The Munsters

Lily is a typical 150-year-old lovelorn vampire who's looking for the man of her nightmares -- until she lays her eyes on Herman, a 7-foot-tall green experiment with a heart of gold. It's love at first shock as these two ghouls fall fangs over feet for each other in a Transylvanian romance. Unfortunately, it's not all smooth sailing in the cemetery as Lily's father has other plans for his beloved daughter's future, and they don't involve her new bumbling beau.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Stars: Butch Patrick, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, Daniel Roebuck, Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake, Cassandra Peterson, Sylvester McCoy, Dee Wallace, Catherine Schell, Tomas Boykin, Roderick Hill
  • Director: Rob Zombie
  • DBlackthorne - 3 January 2023
    The Munsters Begin
    Prequel to the series wherein Lily & Herman meet, marry, find Spot, with some extended family introductions, misdealings, and move into The Mansion.

    Despite the ingenious efforts of the modern Prometheus, here named Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang {Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein doppelganger} to manifest life, "Floop" {hunchback} manages to pick the brain of recently deceased comedian "Shecky Von Rathbone" instead {ref. Eccentric Basil Rathbone}, creating Herman who soon after consciousness becomes a Rockstar comedian, eventually attracting the amorous attention of Lily, who becomes likewise infatuated.

    Unfortunately, due to Uncle Lester's opportunistic shenanigans, strikes a deal with a gypsy woman who also happens to be Grandpa's ex-wife bent on revenge, manages to acquire the deed to the family castle.

    Shortly after nuptials, The Munsters acquire The Mansion on 1313 Mockingbird Lane {in what could foreseeably be Angelino Heights}, also with help from Lester's Las Vegas gambling to make things correct, and through Ms. Carr, who just so happened to be seeking to sell the gloomy manse, but whose common clientele were predictably afraid, settle in.

    To acquaint themselves, there's a grand Halloween party in the neighborhood, attended by normie neighbors dressed in costumes, but also fortuitously by Gateman, Goodbury, & Graves, who eventually accept Herman's offer for employment.

    The overall impression is that of a more or less 'made for TV movie', to accompany Munsters Go Home! And Munsters' Revenge.


    Interesting to note that some of the cast play multiple roles: Sheri Moon Zombie plays Lily Gruesella & Donna Doomley {reporter}; Jeff Daniel Phillips plays Herman, Shecky Von Rathbone & Zombo; Daniel Roebuck plays Grandpa & Ezra Mosher {host of Good Morning Transylvania; combination of series director Ezra Stone & writer Bob Mosher}; Richard Brake plays Dr. Henry August Wolfgang & Orlock {as in The Count from Nosferatu}.

    Of special note, Cassandra ELVIRA Peterson plays real estate agent Barbara Carr, & Butch 'Eddie Munster' Patrick voices Tin Can Man {eponymous reference to series episode [S1/E7]}. Pat 'Marilyn' Priest as Transylvanian airplane announcer.
  • KoolUhl1 - 14 November 2022
    Rob's best movie
    I should let you know that going into this film I have hated every one of Rob Zombies movies. I think his wife is a terrible actress and is just to annoying in levels that can't be described in any language on earth. That is really mean. I'm going to 180 this...

    I liked this movie. Is it that I was taken by surprise coming in thinking it was going to be awful? Is it really just a fun movie? My love for the original? Sherri is actually good in this part, and generally sweet? Yes to all! I liked her in this, I liked all the people in this. It's a dumb movie but dang it, I found myself entertained.

    I will watch it again and maybe feel differently. I want to write this a little on the positive side from my first impression. I will eventually transform back into the senical A-hole that has a problem with anyone who thinks differently than I do about mooovies 🐄