viewer is prepared to be swept along by the expansive ride or to be irritated by the moments that don't quite add up. My score is 7 out of 10.