A Day to Die

A disgraced parole officer is indebted to a local gang leader and forced to pull off a series of dangerous drug heists within twelve hours in order to pay the $2 million dollars he owes, rescue his kidnapped pregnant wife, and settle a score with the city's corrupt police chief, who is working with the gang leader and double-crossed him years ago.

  • Released: 2022-03-04
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Kevin Dillon, Bruce Willis, Leon, Frank Grillo, Gianni Capaldi, Brooke Butler, Johnny Messner, Vernon Davis, Alexander Kane, Aspen Kennedy Wilson, Mohamed Karim, Curtis Nichouls, Cheryl Prater, Chris Gann, Cami Roebuck, Jeremy Sande
  • Director: Wes Miller, Wes Miller, Dwayne Heart
  • dcmuchmore - 9 November 2022
    Just found this on Netflix
    I have rarely seen such a poorly written and directed film. Everything about it is dreadful and to add insult to injury, three decent actors are seen trashing their reputations.

    Bruce Willis phones in his now predictable performance.

    Plot non -sequiturs, unsuitable soundtrack, dodgy dubbing and editing too make this a smorgasbord of rubbish.

    The female lead is soo genuinely awful that you end up hoping that the main protagonist can't raise the money for her ransom.

    It also adds a fair dose of black gangster and crooked white cop tropes into the mix.

    Not even in the'so bad it's just funny category.'

    Avoid at all costs!
  • yshvrvjx - 11 August 2022
    Good...then Bad
    The first half was really good. Good character development and acting for a low-budget movie. Then....the movie took a 180 and got real stupid, real fast. It's like they had to find a way to extend the storyline to make the movie a certain length after the original story came to a conclusion too fast. All scruples and brains were all of a sudden out the door, respectable characters made dishonorable decisions on a whim for no good reason, good people die for a stupid cause, and they end up living happily ever after sleeping with the enemy.