Upon receiving a mysterious letter that her mother's grave has been vandalized, Marie travels to the desolate island town where she's buried. Just as she arrives, the island closes for the season, leaving Marie trapped in a nightmare.

  • Released: 2022-03-11
  • Runtime: 83 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery
  • Stars: Jocelin Donahue, Joe Swanberg, Richard Brake, Melora Walters, Jeremy Gardner, Jess Varley, Amanda Grace Benitez, Eliza Shin, Jonathan Medina, Ken Luzadder, April Linscott, Andrew Vilar, Andrew Varenhorst, Anthony Azar, Larry Fessenden
  • Director: Mickey Keating
  • SnoopyStyle - 22 December 2022
    Marie Aldrich (Jocelin Donahue) receives the disturbing news that her mother's grave has been vandalized. She and her boyfriend George Darrow (Joe Swanberg) arrive on the tourist island. It's the off season when they usually keep the island closed. It's a spooky place with spooky locals. Marie's mother had constantly begged her not to bury her body on the island but a mysterious will had forced her hand.

    This movie tries very hard to be spooky. The abandoned town sometimes has the feel of Silent Hill. I like the road that keeps ending. I like the stopped people. There are some interesting elements, but the plot is thin. It's very thin. It's a short movie. It does need a monster or monsters. The old lady could be that, but she's not. It's spooky ghost story.
  • LeRayIMBD - 18 December 2022
    Offseason, a bridge to hell?
    Movie viewed on Hulu.

    Offseason's run time is 1:24 and was released on March 11, 2021. It's Worldwide Gross was $13,000+ and was filmed in Smyrna Beach Florida. It stars Jocelin Donahue and Joe Swanberg and was directed by Mickey Keating.

    Summary: After receiving a mysterious letter, a woman travels to a desolate island town and soon becomes trapped in a nightmare.

    Offseason started off decent and kept my interest. It's filmed in gray and dark colors which makes it very gloomy. The middle of the movie is somewhat slow and for most of the movie Marie wonders around trying to figure out what's going on. There are several Chapters in movie and some good action at 25 minutes remaining. She does learn how to close a bridge which was cool. However, the ending is somewhat confusing and left me with questions?

    Overall this movie had potential. The plot was good and the acting was decent but never really goes anywhere and just didn't do anything for me. I give it 4/10 stars.
  • lee_eisenberg - 14 December 2022
    about what you'd expect
    Mickey Keating's "Offseason" is pretty much what I expected. It's about the daughter of a late actress summoned to her mom's hometown, only to discover that all is not what it seems in this supposedly nice locale. It's got the occasional jump scares and stuff. Jocelin Donahue, Joe Swanberg and Melora Walters do a respectable job in what's mostly a routine horror flick. No particularly intense scenes or anything, just the slow realization that something evil is afoot (a bit of an Ira Levin vibe in that sense). Maybe worth seeing once.

    Another movie in which I recently saw Larry Fessenden is the Barbara Crampton flick "Jakob's Wife", about a clergyman's wife who starts becoming a vampire.
  • hoops-53436 - 11 December 2022
    Dumb, and dumber, and dumbest
    Popped up on the Hulu home screen so we decided to watch it. The plot was dumb, the stupid people were dumber, and we were the dumbest for spending two hours watching this POS.

    There is no real connection between the things that are happening and the woman makes the dumbest choices I've ever seen. Puts me in mind of that commercial about people in horror movies making the dumbest decisions- "let's go hide behind the chain saws in the garage." Even for a movie of this genre, there should be some kind of connections between events and occurrences, and sadly there are none whatsoever in this film.

    Plot= dumb. Actions by the main characters= dumber. Us for watching= dumbest.
  • Doctor-of-Nothing - 11 December 2022
    Plan 10 from the Remainder Bin
    Ed Wood shot Plan 9 in 1957. Mickey Keating knew he couldn't top it so he opted for Plan 10. He paid a premium for graveyard mist and definitely nailed the emergence of characters from super soft focus into sharp close-up. But then he had a lot of practice -- only used the effect 30 or 40 times. And 'woman running down center of road' -- wow! -- something else that he's mastered. Oh, and let's not forget stretching a moldy twilight zone episode to 90 minutes... he's got that down too.

    And then there's the soundtrack. Doing a needle drop on Satie in the middle of a flashback office scene.... what could be better. Ed Wood lives!!!
  • jameskevinfisher - 16 November 2022
    Myst the movie
    Remember that computer game from the 1990s called Myst? This is like that video game, puzzles, creepy atmosphere, cool sound effects, difficult to figure out. Unlike the game of Myst no one has made a walkthrough of this movie yet. I kind of liked what I saw but I understood very little of it. This isn't a terrible movie, but it is slow paced, and like mentioned by numerous others, difficult to figure out. The surface story is clear enough but the underlying mystery needs a bunch more explaining. There are a lot of good effects that are totally creepy and the ideas behind the story make it worth a watch if you are curious.
  • thrax-23316 - 5 September 2022
    Light on plot, heavy on atmosphere
    Nice atmosphere, a few good shots to give a bit of dread here and there. This is kind of a horror-lite movie with modern film making sensibilities. No blood / gore nor anything that qualifies as a jump scare. Light on plot. I give it a 5/10 because I like the style, and +1 star because it was apparently filmed in New Smyrna Beach, which is pretty cool because I've been there many, many times. This is the kind of horror film you might show someone who's squeamish. The film has some vaguely Cthulu-esque references but I wouldn't characterize it as a film in that mythos per se.

    Also, when did IMBD start requiring 600 characters minimum in reviews?!
  • selfdestructo - 27 August 2022
    Get your flashlight ready! Wandering Around: The Movie
    Really, that's the bulk of what you're watching. This filmmaker focused far too much of his efforts on atmosphere. That is the one thing the movie has in spades, and I'd say there were even a few creepy scenes. But what a flimsy premise. Chick gets a letter saying she hs to go to this island because her mother's grave has been desecrated, and to talk to the caretaker. Yup. That's the engine that runs this flick. Apparently, this director's only direction for the remaining actors was, be really "sinister." Literally, that's all you're gonna get. And that includes the guy she goes with. Which is who? I must've fallen asleep when they handed out that info, but he was a real jerk to her (and yes, even he goes sinister, even before going undead!).

    Actually, a lot of these performances to me were comical. Just OTT trying to be sinister. Like, we get it. There's one scene at a bar, where they are desperately trying to find the caretaker, and that is REAL funny to the locals. Why? It's never revealed. Hell, we don't even meet the caretaker! One guy is real enigmatic (and sinister) to her. Can he be trusted? Sure as hell seems not.

    So the people on the island make a deal with a demon, chick's mother escapes, she ain't the same, but someone, somehow buries her there? And I care, why? Oh, back to foggy wandering.
  • TwistedContent - 21 August 2022
    Underwhelming for some, the right fit for others
    Mickey Keating is an indie horror director close to the top of my favorites, and I've had the pleasure to enjoy all of his widely released movies - low budget as they may be, there's something appealing about Keating's way of cinema. For his 6th nightmare, he gives a worthwhile treat for anyone getting their kicks from lovecraftian horror or the distinct feels of silent hill world - quite the combo as I love both.

    Joceline Donahue (The House of the Devil, Doctor Sleep) stars as Marie Aldrich, a woman who receives a letter which leads her to a dreary, desolate island town with mist stalking the streets and no sunshine penetrating through anywhere. This gothic land will trap her in a bizarre mystery seeping with spooky atmosphere, emphasis on "atmosphere", and not so much on "mystery". "Offseason's" biggest shortcoming is the story - it's functional and engaging though not surprising, and stretched very thin over the 83 minute runtime. However, the relentless atmosphere, fulfilled by commendable and effective work from director, cinematographer, editor and composer (composer's first movie!), makes "Offseason" a horror movie of choice when one's valuing the mood over everything else. When it comes to the necessity of effective visual horror, the budgetary limitations are felt, but nonetheless Keating is capable of conjuring the horror with little means, a lot of creativity and the right inspirations. Besides sharing feelings with Lovecraft and "Silent Hill", it's also considerably gothic in its presentation. Genre fans should consider taking a chance with this one. The mood is further strengthened by good performances delivered by a cast that some horror fans may appreciate a lot, also including the absolute mad man Richard Brake ("31", "The Dare", "Mandy" etc.), two fellow indie directors Joe Swanberg and Jeremy Gardner, and a fine performance from veteran actress Melora Walters (Magnolia, Boogie Nights).

    "Offseason" is a flawed and perhaps even underwhelming film if you're looking for a straight, more mainstream horror experience, but if horror oddities, sticky atmosphere, and a dreary, stormy night is what your senses are craving for, plus a little tolerance for real slow burning at times, then this one's for you. My rating: 6/10.
  • Doraemon34542 - 17 August 2022
    Dull storyline redeemed by great atmosphere
    I've already seen Mickey Keating's psychological horror film Darling before. That movie is a slow burn boredom and I already forgotten about it. This one is a slow burn too and is just much better than Darling but not much.

    Offseason is a supernatural mystery with a great cinematography and atmosphere similar to Silent Hill - there are even moments where the main heroine wander through the foggy empty town just like the character in that video game.

    But even with the mystery, I find the storyline un-interesting and involving and it's not scary either althought the musical score is creepy. Overall Offseason is not terrible or great, it's just decent.
  • dore-jeff - 7 August 2022
    Not "Slow Burn", more like "so boring".
    There is no cosmic dread, no real plot, no real anything except some very boring and unlikeable characters talking while looking directly into a camera.

    This is basically what you would get if you gave someone $400, an old camera, and a fog machine and asked them to make a "spooky movie".
  • jmbovan-47-160173 - 31 July 2022
    Rather dull cosmic horror
    This is a well produced but dull take on cosmic horror. The basic plot of the film is reminiscent of Lovercraftian stories and films, Dagon being the closest to mind. Acting isn't bad, but the story is lifeless and largely devoid of any frightening material. It just plods along without clarity and relies on a basic simple premise to somehow be worth the time spent watching. It isn't worth it.
  • ladymidath - 22 July 2022
    Lovecraftian Horror
    Offseason is a riveting horror in the vein of HP Lovecraft, It uses the cosmic horror quite effectively. It harkens back to The Shadow Over Innsmouth and the story's movie adaptation, Dagon.

    The atmosphere is creepy in a Silent Hill kind of way, but sand all the terrifying monsters. The acting and music is great and I liked the way the movie used silent moviesque style title cards. For me, it added to the overall atmosphere.

    If you are looking for gore, this isn't the movie for you, but it does have some genuinely scary scenes.

    This is a great movie for a few rainy day scares.
  • BandSAboutMovies - 18 July 2022
    Look, I've said it before and God knows I'll say it again, but if you leave home, never come back. If your mother dies telling you there's a curse; if your father paints pictures of a dark stranger and a bloody moon and leaves you messages saying to never come back; if you need to fix a will; no matter what, never go home again.

    Director and writer Mickey Keating has made Psychopaths, Pod, Carnage Park, Darling, Ritual and Ultra Violence over the past years and now, he's back with Offseason, which has Marie Aldrich (Jocelin Donahue, always and forever House of the Devil) going back to the coastal town of her birth, a place where her mother Ava Aldrich (Melora Walters) has just passed away in and begged to not be buried within. Now that the tourist island has called her back - her mother's grave was desecrated - she must get in and get out before the small village shuts down and refuses outsiders until the season returns.

    Look, when Richard Brake controls the entrance and exit to your hometown, get out. Get out and never come back. Then again, seeing the relationship that Marie has with George (Joe Swanberg), she doesn't have much on the outside either. But this is a place where the locals stop talking the moment you walk in, where everyone is an outsider if they've left the place behind and where menace hangs in the air. It's a wonder people aren't devoured at the grocery store.

    You may ask, if you're as obsessed by Messiah of Evil as I am - check out our commentary track - is this Point Dume? The streets look the same, the fog feels the same, but this all had to have had a catering budget equal to that classic's entire overall cost, right? Regardless, this has some potent visuals and looming Lovecraftian menace, even if it doesn't really get anywhere by the end. You'll see the close coming and be fine with it - this is technically a gorgeous film - but wonder how this could have surprised you more.