Violent Night

When a team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone inside hostage, the team isn’t prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus is on the grounds, and he’s about to show why this Nick is no saint.

  • Released: 2022-11-30
  • Runtime: 111 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Stars: David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Beverly D'Angelo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, André Eriksen, Alexander Elliot, Mitra Suri, John B. Lowe, Sean Skene, Vance Halldorson, Thomas Lorber, Adam Hurtig, Ron Borges, Adrian Persad, Marc-André Brisebois, Dylan Rampulla, Maxime Laurin
  • Director: Tommy Wirkola
  • mitranator - 13 January 2023
    Die Hard and Home Alone had a baby , it's called Violent Night
    Action packed gory comedy for the adults that didn't lost their sense of humor!

    Add a dose of christmas magic fairy dust and voilà!

    A new cult film is born.

    Of course that some complain about this or that but at the end of it's a matter of taste.

    Definitely not a family Christmas movie, nothing to do with the Griswold's Christmas Vacation but Alone cult scenes with a twist, very much like taking a Disney cartoon and turn it into Happy Tree Friends.

    The only downside on my humble opinion is that the all the secondary characters could have been much better being played by different actors.
  • cknorton-82131 - 13 January 2023
    Offers a few laugh out loud moments, plenty of originality, and a fun performance by David Harbour, but that's about it.
    Overall: 5.35

    Summary: Offers a few laugh out loud moments, plenty of originality, and a fun performance by David Harbour, but that's about it. There are too many elements at play, too many themes and genre mashing, that it loses structure and impact or anything emotionally weighty to grab you. Some of the humor hits solidly, but when you get to the action sequences, they don't hold much weight like Santa's hammer. You have to suspend reality and any logic in its entirety to have fun as a viewer, but I guess that's the point. Worth a watch, but nothing we need to revisit every holiday season.

    Setting, Conflict, Character, Dialogue, Theme, Plot, and Climax: C-

    Runtime: 1:52

    Audience Engagement (do you feel runtime): No

    Top Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller (Fiction)

    Genre(s) rating Action - 6 Comedy - 6 Crime - 5 Fantasy - 6 Thriller - 5

    Genre Average Score: 5.6 Directing: 6 Cinematography/lighting: 8 Story/Narrative: 5 Structure: 3 Dialogue: 5 Score(music): 5 Editing: 6 Acting: 4 Characterization: 4 Mise en Scène/Visual Design: 3 Visual Effects: 7 Sound Design: 6 Costumes/Makeup: 6 Lasting Impact: 4 Originality: 8

    Overall: 5.35.
  • SnoopyStyle - 12 January 2023
    some fun
    Hard-drinking Santa Claus (David Harbour) is getting tired of Christmas. He gets caught up when Mr. Scrooge (John Leguizamo) launches a home invasion against the corrupt and wealthy Gertrude (Beverly D'Angelo). She had gathered her family for Christmas and he wants her stolen $300 million locked in her vault.

    This has some fun. David Harbour is putting his dad bod to good use. I like the premise. The movie needs to be tighter. Santa needs to have more tools. It's not imaginative enough. The movie is also too long. Maybe they could do more referencing Die Hard and other movies. This has some fun. I just want more.
  • jmworacle-99025 - 11 January 2023
    What to you get when you combine Bad Santa, Home Alone, Die Hard, Die Hard II, and Greedy?
    I have to admit that there were "Laugh ot loud" moments, and touching moments. Violent Night is the story of a little girl who all she really wants for Christmas is to have her parents get back together again. Her father is a member of a one percent of the one percent family. In order to keep up appearances he convinces his estranged wife to come to the family mansion to spend Christmas. There waiting is the family matriarch wonderfully played by Beverly D'Angelo, alcholic sister played by. Edi Patterson with her boy toy and her Hunter Biden in the making played by. Alexander Elliot. But the show stopper Scrooge played masterfully by. John Leguizamo who has the ability to play such vasy characters as "Bennie Blanco" in Carlito's Way, to the chop shop owner in John Wick and John Wick 2.

    You have a similar plot as n Die Hard and Die Hard II to the slapstick of Home Alone to Bad Santa, the family intrigue of Greedy. David Harbour protrayal of a burned out Santa is understated. Of course you have the plot twist as in Die HardII. I imagine there might be a sequel in the mix.
  • rafaelcr44 - 9 January 2023
    Now THIS is Christmas spirit!
    I'm not a fan of Christmas movies, I think I saw only one or two in my entire life, and as I grow up, my connection with this date decreases more and more. The "Christmas magic" is something that you can naturally feel only at the childhood, and as I'm not a religious person, this other type of connection is gone as well. And watching a Christmas movie in January endorses everything I've said so far.

    But, like "Klaus", there was something special in "Violent Night". All Christmas clichés are present in both films, but what fills the rest of them, the premise, is what truly called my attention. David Harbour's Santa Claus is practically Oh Dae-Su from 2003's "Oldboy", and the base of the story is something that we also already saw before, but for something be good, it does not need to be original.

    Like Damien Leone's "Terrifier" trilogy, Tommy Wirkola works perfectly with violence. As it's not overused and vulgarized, it becomes exciting, electrifying, and, why not, grateful. My smile was big in every single battle scene, not only because of their timing, but also due to their creativity. They weren't repetitive, which is another thing essential to make the graphic violence work.

    And not only that, the film is hilarious. Harbour, besides imposing at the action sequences, has a perfect comic timing (he comes from comedy/comedic roles, so the direction used this very well). Furthermore, it's an excellent satire. Satire about rich people, about how Christmas means to different generations, about influencers, et cetera. And unlike "Don't Look Up", the cast is not forced, they fit their roles naturally.

    John Leguizamo is, surprisingly, a great villain; Leah Brady is, alongside David, the soul of the project; Alex Hassell and Alexis Louder, who do Leah Brady's character's parents, have great chemistry; I loved Alexander Elliot (a genius idea); and Beverly D'Angelo is great as the cliché of a rich matriarch.

    One of my favourite critics on his review about this movie criticized the use of a walkie-talkie in a film that takes place in 2022, but I totally disagree with him. Trudy is 9 years old (too young to have a cellphone), and there are people, like security guards, who use walkie-talkies until these days. It's not an absurd to use that mean of communication.

    I don't know if it's too late or too early to say "Merry Christmas", but... Merry Christmas! The movie industry should bet more in this type of production. December is a month that streamings are cluttered with Christmas productions that are all the same. This holiday is far from being empty in content, there are lots of ways to talk about it outside the bubble of family movies and rom-coms. Christmas is a time for renovation, and this is what cinema needs.
  • Semisonic - 8 January 2023
    Feel-good sap
    So basically Santa is real and he can slap hardcore when he needs to. Family values. Styrofoam snow. Christmas magic. Aaaand, cut!

    Basically this is all Violent Night is about. It's as tacky and stereotypical as the next Christmas themed flick, also as profane, vulgar and gory as Tommy Wirkola likes his films. Overall, a total disasterclass.

    And somehow it still felt good to watch, despite me trying my best not to succumb to this Bad Santa x Die Hard crossover. I have zero explanation for this, except maybe for David Harbour being a guy you just can't hate. Before this film I only saw him in Stranger Things, and I guess he just has this honest and selfless face that you're willing to forget him all the buffoonery and actually cheer for the fellow.

    Apart from Mr Santa and his young and resourceful Kevin McCallister wannabe sidekick, the only redeeming part of this film is that it actually took a fresh turn, combining the fairy tale magic that children like with bitter disappointment that takes over when they grow up. Santa is not just a puffy old fart who took an easy side gig for that extra buck. But he's also not that blissful Disney style grandpa from a Coca-Cola commercial. We've been shown a bit of a character depth and complexity - and somehow it was enough for this flick to stand out from its kin.

    I suppose the real Christmas magic is just how low the bar really is. So if you're feeling that kind of mood, go ahead and watch this marvelous film. It should really have been called Dead Snow: Christmas edition, and the more alike to its namesake you are in terms of knowing nothing, the better your vitals will be. Yippee ki-yay and peace out.
  • akshatmahajan - 8 January 2023
    An entertaining ride but.....
    This movie is what a action-drama lover wants. The movie had elements of action, drama and little bit comedy but I think the screenplay was weak. The story and the concept were good but it's execution could have been much better. It is due to weak execution and weak direction that the movie isn't able to show us it's true potential. Out of all the performances, David Harbour was the best. He was running the whole movie on his shoulders. Another problem in the movie was it's runtime and pacing. The pacing was so bad that you may start feeling bored at some point.

    Overall, it was an average movie with a good story but poor execution.
  • irenebr - 8 January 2023
    The worst movie I've even watched
    I watched"Violent night" yesterday at the cinema and got utterly disgusted. The film literally ridicules the values, depicting lots of cruel murders as "fun" and comical element. Abundance of violence with zero mercy.

    It twists the meaning of Christmas as a Christian holiday making it just a party-day with a drunk Santa Claus as the "main hero".

    I'm staggered this movie doesn't have age limitations and was watched by several teenagers around. There should be a restriction 18+

    The movie normalizes the violence, shows it as something cool and fun to do. I strongly don't recommend it to anyone.
  • The-Sarkologist - 8 January 2023
    Yeah, Why Not
    With all of the talk over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, eventually a film was going to appear that was going to take that idea to the extreme. Well, that film happens to be this one, and I should point out that it certainly doesn't take itself seriously. Sure, it seems ludicrous that Santa will find himself trapped in a house that has been taken over by terrorists, and ends up becoming the John McClain of the piece, but the whole thing is that this film doesn't take itself seriously.

    I actually quite liked this film, and I learnt a few interesting things about Santa as well. Like, the fact that while he doesn't mind the cookies, he isn't particularly all that keen on the milk. Rather, if you want to leave something out for Santa on Christmas eve, then maybe a bottle a scotch, the older the better, would do the trick. There are a few other things about Santa's background that honestly, I didn't feel that worked all that well, but I guess they needed something like that to explain why he happens to be such a good fighter. Honestly, in the end, Santa is Santa and I don't think those explanations are warranted.

    I guess the idea really comes down to the question of belief in Santa Claus, but then a lot of these Christmas movies end up boiling down to that. Mind you, I suspect that there is some connection between belief in Santa and belief in God, though while there is an historical basis for Jesus, you could say that there is an historical basis for Santa as well (though in my mind there is a lot more corruption in the story that has come down to us). Actually, the interesting thing is how Santa is bemoaning the commercialisation of Christmas (when in reality the modern version of Santa that we have was developed to push the commercialisation of Christmas), and it also seems as if belief in him is at an all time low. Yeah, that seems to mimic the idea that things exist for only as long as people believe in them, which is true to an extent.

    Still, all of that philosophising aside (which is evident in the film, and you could certainly write a bit about it, which is why I actually write stuff like this) this is still a pretty cool, and quite fun, film. There are certainly enough things in this film that hail back to Die Hard - such as opening the vault, and even some elements from Die Hard II (such as the snow mobiles), which I certainly appreciated. In this way it's nodding to the original, but also telling us how a Christmas movie really should be made, and that is having Santa come along a beat up a bunch of bad guys with a sledge hammer.
  • Vivekmaru45 - 8 January 2023
    First, check out Deadly Games 1989 and thank me later.
    Now that's done, back to THIS awful mashup. It's Die Hard or Commando or Rambo mashed up with old Kris Kringle. David Harbour returns from Hellboy 3 in a new role as "The father Christmas".

    Well the transition from Hellboy 3 to Santa shouldn't be too hard for him because he's got a good sense of humor. So what to expect from this flick? We have the Christmas spirit, we have Santa against the bad guys, we have the expectations of getting Christmas presents from Santa. Wait! Also as an added bonus we have BOTH Beverly D'Angelo John Leguizamo. You won't ever see a combination of these three ever again so enjoy it while it lasts.

    Do I recommend this as a family Christmas movie? No. These has some violent scenes, hence the title.

    There are plenty of good Christmas movies to see like Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol 1984 and How The Grinch stole Christmas. A Christmas Story 1983 and Christmas on Division Street 1991. Not to forget the first two Home Alone movies.
  • nafodude - 8 January 2023
    Die Hard 2, but more fun
    It's pretty much Die Hard 2 but with more comedy.

    It was super cheesy at times, but this Christmas film had a lot more than your usual feel good vibes.

    Gore, comedy, love, and betrayal, it had it all. I wouldn't say it was Oscar winning by any means, but it certainly did pass some time without me thinking, "hmmm shall I go to bed?" Don't watch it with kids, because there is a fair bit of violence in it, hence the title.

    The lead was played very well, and if you like Hopper in Stranger Things? Then you'll love Santa in this, he's jolly but also deadly and he certainly doesn't do anything by halves when it comes to dishing out some best downs.
  • thegreenseas - 8 January 2023
    Too Self-Conscious
    A lot of modern film writers seem to have this attitude of, "this has been done before", so they give a nod and wink to previous films with a homage, but it ruins all immersion. The Home Alone reference by the child actor and then the actual recreatment of said scene felt almost like a pre-emptive apology for making a similar themed film. What happened to ballsy writers who write films they would want to watch instead of trying to appease audiences and film nerds? Also, as violent as this film was, the killings were underwhelming and were basically Santa using a sledge hammer over and over again in the most unimaginative, boring way possible. For exciting violent choreography see Kick-Ass. I would have enjoyed this more if Santa just snapped and turned into a frenzied maniac instead of hiding most of the time. The ending was disappointing. The adults still don't believe in Santa but then see his reindeer parked in the snow, and instead of them taking off and showing us their faces looking in amazement, they just cut to the reindeers flying and then cut to the adults just standing there talking amongst themselves...there was no, "OMG he really is Santa!" from the family.
  • kingslechtvalk - 7 January 2023
    Awesome Movie!
    When I first saw this as a new release I figured it was just some typical B rated Christmas horror movie. Oh how was I wrong. Turns out Santa is an 1100 year old Viking Warrior who somehow became Chris Cringle. What is cooler than that? Not only was is action packed, it was funny and inspiring. They managed to take all the elements of a great film and mash it together and it it works. I have to say this is now one of my new favorite Christmas movies. Will be adding it to the list of movies I watch every year during the holiday season. A true gem of a flick and I highly recommend it. Hope they consider doing a sequel.
  • gkhpcqftq - 7 January 2023
    A tale that is unexpected
    I have to say, i saw this movie late, as i had no idea how amazing it was going to be. The movie by far was a great way to kick out 2022 with a bang. Theres been a ton of Christmas movies, but i dont think there's nearly as many as movies like this one. We have bad santa and some others, but this is completely different. With a great producer behind the lens, David Leitch, of course the movie was going to be fantastic. It takes on the version of santa that we wouldnt think to see, and make him absolutely badass. This is definitely a top 20 movie for 2022 and a great Christmas movie at that. We need more like this!