A young girl discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw, she traverses dreams and flees nightmares, with the hope that she will be able to see her late father again.

  • Released: 2022-11-09
  • Runtime: 117 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
  • Stars: Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley, Chris O'Dowd, Kyle Chandler, Weruche Opia, India de Beaufort, Humberly Gonzalez, Cameron Nicoll, Antonio Raine Pastore, Chris D'Silva, Yanna McIntosh, Jacob So, Izaak Smith, Michael Blake, Irene Barriault, Jana Lorbetski, Leslie Adlam, Owais Sheikh, Sergio Osuna, Ken Hall, Kassian Pascal, Leo Lorenzo Jones, Yosvani Castañeda, Ava Cheung, Jamillah Ross, Tonya Cornelisse, Luxton Handspiker, Neville Edwards, Andre Sills
  • Director: Francis Lawrence
  • ecosby-01403 - 11 January 2023
    Really sweet and original fun
    This film was very sweet and touching. It was a pretty original storyline, and had twists and turns I didn't see coming. And it was so much fun! Inception meets Matilda meets Harry Potter.

    Spoiler: I felt like Jason Momoa overacted a bit, but finding out later who he is, it kind of made sense as an acting choice. I'm not too mad about it. It made sense that he was over the top considering who he really was.

    Another spoiler: don't worry, the Pig is ok!

    I'd recommend this film to be sure. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching it. I hope it gets more love and attention because I thought it was quite lovely.
  • nilekhalaf-08594 - 9 January 2023
    Masterpiece for everyone
    It blows my mind the critics dumped on this; they're the ones that don't dream or remember them... (so sad) The movie was absolutely fantastic, I'm just I didn't see it at the theater or on a nice big screen, with killer surround sound. All four actors were top notch in their role, the visuals were unbelievable. I was on my edge of seat the whole movie and also cried like a big baby at times. The fact I'm 45 year old man who thinks he's an outlaw, pretty funny. You'll also laugh hysterically at Jason, top-notch performance, honestly, on par with Depp. The actress playing the dream cop was amazing too.
  • julianjesssar - 7 January 2023
    One of the best kids movies
    What a great family film...probably the best we've watched for a while, kids 6 and 10 both loved it, mum in tears!... Was a bit dubious at first with Jason Mamoa as a rip off Jack Sparrow, but the character grew on you.

    The useless Uncle was great and the storyline was fun and sad at the same time, it was a rollercoaster.

    Very good acting, as I normally hate anything cheesy, but this managed to carry a balance that kept the adults happy and the kids. Heart wrenching at times and makes you think about you're own mortality, without getting too deep it's a really good family film and would highly recommend!
  • danielcalegari - 6 January 2023
    Like "SOUL", try to be funny but failed, it could be better as drama
    This movie has the same problem as that other "Soul", it intends to approach a serious subjects in a light and funny way. What's the use of presenting psychological issues by making jokes each 5 minutes?! It could be a very profund drama, a great sad story... but they went to the easy path to sell pop corn for mass cinema (or streaming).

    The girl, main character, has a mission and we already know she's going to succeed. There is a supporting pig is for nothing, maybe to sell dolls at cinema store.

    That big Balboa tries to be funny... failed!

    The movie is worth it for the visual effects.

    But I doubt it will please children or someone searching for more than a afternoon entertainment.
  • drbrookeparker - 2 January 2023
    10- Literally created acct to dispute low rating 🙌
    I saw the rating was a shocking 6.7????! What in the .... Maybe those people were in slumberland when they should've been watching.

    In todays world, filled with remakes and sequels, something this original- especially when executed beautifully- should be celebrated. And the-celebrated. Ya know, like a sequel. 😉

    Original storyline. Relevant to children and adjusts alike. Touching. Humorous. And an impressive level of production value.

    So. Well. Done. On every aspect.

    Computerized and animated effects. 10.

    Storyline. 10.

    Casting. 10.

    Acting. 10.

    Costuming. 10.

    Set. 10.

    Watch it. With popcorn. 🙌
  • zarakkhan-72057 - 30 December 2022
    I was not expecting such a great movie from NETFLIX
    In my opinion one of the best movie released in 2022. I was not expecting such a great movie from NETFLIX. I don't like the direction that the NETFLIX franchise is going. NETFLIX movies and shows are over exaggerated in every standard. The movie "Gray Man" could've been the best but NETFLIX went big on everything (big explosions, cars flying, long unreal fights, etc.), and same is the case with every NETFLIX original. This movie was right on point.

    Moreover, It's not common for a fantasy movie that it would dazzle your imagination. This movie really did it. The writing, the screenplay, the CGI, everything was beautiful. Felt emotional at the end, not gonna lie :)
  • niutta-enrico - 28 December 2022
    A beautiful (and entertaining) movie
    I am a huge admirer of Winsor McCay (as I think anybody would be, the moment he gets to know his unbelievable art) and the first thing I noticed about the present film, is that the Authors didn't steal a single frame from his extraordinary imagery: no airships, no jungles, no giant flowers... just some flying geese and a short ride on a bed... whose legs however hardly reminded of the original.

    The whole movie nonetheless is a tribute to 'Little Nemo in Slumberland' and to McCay's fantastic world.

    Jason Momoa plays a great Flip and is by far the star of the movie: he has the best role, the best lines and even the best costume... Nemo is a girl (!) and thus his inborn gentleness seems even more appropriate...

    The only questionable part are the Adults, who play much less relevant roles in McCay's comics: And for a reason, probably, since they end being the most predictable part of this nevertheless very entertaining movie.

  • HitsMan1307 - 27 December 2022
    Excellently written & a superb cast
    Watching a film on Netflix usually leads to arguments over what to watch and any 'Netflix only' movies tend to be a cash-grab scheme with not a lot of great quality out there. However, Slumberland is arguably the best Netflix film I've seen in a long time.

    Looking at the premise, it seemed to be a standard other-worldy film about a young girl who lost her dad and entered her dreams to find a coping mechanism for her loss. And accompanying her is Flip, a macho Jason Momoa. Okay, so the expectations were low.

    And yet, Slumberland managed to blow all expectations out the window.

    Not only was the script incredibly heartfelt, the scenes were brilliant to watch and very well made with CGI (maybe not the giant goose landing but oh well) and the acting truly is fantastic.

    Marlow Barkley, playing Nemo, is superb in the lead role, with just her facial expressions being enough to set the scene - she really does act beyond her years. Joining her, Jason Momoa is brilliant as Flip, chaotic and self-centred, he soon reaches an arc that everyone is proud to see.

    Chris O'Dowd plays a key role as Nemo's uncle and you can see how well he transitions to a more dramatic, yet a little comedic, character.

    This will pull your heart strings and make you really wonder, can your dreams be just as important as reality? Give it a watch, it's great.
  • BobMalugLugaLugaLuga - 27 December 2022
    Soooo Gooood!!
    So refreshing. Non stop fun. Such an original idea. Great acting, great action and fun for the whole family. Well, I am an adult, but I assume the kiddos will love it too. I'm a science fiction nerd and this was very unique, even compared to a big Marvel or Star Wars film. Probably the best film for this genre since Zathura. Definitely in the top 10 for the year. Jason Mamoa was stellar. Really showed a whole new level of acting he can perform. Jason is seriously talented. Incredibly written and produced. So many unique CGI/action scenes. I love it because it is so original it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.
  • jd_bugman - 24 December 2022
    A perfect 10! A must watch for all ages.
    My first perfect 10 review in years. What an amazing movie! Actually I should say journey because this film makes you feel like you're part of it because you'll find a real connection with at least a couple characters in this movie if not all. The special effects, including the giant geese they rode, were fantastic. Whether or not you've had a loss like this young girl experienced, you'll be reeled in and it will be hard to take your eyes off the TV. There is so much creativity I was just in awe. If you're looking for a movie that will make you forget about all of your worries in life for a couple hours this is it-nothing else will matter. You'll be able to sit back and be part of an adventure. I'm not sure how the writers and directors did it but I could not find one scene that could have been better. They worked hard to make sure the entire score was top-notch entertainment. To top this off it ended with a heartwarming message at the end.
  • luxinfinity - 22 December 2022
    A sweet therapy for the heart
    Movies have the power to take you to different dimensions: this one has healing effects. It may feel a bit like a fairy tale at first but the more you immerse yourself in the movie dreamlike atmosphere, the more you will feel your heart gradually opening up like a ripe fruit. Make sure not to be disturbed while watching it and let the magic of this film surround you in a warm embrace. A must watch for those who need an injection of hope and faith in their life. The acting is so realistic to make you forget you are watching a movie. There's a psychological aspect in this movie which deals with depression and how we, as humans, often get stuck in trauma though our soul is singing a completely different song. Children will definitely enjoy it but adults and teenagers will love it.
  • mehajine - 19 December 2022
    only the main character is cool
    Actually, I didn't like the title. It's like a movie for kids. It's not even a musical. And I only liked the flip at the end. Nemo was good.

    He had a strong mentality and it must have been quite hard because his father died, but it was cool to see him venture without giving up. But Flip was too obsessed with his masculine side, so I hated it. I didn't have a good personality.. but I liked saving Nemo at the end?

    It doesn't matter to me whether the dream world is real or not, but if there is, I hope your nightmares aren't just zombie dreams. It was fun and a good movie. I'll believe that part of what I don't like about Flip is how he wrote the character that way.
  • stuartrwilson989 - 17 December 2022
    Momoa shines in this family friendly classic.

    Was nearly put off by the low ratings but here to say you will love this.

    Original storyline, brilliantly acted and visually stunning this movie will have you begging for more. It appeals to young and old. Momoa shows a versatility in his acting to prove he's not just a pretty boy with muscles and he is ably supported by the rats of the cast. Even Pig is brilliant.

    Not often I give a 10/10 at all but this was well worth it. Slumberland is a family movie that people will watch for years to come. Ignore the low scores, this is a classic and deservedly so.
  • cherymberry - 17 December 2022
    People are missing the bigger picture...
    This film is so intelligent and presented in such a creative and fantastical way, I think what is actually happening here is soaring right over the average joe's head.

    This movie is one of the saddest and most intellectually stimulating films I've ever watched. It's not about dream walking. It's not about cool effects. No, it does not have a simple story.

    This movie is about a little girl who, after losing her father, is trying to process the pain of grief and accept the loss. She is taking a journey through her subconscious, trying to find a way to hold onto her father, because she refuses to let him go. In the process, her subconscious struggles with realizing and facing that 1. Her uncle is present and if she could "wake him up" so to speak, she could have a physically present father figure and 2. That her father is gone and the only way to "see" him in her dreams is for her to accept this and face that fact, so that she can open herself up to let him in again ...

    The pain is too intense for her to process, so she subconsciously works through it.

    Simultaneously, her uncle, who has been numb to the pain of "losing" his brother for years, is working through a simile process, to which he finally chooses to let go of the grief and be who the girl needs him to be.