Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Forced to travel with her boyfriend to a horror festival, Laine begins to experience disturbing visions associated with the urban legend of The Creeper. As the festival arrives and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, she becomes the center of it while something unearthly has been summoned.

  • Released: 2022-02-17
  • Runtime: 88 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Gabriel Freilich, Sydney Craven, Imran Adams, Ocean Navarro, Matt Barkley, Georgia Goodman, Jarreau Benjamin, Peter Brooke, Gary Graham, Terry Bird, Helen Lauren, Colin Murtagh, Alexander Halsall, Sophie Walker, Jodie Mcmullen, Reece Shenton, Joseph Tanner Paul, Dee Wallace
  • Director: Timo Vuorensola
  • mojo_visa - 13 January 2023
    They crew should be banned
    The producer and the crew should be banned from making movies. The worst movie i have ever watched my entire life. The first one was decent and catchy. From the moment i saw the creeper crawling out the shed i knew i messed up choosing this ridiculous movie. What were they thinking. I was excepting something like the first Jeepers Creepers or even better but this one was a huge disappointment. The story and the act was very week. Can we some how file a law suit for ruining the legacy of the first one. This shouldn't go unpunished. The producer has no idea what is he doing nor the actors. Anyone who value his time and mental health shouldn't watch it. Its an eye sore and a waste of time.
  • bastos - 12 January 2023
    Like many, I have no idea how this movie came to be. I'm not even a big fan of this franchise, but there's just no excuse to do such an abysmal movie in this day and age. I would say that there are a ton of school films that look much better than this crap. What fascinates me is that I would say that the director that did this should just pursue another career but this guy already made two Iron Skies movies that I found to be very entertaining, so how could he sink so low with this one? I don't think the budget should explain everything as he showed to do well with limited resources before, so, what happened here? I have no idea. In short this is one of the worst movies from a respectful franchise that I've seen and not even some OK make up effects save this from the 1 it deserves.
  • ahmdemir-86645 - 7 January 2023
    the movie sucks 🤢
    I want to start right away, the movie is a complete waste of time, don't watch it, it easily enters the top 10 among the worst movies I've ever watched. I consider this movie an insult to all horror movies jeepers they officially made fun of Creepers the first movie was very good both were ok 3 even better than this why, what was your purpose of making this movie, even the murderer was a very different person, like a child's mask made with no care never watch it, it's a terrible movie, shame on those who contributed, the script sucks only the first scene was like describing the first movie I gave it 1 point for it I would have given it 0 but it wasn't like the first movie it was ridiculous.
  • pmcguireumc - 6 January 2023
    Not horrible, better than 3
    Okay, let's be honest, after 1 and 2 the series has struggled. The third one was really bad. But evidently I am in a minority here, in that I think this one, number four is actually pretty good. I think it goes in a new direction, not always successfully, but in a new direction that is at least entertaining. The story is fleshed out some and while the bad guy creeper character is not as charming a bad guy as he was in the first two episodes, he is passable in this one. What makes the difference for me in this particular episode is the lead actress Sydney craven. I think she held her own very well and her boyfriend character was also very good. Several of the supporting characters are quirky enough to be entertaining. All in all not the worst hour and a half I've ever spent and in comparison to the third film, it's a masterpiece! In comparison to the first two, eh, not so bad. Admittedly, they were difficult acts to follow. On it's own, a decent film.
  • olcayozfirat - 1 January 2023
    I want to cry
    The first movie was really good. It was both exciting and mysterious. The second movie wasn't bad as it coincided with the 23rd day of the first movie. Then in the 3rd part actually the place is 1.5. The sequel was filmed. In other words, the movie ended as of the end of the second episode.

    Now they couldn't stand it and shot another episode.

    Horror movie of 2022. Broken from the 3 parts made before, only the creature is similar. I say similar because even that is not the same. Something like a jester. I think there is a deep structure established to disgrace this kind of one or two-part films. The creature fights hand to hand. It's funny but not funny. The plot is bad, the effects and make-up are terrible, the acting is mediocre. I'm sure the majority of the audience watched it for the sake of the first movie and they all regretted it.

    Still, I'll point it out for those who will watch. Sex and nudity are ignored in the film.
  • vengeance20 - 31 December 2022
    So, as a pose to getting Jeepers Creepers 4, we get Jeepers Creepers: Reborn and it wasn't great.

    This Reboot sees Chase and Laine heading to the Horror Hound Festival, where Laine begins to experience unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town's past, and in particular, local legend the Creeper. As the festival gets underway and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, Laine believes that something unearthly has been summoned and that for the first time in 23 years, the Creeper is back.

    I found the film to be mundane for the most part and pretty cheap looking. The story is dull and the kills are also unimaginative. The characters are also pretty boring and card board like. The only good parts were the runtime, pacing at 1 hour and 21 minutes. The little bits of gore and graphic violence we do get as well as some creepy visuals here and there along with some eye candy.

    Aside from that, the film overall is pretty naff and forgettable. Jeepers Creepers 3 was and is better than this. This film did have some good points but overall is a disappointment.

    Overall, not a great reboot attempt. It lacks any impact and intenseness to make it amazing and stand out. Aside from the few redeeming features of this film, it couldn't save this reboot.

  • gonzotatt - 31 December 2022
    No one should see this ever...The director should be ashamed of himself for ruining a fantastic franchise..... pathetic excuse for a movie. Lacked everything that made the original 3 awesome. Who ever directed this, just give up, move on to selling shoes or burgers. Whatever you do, do not ruin another classic like you have here. Please keep away from all movie sets, I hope no one ever fund's you again...just awful, an awful movie. It's a Pity public hanging is no longer a thing, as you would be used a prime example of what happens when you make such a monumental mess of the peoples favourite horror movie!
  • amandajanefuller - 30 December 2022
    CGI Disaster
    No wonder they lost 5 million dollars.

    I don't know why they bothered. It's poorly made and sad acting.

    I couldn't even finish it and someone would have to pay me to watch the rest.

    They had a 10 million dollar budget and all they did was a whole bunch of green screen scenes with bad costuming. I could make a better movie using my phone and a dslr camera.

    I am a fan of Jeepers Creepers and this one doesn't deserve the name.

    Save yourself the hassle and don't bother watching it. You will kick yourself if you do.

    I am 78 characters short for this review and I don't know what else to type. Have a great night.
  • thehorroritis - 29 December 2022
    The only part of this movie that feels like a Jeepers Creepers movie is the opening with Dee Wallace. Everything after that feels like a fan film where everyone is just "doing their best" with equipment on loan from the college AV department.

    The effects are shoddy at best. The exterior backdrop is clearly green screen with no blending between layers. The outside shots were clearly filmed during daylight and color corrected (poorly) to look like night time.

    If the writing had been good, I could have overlooked the effects. But the writing wasn't good.

    They kept trying to push some mystical/psychic/voodoo story line, but couldn't be bothered to explain it or flesh it out enough for it to make sense in the context of the movie.

    The characters have a terrible habit of knowing nothing then knowing everything and sometimes in the same scene.

    This was clearly just an attempt at a cash grab.
  • whateverdaniel - 28 December 2022
    Reborn is one of the worst movies ever made. It actually hurt watching this so called 'movie'. It honestly feels like the filmmakers went in completely blind ignoring what fans loved about the first two films. It has absolutely no redeemable quilities and the scariest thing about it is that they are actually planning another one! Really?! Common guys do something either original and leave the Creeper alone, or hand him over to someone who actually has respect for this iconic monster and knows the target audience that have followed the series since its conception in 2001.

    For now I'll just say, RIP Creeper.
  • gpriyesh-72414 - 26 December 2022
    Dumbest ever JC movie!!
    They just created a whole new JC!! Except the first ten minutes, this movie is like a fan made one (I mean in a bad way). Saw the first part 20 years ago ! The second sequel was kinda good. The third part was bad. And this movie surpassed the third part in every worst level. They literally sabotaged the name built by the first two parts of JC. There is no story line... No proper screenplay and mainly no proper JC! JC's eyes will tell you that it is not from this world! But in this movie it is portrayed like a sadist human. Even my 4 year old was laughing at the movie. She is a damn fan of the 2nd part.
  • mlwilliams-53884 - 26 December 2022
    Unbelievably bad; I was so looking forward to seeing this but what a disappointment.

    The acting was poor; direction even worse and a storyline with no sense. The "creeper" was anything but and special effects were again anything but. A great franchise with the worst ending ever. I paid a couple of pounds but wouldn't download again if it was free.

    The whole point of the creeper is to know very giving a sort of back story the terror is diminished. There's no way anyone should be credited with making or being in this film.

    The first two were great; three I could live with but this reboot needs to be buried in a very very deep hole.
  • Alania_K - 25 December 2022
    Jeepers Creepers? Is this even him!?
    I looove the first two Creeper's movies, but Reborn....jesus, did they forget what the creeper is all about??? Trying to turn it into a modern slashers with such bad acting, no story and terrible directing. Just terrible...the lighting alone turns off the feeling 😩 It was painful to watch. So much material to work with and this is what you've made. Nooooo, I always try to get the best out of different movies but this one goes right into my Never Again trash can (along with Psycho remake, and The Dark Tower movie, and Helloween Kills).

    I wish they did better, lots better. I did not like those peepers 😒
  • zachkilla - 25 December 2022
    Love the British peoples piss poor southern accents, adds flavor.
    No but seriously this movies okay, it doesn't exactly break new ground in changing the main villain but it's laughably decent filming matched with over the top references to the past film and is staying true in some ways warningly enough . The psychic stuff could totally be dropped and there wouldn't be a difference to the over arching plot, I think they kept it because most slashers don't delve that hard into the paranormal side of things. Honestly not bad but really not needed to be made sadly. I wish they waited maybe three or four more years and reworked what this was into something darker, maybe shorter too.