Mystery of the Kingdom of God

Mystery of the Kingdom of God

Andrew is chosen by God and is called out of his mischievous childhood to partake in the kingdom of God. Andrew must go through trials, tests, and spiritual warfare, before the mystery of the kingdom of God is finally revealed to him.

  • Released: 2021-03-26
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Family
  • Stars: Adam Smit
  • Director: Adam Smit
  • gkuchmek - 10 September 2022
    "terrible" is a compliment!
    This is REALLY weird stuff, and incoherent throughout. Not like "ha ha, this is so bad it's entertaining", but more like "er, yowza, not only did I lose two hours of my time, but someone went to great lengths to actually make this stinking pile of...?" I really have no idea who the audience is for this thing? Poorly educated half-wits? People that like the idea of G-d, but have no idea how to read the Bible on their own?

    Also, what's up with "Brides of Christ" in the title? Isn't that, er, blasphemous? And what's it to do with the story? I really can't figure that out. Plus, why lead with that in your title if it has nothing to do with anything in your film? I mean, that's just bad stoner forgetfulness or whatever... besides, again, the blasphemy.

    Some really basic, entry-level animation too. Wow. I guess dropping out of elementary school to pursue Pixar was these filmmaker's worst idea ever. Next to making this film, of course.