As a serial killer stalks the city, Julia — a young actress who just moved to town with her husband — notices a mysterious stranger watching her from across the street.

  • Released: 2022-06-03
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Maika Monroe, Karl Glusman, Burn Gorman, Tudor Petruț, Gabriela Butuc, Madalina Anea, Cristina Deleanu, Bogdan Farcaș, Daniel Nuță, Ioana Abur, Flaviu Crisan, Ștefan Iancu, Florian Ghimpu, Lucian Ionescu, Radu Bunescu, Alexandru Ion, Ciprian Chiriches, Ionut Grama, Simona Pătruleasa, Ioana Hirica, Alice Cora Mihalache, Aida Economu, Andreea Sovan, Adrian Radulescu, Petre Moraru, Marius Cobzariu
  • Director: Chloe Okuno
  • Taaneekaa - 2 January 2023
    The husband is a piece of shiiiii
    Dear women, if your husband doesn't believe you that someone is stalking you and questions your sanity, then leave him. Trust me, I'm not the one who gives "this or that" advices to people but if your husband/boyfriend makes fun of your "getting stalked" fears and apprehensions, then no matter how lovable he "acts" he doesn't deserve to be your partner, period! The husband not only dismisses Julia's (female protagonist) fears and worries but also jokes about her in front of his colleagues AND THAT TOO in his language. It's the highest form of disrespect, PERIOD!

    Now, coming to the screenplay, it was more gloomy/melancholic than it was thrilling or exciting. That bored me and I was just looking at the screen for something to happen. I enjoy slow burn but this movie is just slow lol and gives nothing in that period honestly. Only the last 20-15 mins is kinda better. The atmosphere was depressing mostly because you're seeing two people (the wife and husband) with the most boring lives ever. I can't believe someone would enjoy this lifestyle but to each its own. But it was so sad that I had to watch uplifting videos after it.
  • gillianrice-65606 - 11 November 2022
    Intense! I was captivated
    I loved this movie! I felt the intensity like it was me being stalked! It's a bit slow at the beginning but that's what makes it great. It builds up perfectly!

    Every woman can relate to this film I think. I'm always paranoid if a man walks behind me. This film plays on that feeling. Also the isolation she's feeling from moving to a different country. The confusion one would feel mixed with the paranoia. I would watch this film again and I'm adding it to my collection when it comes out on blue ray. Everyone in the film was great! I think everyone should watch or go to the cinema to see it!

    Bravo to the director and the lead actress specifically.