Asteroid City

In an American desert town circa 1955, the itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events.

  • Released: 2023-06-09
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Stars: Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Rupert Friend, Liev Schreiber, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, Bryan Cranston, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe, Steve Carell, Adrien Brody, Tony Revolori, Matt Dillon, Sophia Lillis, Hope Davis, Fisher Stevens, Ethan Josh Lee, Edward Norton, Hong Chau, Rita Wilson
  • Director: Wes Anderson
  • Quethinks - 17 June 2024
    A nice film to look out and flesh out characters and nothing else.
    Asteroid City is a visually stunning and occasionally engaging film that will likely appeal to fans of Wes Anderson's quirky and pastel style. However, its uneven plot and crowded ensemble prevent it from achieving the emotional and narrative depth of his greatest films. It's an okay addition to Anderson's filmography, offering a mix of whimsy and reflection that, while enjoyable, doesn't fully satisfy.

    So Asteroid City presents a compelling premise and visually beautiful to look at, its execution ultimately undermines its ambitious goals. With underdeveloped characters, superficial world-building, and pacing issues, the film falls short of delivering a truly captivating SCI-FI experience. While it may appeal to genre enthusiasts for its imaginative setting, casual viewers may find themselves wishing for a deeper exploration of its intriguing concepts.
  • edie_22032024 - 31 May 2024
    The thing is if this film is done with unknown names instead of having been star-studded, will viewers still feel the same?

    All these stars make me wonder do they understand the script they are reciting on or acting upon themselves, probably not, they are the props like in this film, incidentally I am not a Wes Anderson groupie, I am just having sorta fomo, apropos of that, I had watched this film a few months ago, then totally forgot about it, except for some part of scenes involved with Scarlett Johansson and Jeffery Wright.

    Recent days I watched again, it turns out almost entire Hollywood first rate actors and actresses these days are in it. Shame that they are so forgettable in this film except those two I mentioned earlier.

    Its well made In terms of production design, lighting, cinematography, cartoonish set, reminding you every second that it is imaginaries, you don't have to understand, all you have to do is to swallow it or breathe it, don't regurgitate, just flow with the flow.