Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past.

  • Released: 2022-01-12
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Marley Shelton, Dylan Minnette, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Jack Quaid, Sonia Ammar, Kyle Gallner, Reggie Conquest, Chester Tam, Roger L. Jackson, Skeet Ulrich, Heather Matarazzo, James A. Janisse, Chelsea Rebecca, Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy, Henry Winkler, Adam Brody, Hayden Panettiere, Brooke Barnhill, Stephen West-Rogers, Milli M., Christopher Speed, Clayton Frank, Boomer Mays, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Iya Labunka, Kevin Williamson, Marco Beltrami, Patrick Lussier, Julie Plec, Rian Johnson
  • Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Tyler Gillett, Tyler Gillett
  • slcknight - 12 January 2023
    The movie isn't as bad as people are saying it is. The Scream films are some of my favourite movies to ever meet the screen. I don't have to tell you what Scream is about. The deaths are unrealistic, there's like 10 whole stabs to the gut before someone dies. I enjoyed the storyline though, it kept me guessing who was murdered and who was the killer. There's 100% no way at all that this is a bad movie. It doesn't feel boring but Scream 5 is an acquired taste. Not for everyone in the slightest. A couple problems with the movie in certain scenarios. It drags sometimes. It doesn't feel like a waste though. I do think the characters in the film make dumb mistakes. Typical horror. 7.1/10. No higher, no lower.
  • riyaad-86289 - 10 January 2023
    Watchable, but never again.
    I watched the first 3 installments, skipped the fourth and now here I am, 20 plus years later watching this. Same old, same old. There's so much flaws within this movie for me not to take it serious enough. I'm sure the original three had it's issues as well, but for it's time I feel it was decent enough.

    I also remember being shocked at the villains reveal in the original Scream, but I was almost certain I knew who the killer is in this one, atleast the one of them, and I was correct.

    I don't feel there was enough creativity utilized in this movie. There was nothing original to make it its own and will stand as a shadow to the original. It's a pity. It is watchable though, and it will keep you entertained, but it's hard to think anyone would watch this a second time.
  • hannahsmetana84 - 9 January 2023
    My first scream movie, I'll be watching the rest of the series
    I've never seen a scream movie so had no expectations. I enjoyed this a lot. It does a good job of introducing a new audience to the series. It's very self-aware and meta, though that seems to be a hallmark of the series. It is quite camp horror, which is great when you're a scary cat, like I am, and there are a number of comedic beats.

    I really liked the actors chosen, especially Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega. Their relationship as sisters felt very genuine and i look forward to seeing them again in the forthcoming sequel.

    I'll definitely be watching the originals seeing this film, and will go and see Scream 6 in the cinema.
  • ade57585 - 6 January 2023
    Weak n not scary
    Pretty disappointed. The cast is not that all convincing and at least one antagonist is pretty easy to identify.

    The return of the fan s favourite characters does not bring much, Dewey excepted.

    The hommage, the meta aspect, i get that but it feels forced.

    The overall progression is not really mesmerizing. We see some of Tara s friends at the beginning, and won t see them again before the final act. We easily identify the antagonist sex (check the height of ghost face).

    We can barely explain how one of the guys get trapped via the location sharing. How did the killer get the gf s phone???

    All in all, this movie has a lazy writing and the shooting pretty much not imaginative.
  • smartamericanguy - 6 January 2023
    Scream 5: A Noticeable Addition to the Franchise with Great Acting, but Too Much Talking from the Killers
    I didn't watch any of the Scream movies before except the first Scream movie. I don't know about the other Scream movies but this one still shows the significant of the Scream movies from the other movies. The relativity of horror movies in their world and the actual killings happening in their world. It makes this movie franchise noticeable. Like when in the first movie, there's a scene, where the guy was talking about what not to do in the horror movies not to be killed and then he was watching the movie where the character didn't notice the killer behind him and the guy was saying to look back and in this movie there's a scene like this one too and even make me watch my back while watching the scene. I like the movie. The one thing I just don't like is they were talking everything about why they are killing. It is not just talking about why they are killing, they keep talking that ending is beginning to be able to predict what is going to happen and the bad guys are going to lose because they are talking. That's the only one thing. The way they were talking about fandom is also kind of fun and I think it is cool. Also the main characters are a little bit edgy. The actors acting were great. I first thought giving this 7 but as I said the killers talking so much that the audience can know that they are the one who is going to be killed because they talk to much, make me give this 6.
  • sgmi-53579 - 5 January 2023
    Time for the requel.
    At this point, it's almost unnecessary to revive the Gen X staple "Scream" series, but here we are. Revisiting the first scenes of the original, we meet young Tara, home alone in her kitchen, when the phone rings. Ghostface is back... again. While she is hospitalized, we meet her group of friends, now all suspects, as well as her returning sister Sam, and her boyfriend Richie. They visit the reclusive retired sheriff for advice, who then contacts Gale Weathers and Sidney Prescott from the original film. Meta to the extreme, this will likely please the hardcore fans, but it offers little new in the way of a standalone film. It has some decent ideas for a slasher, bit much like the young "Stab" fans in the film, all but Scream diehards are likely to feel a little deflated. That said, it offers a good kick to reboot the series, and should please most horror fans.
  • hellholehorror - 4 January 2023
    Mostly forgettable
    This is a sequel. It starts with great promise but quickly becomes tiresome. The opening scene feels like classic Scream (1996). The problem is that it then doubles down on the meta. These films were always about meta, since The Matrix Resurrections (2021) meta has transitioned into annoying and very boring. In the 90s meta was actually a refreshing take and the parody of itself in the first films was actually enjoyable. This takes that enjoyment and kills it dead. I found it really hard to engage with the film, the story and the characters after the excellent opening. The tone and pacing is odd, often feeling no more than fanservice, there are some really misplaced emotional scenes that feel forced into the story. The new characters are mostly forgettable. The returning ones don't have an arc. On the plus side there is some good gore, it looks nice, sounds nice and is well acted. That's not enough to save it from being another dull rehash of old ideas.
  • ashleecampbell - 3 January 2023
    Worst one yet..
    No, no, no...

    I wanted to like this movie I really did but it's a no from me.

    This movie missed Wes, it just doesn't have the magic that he created.

    I didn't like the kills, the fire part was crap.. They're meant to be slashed with the knife, isn't that the whole Scream thing? Then they shoot whoever to make sure they're dead? Idk maybe I'm wrong. Don't even get me started about Dewey!

    The original Scream to me, is a masterpiece. All of the others I think have their own charm that I like. This was lacking that.

    If you're a Scream fan, do yourself a favour and stop at 4 and make that the ending for you.. Just like with SATC, to me that ended when the series did.

    I have loved Skeet since I saw the original Scream when I was 9 so I was SO excited he was back.. and tbh that was the only good part, seeing Billy. If I was just rating Billy being back I'd give it 10/10!

    On another note, Skeet and Matthew need to do a project together.
  • FKDZ - 2 January 2023
    Scream 5
    Scream 5 is a soft reboot of sorts, it doesn't try to be original that's for sure. This makes for a safe movie, with decent characters, directing and story but on the whole just a lot more boring for Scream fans.

    I really enjoyed the scream series. And I guess I was one of the rare people that liked Scream 4, with all it's cheesiness. Scream 5 plays it straight again, and therefore fails at being entertaining enough for me, I'd rather just watch the vastly superior Scream than this rehash.

    Addon to that, just me or is this installment one of the tamest Scream's gore and violence wise? It just felt kind of of lackluster to me. Nothing has topped Scream's opener but still, it felt undercooked here. Most of the action scenes felt a little too chaotically directed as well.

    The meta commentary, a big, really big part of this movie and it's comedy aspect so much that it entirely relies on it. This is not the way to do it. There's more than just referencing past Scream movies. At least the other movies had some comedy that wasn't meta. This is just all that. And the problem was that it wasn't funny either, though subjective of course. There's just too much. If you're gonna commit, then have the balls to break the 4th wall too, directly, and fully commit.

    Story without spoiling, felt as fresh as The Force Awakens felt towards A New Hope. Same stuff, same set, nostalgia bait. Hopefully Scream 6 takes a fresh approach again, they kind of have to now thankfully.

    The original Scream hasn't aged enough to require this soft reboot in my opinion, and it is still superior. This contemporary version isn't that smart, nor contemporary enough to really mark it as a 2022 movie.

    Actors/characters, I liked the characters, kind of, but once again repeating the same stuff with some gender swaps here and there. Bringing back old characters has become a staple of this franchise, but it wasn't very creative the way they were used.

    The killer, I always felt that the killer should be more clumsy and chaotic, here it's played a bit too calculated and crisp. Like it's all planned out well. Even though we have no motive or background for that. Because of how the killer emergences in these movies. He/she/it should be clumsy and inexperienced. The fumbling around and the aggression is what makes it funny but also scary. That's missing here.

    I really want them to get more creative with the kills, and the killer again. For any reasons you might hate Scream 2-4 they at least played around a bit more with what they had.
  • AvionPrince16 - 1 January 2023
    That Franchise needed to stop way earlier
    What a Big mess! Is it really Scream?? The spirit and intelligence of the first movie is completely gone: we have the same copy of the scenes of the first movie and we have also a new murder to find like the old movies but godamn there is really no originality and no subject interesting enough to talk about. Where is the game between the viewer and the director: it need to be a constant play between them until the end. And yes there are references of horror movies but this is so pointless if you dont make a critic about the genre or to break the cliché about it in a comedy way. I mean this one feel really forced and i didnt get into it from the beginning until the end: the actors are not really convincing, the plot is really simple and lack of side stories and depth: this is so superficial. The daughter of Billy Loomis is completely non sense except to make Sidney go back: the visions about her father was really boring like Sidney with her mother in the old movie. And at the end, we know the killers but this is too much boring: there is really no real anything interesting here and that episode really dont try anything else than copy the first movie and thats so sad. To know the killers really dont change anything and i just said to myself: oh thats them? Ok nothing more to say they were pretty uninteresting in the writing anyway. So disappointing and feel like a pointless horror movie with just a bad copy of the first movie. Thats all.
  • rafaelcr44 - 1 January 2023
    A great revival, but... did someone forget to pay the phone bill?
    I honestly love the self-consciousness of the Scream franchise. This is not a horror saga. At least not properly. It's a satire of horror films, and I always loved the tone of the humour. And about Ghostface? That figure was and still is always a spectacle apart, "he's" the perfect example that it's possible to root for the bad guy and at the same time, want to see how he's going to be defeated.

    We are in 2020s here, the technology evolved, and almost nobody uses landline anymore, and the directors, unfortunately, didn't use the full potential of the technology here, Wes Craven (RIP) used the mobile phones a lot better in Scream 4. There are three or four relevant times that Ghostface is almost a generic slasher (I had 2021 Candyman vibes), moments when I said to myself "this is not Ghostface".

    This movie is kind of a Jurassic World inside of the Scream universe. It considers all the events occurred in the past films, the classic characters are present, but in secondary roles, the main cast is new. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are excellent, and these two are the only new characters who I can talk about without spoilers, but the entire new cast is full of charisma.

    Movie after movie, the "whodunit" part of the franchise is becoming easier and easier, the mystery can be solved in less than half than an hour (Scream 4 has a better plot twist), but man, the motivations here are amazing. The film uses perfectly a screenplay gimmick that can ruin a production entirely if badly used (which is, at least, 90% of the cases). Watching "Sream 5" at the cinema must have been a tremendous event, I can imagine the audience screaming of excitement at the third act and in some isolated moments.
  • Libbies - 31 December 2022
    Veterans of Scream
    Loved the Original Scream, I also like the new characters blended with the Veterans of Scream in this version. I will watch the movie just to see who is Ghostface. It wasnt boring to me, kept me watching till the end. It sucks Dewey died. I figure he would be a main character. It sucks your friend amber stabs you and then cares about you in the hospital, or the guy your sister Sam dates is your friends boyfriend and he wants to kill all of you. Richie and Amber really played the serial killer role, kind of too much at the end. But Sam kept questioning herself if she would be a serial killer because of her Dad, NOPE!!
  • sinahashemnia - 27 December 2022
    In terms of entertainment, Scream is not necessarily a masterpiece, but an acceptable and good work.
    Two big flaws of this movie compared to the previous series

    1. An important problem, and I can claim that the first problem is related to the trivial and excessive love conversations with each other. After an extremely exciting introduction that gives us an adrenaline rush, the film enters a series of sequences that are both sleep-inducing and useless.

    In some sequences, it bores the viewer in a strange way. In general, the form of the film was based on the fact that after a fight and a fight sequence, several sequences containing dialogues that are more important than the eyes should be exchanged. Until the viewer wants to adapt himself to the thrills caused by the killer's arrests, everything enters the drama and dialogue phase at once.

    2. Many jokes about the film are introduced through the dialogue channel, and the screenwriters, while paying tribute to the important works of cinema, wanted the viewer to remember other works while watching the film. Although at the beginning of the film, hearing the names of the films and joking with these works gives us a good feeling, from one point of the story onwards, we wish that this procedure would end sooner; Because excessive speech makes the viewer tired and in fact this model of jokes and references to movies is wasted.

    But: One of the attractions of the fifth Scream movie can be considered the presence of the regular star of the movie, New Campbell in the role of Sidney Prescott. Although the audience unfamiliar with this series will not get any special feeling from watching Campbell's acting, if you have followed the previous films of the series, you will be delighted with Campbell's presence in the story. Especially since he and David Arquette in the role of Dovey Riley bear part of the burden of the story.

    In terms of entertainment, Scream is not necessarily a masterpiece, but an acceptable and good work. Its duration is not so long and boring, nor are the murders repetitive and soulless. On the other hand, as mentioned, the original spirit of the Scream series is also well felt in the fifth sequel of this story.
  • thewalkingpuns - 27 December 2022
    A good continuation with some fresh ideas
    This movie was a lot of fun. Iv'e always loved scream and the ideas that the late great wes craven had put into them. So after the fourth film I thought that was it. And then I was so excited when I saw that a fifth film was being made. I enjoyed this a lot and felt it really fit in with the others and was not so different it could not be enjoyed. The awesome threesome that is Arquette, Cox and Campbell. So happy seeing them all back and they are looking good. Our new set of highschool kids include wes, whos mother is officer hicks from scream 4, mindy and chad, the. Neice and nephew of randy, liv who serves as the emo type character and amber who i'd definatly watch a scary movie or two with. We also have the carpenter sister, who are the daughters of a character I wont mention. Sam and tara who are played by. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega. They gave great performances and were bad ass as the new main protagonists. Ghostface was their usual charaming self, throwing out the OG catchprase from the get go and giveing his usall good speeches and frightening the main character. Overall this was a great sequal for the series that was loveing taken over by a new director and had a great cast to pull it all together.