After losing their baby, a married couple adopt 9-year old Esther, who may not be as innocent as she seems.

  • Released: 2009-07-24
  • Runtime: 123 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, CCH Pounder, Jimmy Bennett, Margo Martindale, Karel Roden, Aryana Engineer, Rosemary Dunsmore, Jamie Young, Lorry Ayers, Brendan Wall, Genelle Williams, Mustafa Abdelkarim, Landon Norris, Julien Elia, Leni Parker, Gemma James Smith, Pia Ajango, Matthew Raudsepp, Sugith Varughese, Luis Oliva, Ferelith Young, Andrew Shaver
  • Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
  • d_penn - 8 January 2023
    Good ass movie
    Amazing movie!!!

    Orphan is one of my favorite thriller movies of all times. It has all the good ingredients to a good suspense thriller! ( Spoiler) The plot twist at the end was mind blowing that Esther wasn't a child and that she was a grown women. This movie makes you lean at the edge of your seat and Isabelle Furhman is a good actress playing a manipulative killer. Honestly, I don't know if there's not to like about this film. Highly recommended! (I am also very VERY EXCITED for the prequel). I 100% recommending you to watch this movie .

    *don't recommend any children under 14,15 watch it.
  • HafizhMaulana21 - 29 December 2022
    Be careful with the child you adopted
    A couple adopted a 9-year-old daughter. However, a series of strange events and caused the husband and wife to get an unexpected attack.

    Orphan becamean incredible f ilm horror. Fromthe beginning of the film, we get such a strong sense and impression of horror. It dawns on us to feel the thrill of fear from this film. There are many scenes in which we are made to think as if there would be a sudden appearance. However, we are deceived and it is precisely the sudden appearance that comes at an unthinkable time. Orphan has a nice, dense story premise. The film has a slow tempo to give space in providing terror and strangeness that occurs in the house. Also by giving space to look deeper into the conflict they are facing. Scenes that are able to give a nuance and frightening. In addition to horror, the film also carries a powerful mystery story. The mysteries and oddities shown by Esther can be well performed in her roles and dialogues.
  • mariagsiska - 20 December 2022
    Orphan is an action and horror film. It revolves around a family with two kids, that want to adopt a child.

    Devastated by the loss of their unborn baby, Kate and John decide to adopt a child . At the orphanage they both feel drawn to a little girl named Esther, and soon the couple take their new daughter at home. But when a dangerous series of events unfolds, Kate begins to suspect that something evil is behind the child's angelic behaviour. This movie is very thought-provoking and keeps you in agony. It contains one of the most amazing and unexpected twists I have ever seen in horror movie. There is one point in the film, where I thought I knew what will happen next, but I was completely wrong. I couldn't believe my eyes. This movie gives us the message, which is, that sometimes, someone may not be who you thought they were. There were some scenes that were very disturbing, and in my opinion they weren't necessary to be included. However, it is still one of the best horror films I have ever seen.

    Vera farmiga, who plays the protagonistic role of Kate, performed her role perfectly. She is presented as a very strong and intelligent character, as she had to deal with a lot of terrible things in this film. This is why she provides a powerful role model, especially for teens .

    All in all, Orphan is one of the best horror films to ever exist, as there is not any similar movie to this. Any teenager who appreciates a horror and a thought-provoking plot, with strong characters and impressive plot twists, will definitely find this movie interesting.
  • davidyapoutchian - 12 December 2022
    Complete and utter garbage
    What could've been an interesting concept of a film turns out to be a complete train wreck with utterly abysmal writing, meandering plot, and utter fools for a cast. Quite frankly I'm surprised the DVD cover isn't just a package of swiss cheese with the amount of plot holes it has. This movie could have been interesting if it deliberately played on the xenophobia of Esther as well as her eccentricity, and revealed her to be innocent by the end with her mother having dreamt up a conspiracy in order to validate the grief she still has over her miscarriage, and Esther's bullies trying to make her stoop to her level. Instead we get a reactionary piece of filth that portrays the girl as a dysgenic freak whose lowly place of birth is the cause of her malice and villainy.

    By far the worst film I have ever seen.
  • alexandermarchack - 5 December 2022
    Definitely fresh and strange...
    Went in completely blind for this movie, and felt like it was pretty enjoyable! The entire concept of the movie is interesting, once you see that its just a normal little girl who is a complete psycho....until you find out she's not a little girl. This movie had me pissed and wanting to punch this kid in the head LOL

    The twist that she's actually an adult in disguise with a metal illness and genetic disorder I really enjoyed. Really put in context the rest of the movie how a child could do these things (not that its not possible). The scene especially when she was acting sus towards the Dad made me puke in my mouth LOL.

    My rating is a 7 just because it was enjoyable and I would recommend watching it, but nothing really BLEW me away with it. You can really tell through the acting that it's a mid 2000s movie, some parts are a little cheesy.
  • dloafman-52306 - 16 November 2022
    Yes yas!
    I just re-watched one of my favorite thrillers/horror movies of all time. It's not a new film for me but it's still oh so good. I've seen this movie over 15+ times, so it's only appropriate that I write a review on it. :))

    FYI, my review may be somewhat biased based on the pure nostalgia that it brings. Quick background: I first watched this movie in the theaters back when I was a freshman in college in 2009. At that time, iPhones were just coming out and people were not yet glued to them like they are now. 😞 So I walked into that theater wide eyed with no background knowledge on the movie

    So, if you haven't seen this movie, Orphan is about a young couple who is searching to adopt a child after they recently lost a child of their own.

    I won't spoil too much if you haven't seen it but right from the beginning, the movie sets you up with unsettling feelings and you're not sure as to why. As the plot unfolds, you better hold on to your seat because the twists and turns really take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

    I think what I love most about this movie is the originality factor. I could have NEVER guessed the final twist and I absolutely loved that. The acting also allows the viewer to believe and go along with the storyline. Can't say it enough but I freaking love this film.
  • CinemaSerf - 4 November 2022
    I had a problem with this right from the start. Just how this young girl from eastern Europe managed to get herself placed in a wealthy American family without any semblance of blood or DNA checks to establish - for real - that she was who the father "John" (Peter Sarsgaard) desperately wanted her to be. Though I did enjoy the film thereafter, that implausibility was never far from the back of my mind as we see the monster that is "Esther" (a strong performance from Isabelle Fuhrman) develop around us causing havoc and mayhem for the "Coleman" family - recently recovering from their own tragic bereavement. The concept is fascinating - an adult (and a ruthless and unstable one at that) in the persona of a child using innocence as the ultimate tool for deception is cleverly delivered by the cast and from the pen of Alex Mace. The wintry scenario and the John Ottman score also contribute well to a genuine sense of menace as those who get in her way are unceremoniously snuffed out. She even manages to ensnare the services of a young and vulnerable accomplice, too! It's a perfect example of hiding in plain sight, and is certainly one of the more effective role-playing, psychological, horror films I have seen.
  • lonnielongino - 1 November 2022
    Nice plot twist
    Orphan is a very well acted thriller that keeps your attention from start to end. Isabelle Furhman did an excellent job of portraying a Russian orphan that was adopted by a young family that had been traumatized by a stillborn birth. Vera Farmiga plays the mother who lost her child to perfection. Also she is a recovering alcoholic and intertwined both aspects very well.

    There is immediately an undertone that something isn't right with the young girl. She is overtly sexual for a supposed 9 year old. She doesn't get along or act like any of the other children and is immediately bullied because of this. There are several suspicious deaths that we know are the fault of the orphan & the mother suspects this,but the other adults are suspicious of the mother,thinking she is jealous of the new girl.

    The big plot twist comes to light near the end, as it turns out the orphan isn't who she claims to be. In fact she isn't even Russian,she is Estonian. And is not 9 years old, but a grown woman with a rare glandular disorder. Nice plot twist that explains a lot of questions associated with her.

    My only real gripe is there is a big build up for the ending but it never delivered any answers. We never find out for sure if the husband or the son are actually dead. Also the orphan while being left to drown is also not confirmed. I guess they were trying to leave it open for a sequel. But instead this year, they have announced a prequel instead.
  • Shreyansh-Shukla - 30 October 2022
    A great thriller
    Orphan is a thriller that does the job that most horror movies fail to do. As the movie forwards you start to wonder what exactly is the antagonist going to do next. It's packed with a lot of Mystery and plot twists really catch you off guard. The movie does start to feel a bit neutral by the middle and feels like a bit vanilla of the horror category as it doesn't have typical jump scares and concepts but still leaves you wanting to know what exactly is the deal here.

    The movie is made pretty well, generally saying its a solid 8/10. For me personally it felt like a very slow in house and conserved story with very limited characters. Overall as a horror thriller to get going on a nigh out, it's a good recommendation. (In my personal view it felt like 6/10, but speaking for the movie as content, it's a good 8/10 for entertainment)
  • timothyschembs - 23 October 2022
    This horror movie is very different from others
    This has one of the coolest plot twists ever, the way that the mysteries start to show and you can finally start to connect the dots by the end is insane. A few things I disliked about the movie were that the whole dead baby thing really drags in relevance only being used as a reason to want to adopt another daughter, also the weird Esther being in love with the dad thing is weird and at the scene we're she is wearing the dress and hitting on the dad made me feel really uncomfortable. Otherwise this movie is very dark, mysterious, crazy, dramatic, and a very underrated movie that I think solidifies itself a place in the horror genre.
  • mkaouer - 17 October 2022
    Horror as it should be
    In the universe will all horror movies have become cliche, this hidden sham shows how it is possible to create a masterpiece without spending millions of dollars and copy pasting from all the previous movies.

    Despite starting a little bit slow, every single moment of this movie is worth it. The story was detailed to the line. The acting was remarkably good. Every scene was into the story and there were no fillers.

    This movie should be a template for future wants to come. Everything in this movie was well timed. Despite being 12 years old, it has the potential to be an icon for horror movies.
  • I_Ailurophile - 30 September 2022
    Isabelle Fuhrman astounds in a fierce psychological horror-thriller
    In all the time it's taken me to get around to watching this, the one aspect I concretely heard of with high praise was the performance of Isabelle Fuhrman. That reputation is no joke - only 12 years old at the time 'Orphan' was released, Fuhrman demonstrates the acting skill of someone much older. In a role that's very adult. It's not just that she exhibits range, nuance, physicality, and force of personality - she brings a stark intensity to Esther's coldest moments that's earnestly disturbing, a startling ferocity to the instances of most heightened emotions, yet also a disarming sweetness that's delectable for the contrast. As fine a film as this is generally, there can be no doubt that Fuhrman is a major contributor to its success; this is worth watching for her alone.

    While Fuhrman represents the most substantial value here, she's not alone. David Leslie Johnson's screenplay is extraordinary in giving us characters with fabulous complexity. More than that: even as the audience is well aware of Esther's nature, the narrative and scene writing does a fantastic job of slowly building piece by piece the sinister tapestry of the girl's psychopathy; just as we think she can't go any further, she does. 'Orphan' carries wonderfully strong horror vibes not just in the wild danger Esther poses, and her violence, but in her manipulation, and the disintegrating effect she has on the health and especially the mental states of those around her. It's taut, harrowing, and thrilling, and distinctly horrifying at its best - while also cementing in early scenes that for as fearsome as Esther is, some of the most boorish of typical behavior of ordinary school age children really isn't that far removed.

    I don't know if it needed to be two hours - the length could have been reined in a bit. Some of Jaume Collet-Serra's choices as director are also excessive, such as the way some shots are arranged, or the inclusion of multiple red herring moment, meant to raise suspense only to show us "oh, there's nothing here after all." Yet for as excellent as this is in every other regard, these considerations feel very minor. Though Fuhrman shines brightest of all the rest of the cast are no slouches; Vera Farmiga and Aryana Engineer certainly stand out. The stunt work is exceptional, with art direction, production design, and effects not far behind. While I tend to keep an eye out for it anyway, I think the costume design and hair and makeup work deserve special mention in this case, too. But again - there's very little in 'Orphan' that I think could be meaningfully criticized in the first place, as it's just that good.

    Content warnings are perhaps necessary for animal cruelty, and violence with children involved, and of course strong violence broadly. These aside, personal preferences vary and this won't appeal to all comers. Yet even as I knew it was well regarded, and that I'd surely enjoy it, still I'm roundly impressed with this picture, and above all with Fuhrman. It can't be overstated what a phenomenal performance she gives, commanding a dazzling presence and skill set that exceeds her youth, and I hope she continues to enjoy a robust career. 'Orphan' is a jarring, compelling, greatly satisfying horror flick that remains well worth checking out if you have the chance, and I'm so very glad I finally did so myself.
  • ashfordofficial - 23 September 2022
    Too dark for my taste
    1. The film was overall okay, but it's too dark for my taste. There's some pretty disturbing moments with gruesome scenes. Even though, the performances of the cast carried this movie throughout its runtime. Vera Farmiga, Isabelle Fuhrman and Aryana Engineer delivered some of the most outstanding, scary and impressive performances.

    2. The film was overall okay, but it's too dark for my taste. There's some pretty disturbing moments with gruesome scenes. Even though, the performances of the cast carried this movie throughout its runtime. Vera Farmiga, Isabelle Fuhrman and Aryana Engineer delivered some of the most outstanding, scary and impressive performances.
  • funnycommentor - 23 September 2022
    That's what an innovative movie is
    The plot of the movie was kinda basic, but it was very interesting. Eventually, that movie was so innovative and totally, unexpected. The storyline was very well written, so shocking. The filming locations of the movie were nice, I really liked the family house. The characters were very interesting and very well-developed. The casting was really good and the acting was phenomenal. The kills were just nice, they were very bloody. Overall, it's a unique movie, very innovative and totally, unexpected. The opening scene of the movie was so intense and kinda gruesome.. The cinematography of the movie was really good, just like the whole movie. It wasn't a scary movie, there weren't any jumpscares. But, it was kinda creepy. The ending scene was the most shocking part of the movie, it was TERRIFYING! By the way, I can't wait to watch the prequel "Orphan: First Kill".