During her Christmas holidays with the royal family at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England, Diana decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles.

  • Released: 2021-11-04
  • Runtime: 117 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Stars: Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins, Timothy Spall, Sean Harris, Thomas Douglas, Olga Hellsing, Matthias Wolkowski, Oriana Gordon, Ryan Wichert, John Keogh, Amy Manson, Elizabeth Berrington, Jack Nielen, Freddie Spry, Stella Gonet, Richard Sammel, Lore Stefanek, James Harkness, Laura Benson, Wendy Patterson, Libby Rodliffe, Niklas Kohrt
  • Director: Pablo LarraĆ­n
  • hanbulban - 28 December 2022
    We really don't need another Diana movie
    You can tell this movie was purely made as an attempt by producers and directors to win an Oscar, there is always a line up of such movies every year purely made for Oscar nomination.

    Kristen Stewart, while incredibly beautiful, has zero resemblance to princess Diana, her acting totally fails to capture Diana, she tries really hard but she is clearly not up to the task. If you want to see perfect casting for diana checkout the tv show called the crown you will be mindblown

    The soundtrack is also bizzare, use of film noir jazz music everywhere made no sense and felt so weird, again. Watch the crown and see how good of a soundtrack they have for that show that perfectly captures the royal family

    Really bad movie, totally unnecessary.
  • levybob - 26 October 2022
    Only for Fans of Kristen Stewart. Which, I gotta say, I Definitely Am.
    Pablo Larrian's 'Spenser' asked us to believe that then Princess Diana (Spencer) was as vulnerable and weak-willed as a child. There is no trace of backbone in this Lady Diana; at least until the very final scenes. She has married into the 'wrong' family, and that family will never let her forget it. But rather than stand up to them or their emissaries, Diana chooses the passive route. She simply says and does nothing. Certainly nothing to make us root for her. Were this film not about royalty, but about a woman who marries into such a family (say bankers, or restaurant owners, or accountants) we might care more about her.

    There is a scene early in the film that is pure dramatic gold. Or has the potential to be. Diana is driving alone through the English Countryside en route to the family castle in Norwich when she realizes she is lost. She stops into a local pub in which she is instantly recognized. Jaws drop to the floor. She asks directions and .... that's it. We cut away quickly, too quickly, and Diana is on her way again. A minute of dialogue would have made this scene even better. Something, anything, to give us a sense of how Diana might speak to those of whom she's not afraid. Of who she is as a person; not an icon. Yes she does speak to her 'dresser'. But even there, there is the pomp and majesty surrounding her, and we learn precious little about the lady.

    I like Kristen Stewart. Her performance is fine. Is it Award Worthy? Not likely. But good enough to give you reason to check the film out. That. And that alone.