HIT: The First Case

HIT: The First Case

Burdened by old demons, a troubled but brilliant detective sets out to solve two confounding abduction cases — one involving his own girlfriend.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Rajkummar Rao, Sanya Malhotra, Dalip Tahil, Milind Gunaji, Shilpa Shukla, Jatin Goswami, Sanjay Narvekar, Akhil Iyer, Nuveksha, Rose Khan, Raviraj, Hemraj Tiwari, Bhairavi Raichura, Noyrika Bhatheja, Vinod Soni, Avneet Singh, Chinmaya Madan, Geeta Sodhi, Lavina Sadhwani
  • Director: Sailesh Kolanu
  • IPyaarCinema - 3 January 2023
    Decent Thriller
    HIT is a well-made thriller that keeps you guessing till the end, a quality which today's whodunnits seem to have lost. The Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra-starrer is a throwback to old-school Bollywood thrillers that keep you glued to your seat throughout its 136-minute runtime.

    Director Sailesh Kolanu does well to build the ambience of a thriller, by slowly taking the audience into the dark world of twisted characters. He also tactfully infuses the personal story of his protagonist into the narrative, without deviating much from the core conflict of the film.

    The film's highlight and its biggest strength though is the performance of its lead actor - Rajkummar Rao. Rao has delivered a performance that's not only nuanced but also extremely refined. The varied emotions of loss, anger, grief, and frustration that he shows as Vikram tries to join the dots in this puzzle are simply amazing. Sanya Malhotra doesn't have much to offer as Neha. She goes missing half the time.

    Overall, HIT The First Case is a whodunnit story that will leave you guessing till the end. The build-up is impressive, the investigative part is mind-bending, and the performances are good. .
  • sazzadsarker - 29 December 2022
    The climax could have been better
    HIT-THE FIRST CASE Personal rating: 8 out of 10 About the director: Sailesh Kolanu is well known for Hit: The First Case (2022). What a beautiful thrilling script !!

    About the film: Vikram is a 32-year-old cop. He had a huge past trauma and Rohit who was his colleague. Rohit and Vikram's friendship was good but the problem is Rohit's girlfriend. Actually, His girlfriend was a lesbian but Rohit loves her more than his own life. Not gonna say more. A crime mystery but its a suspense movie actually. Official remake but story was better.

    Great story writing Sailesh and as usual great acting from Rajkummar Rao.
  • chand-suhas - 28 November 2022
    A loyal remake which is captivating only in parts.
    This Hindi remake resorts to copy pasting the Telugu version to the T with a minor change in the flashback told in the final act. This deals with investigating officer Vikram (Rajkummar Rao) handling the missing cases of Preeti & his girlfriend Neha (Sanya Malhotra) while his PTSD is getting the best of him. The first act is actually as good as the Telugu version as the characters are introduced & Rajkummar Rao brings in the right amount of intensity.

    It is from hereon, the narrative loses it's pace. Though it follows the original version closely, the whole investigation lacks the fizzle of the original & these scenes simply feels prolonged. The supporting cast is good especially Milind Gunaji as Ibrahim & Dalip Tahil as senior officer. I just felt the novelty got worn off in this remake which resulted in the key sequence involving the DNA of the multiple suspects didn't really land the right note to elevate the suspense. The minor change they incorporated didn't bring anything new to the table.

    I would recommend this if one hasn't seen the Telugu version.
  • mukerrjimouu - 11 November 2022
    Dozed off 😴
    Bad...super bad, in an era of high paced intriguing content this seemed a 90's childish attempt of creating suspense thriller with same old unavoidable romantic angle. Bollywood's obsession with romance & songs where heroines giggle & blush is so paramount even crime based content isn't saved from it's claws. Who inserts a romantic song in a suspense thriller? Sania Malhotra same look same styling in every movie, can't make any difference if random scenes from all her movies are put together to differentiate. She is Sania Malhotra in every movie, never a character to remember. Grow up makers...you are wasting time & money on stupid obsessions !!
  • madanmarwah - 7 November 2022
    A fast paced crime thriller
    This one is a suspense thriller which does keep you engrossed with some " edge of the seat" moments as an investigation into a double murder progresses. In the movie the title HIT is an acronym for "Homicide intervention team." Intervention normally means preventive action to reduce harm or damage but what the team actually shows is good old crime investigation after two young women are missing, suspected murdered. The setting is the Jaipur highways in Rajasthan. At one point Rajkummar says that scenes look straight out of serial " Crime patrol" and he is right. The director has given a fast pace to the movie and the suspense is well maintained with some twists included. There are scenes of third degree, dead bodies, DNA checks and Narco test. Heading the team is Rajkummar Rao who plays the brooding, serious, angry young cop, sports a beard, doesn't wear uniform, suffers trauma of a tragic event which gives him hallucinations, is on a short fuse all the time, smokes continuously, keeps bending the police rules, barks orders to all his subordinates, takes a confrontational view when discussing with superiors, and generally intimidates all those he works with or suspects. Surely some good acting there and he is there in all scenes, so it won't be wrong to say that there is an overdose of Rajkummar Rao in his curt and sharp demeanour. The others are all in bit roles. After a number of suspenseful and exciting scenes what brings down the movie is a poor muddled up , unconvincing climax where the unraveled plot is thrown at the audience in a hurried way. The movie deserved a better designed climax.
  • arthur_tafero - 13 October 2022
    HIT: The First Case
    Only a British colonial would think this film is anything but mundane. It's been panned by several critics who are not British colonials. I am afraid I have to agree with them. Obviously, the title is trying to set itself up for sequels in the future. I really don't see the point. If this installment is sleep-inducing, then I would assume future sequels would have a good chance of also curing insomnia. The acting is dreadful, and the direction is questionable for several scenes. I really believe that HIT: The First Case, will be HIT: The One and Only Case. Don't waste your money on this junk; its not worth it.
  • ishwar_jindal - 5 October 2022
    Do not have high expectations
    They started with something around past of the protagonist but throughout the film they just keep dragging what that past was and why protagonist is having panic attacks.

    It is kind of funny that you keep audience guessing and yet film plays hide and seek with it. After a certain point this become a joke and irrelevant for the plot and eventually in this part 1 they never disclose why Raj Kumar Rao is having psychological issues. So not properly handling what you started is not done and hence one of the reason for low review.

    The movie or plot would have been still same if Mr Raj Kumar Rao is shown as normal policeman rather than one suffering from some past issues.

    Screenplay is good but overall plot is not very interesting. Quite simple suspense. So don't expect much. Few loose ends (not many) in story which is kind of normal in Indian suspense films so one have to live with it.

    The movie is fast paced which is good but sometime it is too fast for normal police working style. So this deviates from reality.

    Raj Kumar Rao performance is best as always. So 7/10 otherwise would have given lower than this.
  • mearslanahmed - 29 September 2022
    Worth watching!!!
    Story was very good and suspense hold us to watch movie till end. And ending will definitely blow your mind.

    Writer easily make us believe to suspect almost everyone that he or she did it.

    Screenplay is very good. Few Songs are added in the movie i liked it but people might not like that but for me it was good.

    Rajkummar rao was just phenomenal as always. Sanya malhotra scenes was short but she also give her best.

    A must watch for thriller fans. I am sure you will not regret this. And for those who are saying it is a remake so i want to tell them i don't understand Telugu and i did not watch it original movie so for me it was new and worth watching story.

    Looking forward to watch its part two...
  • gthakkar - 24 September 2022
    More than shocked by framed bad reviews. Awesome movie
    Since the beginning, movie's solid direction, storyline and plot grips you. Overall great entertaining thriller. Now climax could've been bit powerful but nonetheless until that point - You're in for a ride. Even climax I didn't find too bad. It just you can't judge whole movie based on its end.

    Do you really wanna see framed reviews. Check imdb rating for Jungle Cry (7.5), now go watch movie, you'd know what I am saying. Now watch HIT's rating (7), now go watch movie and compare it with Jungle Cry. After seeing reviews for Jungle Cry, I belief in imdb has gone down.

    Pathetic that such a great movie at 7 stars.
  • shubhamjohri-2012 - 20 September 2022
    Plothole in climax
    The movie tries to look intelligent, and it is able to, for the most part. Until one watches the climax. Then one wonders that if Sapna called Preeti from a PCO on the day Preeti went missing, why didn't Sapna's call get noticed in Preeti's call detail record. If the police would have interrogated the people around PCO booth, they would have established Sapna as the criminal very easily. But then that wouldn't make for a very intriguing story, would it?

    There are too many cut scenes, the movie is very fast paced and gives you little time to think but you will still enjoy watching it like me. Aside from that the movie presents a good look into forensic procedures and criminal thinking. I hope they give careful consideration to plotholes in the planned sequel because this series has great potential.
  • payalsharma-06403 - 18 September 2022
    Such a horrible plot
    The movie is so bad, dialogues are so childish. Actors have acted so horribly. Watched this movie for Rajkumar rao, but this is his worst work till date. This movie is almost funny rather than a thriller. Actors have not put in any efforts to act in this movie it seems. The plot changes after every 30 mins without any linkage for context. Watch this movie once to see how bad movies are made. Did not expect this from Rajkumar rao. Sanya malhotras character is very small in the movie. A dragged show which could have ended in 30 mins only. Cannot wait to watch how horribly part 2 will he shot. Omg 😳
  • beadgamesgoa - 17 September 2022
    Seemed ok but from a hit, became a FLOP
    Honestly, it began quite well and was pretty engaging until the mid-end part of the movie... they pile on a HUGE amount of suspects and take a biiiiiiig circle only to reach a girl that seemed to have nothing to do with anything but turned out to have everything to do with everything. Then get ready for the weirdest plot twist ever??? After being taken around in circles, I was kinda expecting a very "OH MY GOD" kind of a twist but it was more like, "oh..... ok...😐". Felt like a massive waste of time.

    We never even got to know about our (very) grim looking heroes traumatic past and why he keeps getting heart attack's every 5 seconds? His terrible fear of fire that even a matchstick flame paralyses him?

    Guess they'll tell us in HIT: the second case..... but I'm definitely not sticking around to find out.
  • nainvishesh - 10 September 2022
    Very good
    HITTheFirstCase is a well made suspense thriller a genre I like the most.

    Suspense is excellent. However, the story's plot and the manner it develops are nothing out of the norm. The age-old Bollywood strategy of introducing people at random for the sole purpose of diverting the focus of the audience is incredibly uncreative and tedious. In general, the movie is successful in maintaining the suspense right up until the very last few minutes. Rajkumar Rao, the male protagonist, has done justice to his character as usual with his genius acting.

    Rajkummar Rao as inspector Vikram nailed another character. Although films publicity remained weak it has created buzz among the movie goers Director Kolanu Sailesh has done a wonderful job. The movie keep you hooked till the climax when the culprits identity revealed. Its writing is engaging which not let you to leave your seats. Although there was not much for Sanya Malhotra to do in the film her presence was felt in the movie.
  • rahulsinha-37732 - 10 September 2022
    Strictly a one time watch
    This is one of the most perfect procedural crime drama. As a lawyer I appreciate when a cop shows someone an Arrest warrant or knows that Narco and Lie detector test requires consent or court's order and is still not admissible in the court of law. If someone gets these small details right, I already think highly of the talents involved.

    Rajkumaar Raao and Sayna Malhotra are in fine form in this movie. The overall thrill is always maintained, though you keep asking yourself if you know who the killer is and when it's finally revealed you feel like I knew it I knew it. And there lies it's biggest win and losing moment.

    Despite the outcome of the first case, makers should really make the second case for the audience that has seen it later on OTT.