Gasoline Alley

A man implicated in the triple homicide of three Hollywood starlets begins his own investigation. Needing assistance, he enlists the two detectives on his tail in order to expose a conspiracy more explosive than any of them imagined.

  • Released: 2022-02-25
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Devon Sawa, Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, Kat Foster, Sufe Bradshaw, Johnny Dowers, Kenny Wormald, Rick Salomon, Terry Curry, Angie Pack, Rick Salomon, Carrington Brooke Durham
  • Director: Edward Drake
  • SnoopyStyle - 14 November 2022
    checking out Bruce
    Police detectives Bill Freeman (Bruce Willis) and Freddy Vargas (Luke Wilson) investigate a bloody crime scene with four murdered women. They find a Gasoline Alley lighter. It's the name of the tattoo place owned by Jimmy Jayne (Devon Sawa). He had talked to one of the victims during the night of the killings.

    After the Bruce Willis revelation, there is some morbid curiosity in checking out this movie. He's definitely slower than his best days. When he's paired with Luke Wilson, Luke is the one doing the verbal heavy lifting. In the end, Devon Sawa is the lead. He has also lost something. He muscled up and acted down. He no longer has his boyish charms. At this point, he's best as a thug. There's no energy to his acting. Back to Willis, the last act has quite a few scenes with him actually acting. If one doesn't know his troubles, one could even think that he's just a little slower. The directing, the writing, and the other stuff are all a bit flat. The movie is trying to be hard, but it doesn't have the pacing to be exciting. In the end, Devon Sawa as the lead is more problematic than Bruce Willis losing a step.
  • meghanndotta - 26 September 2022
    Just wanted to add something....
    Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia. It's a disorder that affects your speech. So it's not just because he's old or just phoning it in. It's sad how many people are so cruel and judgmental before considering their words first. He's made some incredible films and not so long ago. Red, for instance. He was great in that one. And obviously the man is a legend for Die Hard, alone. Let's give him his props. This movie isn't his fault. I mean, he was hardly in it anyway. I was actually excited to see Devon Sawa. I'm glad I'm seeing him more these days. I hope he gets some more and better projects in the future. He's a good actor. Better than Luke Wilson,, just my opinion. This film could have been better. So that's always a disappointment. But keep in mind, it has a great audience score. You might enjoy it. I'm definitely not mad I watched and it certainly wasn't a waste of time.
  • tyson-bell - 10 September 2022
    What happened here?
    Script is decent (not a 10 but solid 5+). Actors have talent. But I can't tell if it's the director, producer or post production that phoned it in. The movie is flat. Maybe music is lacking the zing?? But seriously, I watched because the story was kind'a fun to watch where it would go. But the way the story is captured is FLAT at best. I really think the director must have been thinking about something else - like "let's do one take...looks great. Lunch!!" And the producers were like "Bruce Willis budget... LUNCH!!!l (or LINES!). Whoever is to blame and why is not important... could have been decent but went flat. So, I watched it, get stoned and fall asleep, you'll enjoy it (maybe)
  • zuta-63046 - 7 September 2022
    Watch it for the cinematography
    The content may be a bit of a cliché, but some of the camera work is first rate, and if you appreciate atmosphere as much as content, then you should watch it. There are great shots of Los Angeles in the night, and almost every dialogue that is shot in the night has a unique lighting and vibe to it. Also, the leading actor is good and convincing, even if the scenes with him mostly seem like something you watched before. It seems that Bruce Willis was mostly brought in to the movie in order to attract a wider audience, and his role in the movie consists of a little more than a few minutes. If you are a fan of vintage cars, then you will also like the main character's ride - a 1970 customized Chevrolet Chevelle SS that always steals the scene.
  • Top_Dawg_Critic - 6 September 2022
    Stop blaming Willis, just look at the pattern here
    Every film Edward Drake has written and directed, doesn't have any rating above a 3, and it's just a coincidence that Willis is in those films. Not sure if they're related or Willis owes Drake any favors, but the problem is the lousy writing and directing by Drake. He really needs to take up a new hobby. For that matter, Willis was actually better than Wilson was at the start of the film, because Wilson's character was very loud and annoying. Clearly it was Drake's failure to direct his cast properly, because Wilson is a better actor than that. Then we have Drake's cheesy cliched writing with the annoying cigarette constantly being a focal point for Devon Sawa's character.

    I will say though, out of all of Drake's flops, I did enjoy this one a little more than his others, probably due to better casting and Devon Sawa's convincing albeit cliched performance, and somewhat of a better story. If Drake's pacing was a little better and he had more substance rather than filler in his 97 min runtime, he may have gotten another star from me. At least he's learned how to score a B film properly. Now only if the rest of his production could improve. I won't hold my breath. It's a generous 5/10 from me.
  • mistydmorris - 28 July 2022
    Good Watch
    I'm only writing this because the overall rating doesn't accurately reflect this movie. It's definitely worth a watch especially if you're a fan of Bruce Willis and/or Devon Sawa like me. It kept me engaged and I genuinely enjoyed it. You should give it a shot and decide for yourself. It's one that I would watch it again. Definitely check it out. The Chevelle was gorgeous, too.
  • burlesonjesse5 - 25 July 2022
    VIEWS ON FILM review of Gasoline Alley
    Sometimes the script is a little corny and sometimes the music doesn't always fit the cuts but make no bones about it, 2022's Gasoline Alley is at certain points, compelling. That's thanks to a disciplined performance by one Devon Sawa. Here's a working actor who knows he's been relegated to B-movies and non-theatrical releases till the end of time. What does Devon do? Well he trudges along, brooding and world-weary like a Philip Marlowe type (except that his persona Jimmy Jayne is a prime murder suspect and not a real PI). Sawa carries Gasoline Alley because well, he's in pretty much every frame. The other characters are tough-talking and sardonic but seem to fade in and out like wipes.

    That being said, let's talk about the tone of Gasoline Alley, a film that shows another dark corner of otherwise sunny LA. "Alley" is directed by Edward Drake, a guy who commits to every shot with most of his drawn-out scenes being rather underlit. I suppose that's the overall point. "Alley" is noir, so much so that the flick almost announces it as if it had personalized name tags. Gleaming and steamy with even a little twang, Gasoline Alley looks like something Paul Schrader would have done right after Hardcore. Heck, you could even compare "Alley" to 2005's Sin City minus the over-sensationalized violence and color processing.

    Now did I like Gasoline Alley with its plot about a tattoo artist being implicated in a triple murder? Sometimes yeah. I mean it got better as it went along with Sawa being the sort of snarling antihero with a rather large chip on his shoulder. And did I like the fact that Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson played good cop, bad cop detectives hot on the trail of Devon's Jimmy? Not really. Luke Wilson talked too much and tried to be cool while Willis didn't talk enough and only showed up in the film's final twist to give his character relevance (hint, hint).

    Gasoline Alley with its drinking and smoking and hardboiled ambiguity, is decent enough to stream. Even so, its surprisingly restrained manner and one-note-ness kept me from truly recommending it. The pic needed a little more "fuel" poured on its fire.
  • garcinder-22139 - 24 July 2022
    If you're REALLY bored...
    This might kill some time for you. However, for me, even "speed" watching (fast forwarding, if you don't know) was not worth the time invested. I don't imagine Bruce needs the money. Perhaps he just wants to still feel relevant in Hollywood. My advice? Take a pass.
  • iamjamalwhite - 11 July 2022
    Bruce is gone
    His last dozen movies have been straight to Netflx late night. Luke Wilson carries him in every scene. Sad to watch. This has a little plot and one chase scene but nothing happens in 90 minutes. Skip it.
  • rob-c2022 - 4 July 2022
    A solid noir thriller, don't get the bad reviews
    This is a solid noir thriller with a fantastic job done by the cast. This is not a Bruce Willis movie! If you understand that going in, it's a great movie! Bruce Willis is not the focus here, nor should he be. Give the movie a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised like I was.
  • theknownames - 1 July 2022
    Shocked I say
    This has to be the lowest budget yet most elevated as far as visuals , setting , script really everything . No soundtrack thar I recall all shot in a way where there were no close ups . The main character has me at jump and really everyone did managed a class act . I have come to view movies much differently ( I imagine this is how it is for everyone these days ) I was raised going to movies weekly since the 70's and really only recently have I begun to take in the scope of what's happening in each . I thought this was great for what it is !

    It's not ever going to hit theaters Bruce did a string of these low budget movies , with excellent actors imo and it's been a true pleasure ! I happen to appreciate this one very much .

    It's a solid 7 but considering I don't think Bruce Willis is making movies anymore the fact that he is in it and for how drawn in I was for the most of it I have to give it an 8.
  • rfieldj - 30 June 2022
    I'll Spare you the Details
    This is another really, really bad movie and it could have been so much better. I think Bruce and Luke did okay, but that Sawa was the worst, in my opinion. I think Bruce deserved better than this.
  • kahinacrawford - 26 June 2022
    Bruce Willis deserved better than this!
    Bruce Willis' neurological disease is on full display in this movie and that is sad. His handlers, agents and friends should be ashamed for allowing this level of exploitation. The movie is clearly low budget, low brow, slow and remedial. However, the classic cars in the movie are beautiful.
  • luxlamf-1 - 26 June 2022
    Not even trying in this one, give it 3 for respect to Bruce.
    I don't have to go into what everyone else is writing about the lack of substance here. The forced everything. I assume Wilson is in it to be in a Willis project or some other underlying reason. The amount they are in it shows they had few shooting days involved. Most in front of differing exterior backgrounds. I feel for Willis as we all know now his health issues and it's quite prevalent here. Lots of "Yeah" and "Sure" response while Wilson is talking. The biggest gripe I have (being a resident of Los Angeles for 30 years) is they don't even try and pretend it's shot in southern ca. Not a hint of a palm tree or a mountain range anywhere in those exterior shots . Couple insert shots of la skyline at night and a alleyway is all. I've watched films shot elsewhere pretending to be here that were convincing. This is so poorly done it's distracting.