Significant Other

Significant Other

Ruth and Harry decide to take a romantic backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest, but amongst the beautiful scenery, Ruth makes an unexpected discovery that sets her off on a strange, frightening new path. The couple aren't alone in the woods, and they might not be the same when they come out...if they come out.

  • Released: 2022-10-06
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Maika Monroe, Jake Lacy, Matthew Yang King, Dana Green, Loudon McCleery, Teal Sherer, Marcella Lentz-Pope, Andrew Morgado
  • Director: Robert Olsen, Dan Berk
  • d_penn - 11 January 2023
    While Significant Other adheres dangerously close to banal character motivations and inappropriately subdued narrative shifts, it is still a pleasantly surprising departure from the constrained moodiness of the contemporary horror landscape. By embracing the radical possibilities of summoning supernatural threats, killer creatures and domestic disharmony all at once, the film offers, at the very least, an audacious exercise in breaking free from form. However, Berk and Olsen sabotage their own gutsy experiment with lead characters that suffocate under their stereotyping. Monroe and Lacy's reliable but overfamiliar embodiment of these slightly re-worked characters deflates the film's creatively zealous inner spirit.
  • vehemens_ud - 9 January 2023
    Very good!
    Extremely good movie.

    I want to start out by saying that I consider myself a movie lover and I watch alot of movies. I must have watched around 40 movies in the last 30 days and I would place this one as number one. The movie has almost everything you could ask for and I wish there were more like this one.

    This movie makes you think and you can't really predict what's going to happen. Good acting, good ambience, nice and interesting scenes in nature. Good story and good effects. The only reason I don't rate it a 10 is because I wanted it to last longer, time goes by too fast when you're feeling good. I loved it!
  • Top_Dawg_Critic - 8 January 2023
    An underwhelming yet decent one-time watch.
    This was a survivalist type sci-fi that was well shot, directed and acted. All casting and performances were on point. The story had a few nice twists, but nothing revolutionary or jaw-dropping. It was well shot with great cinematography and a decent score. Even at a mere 84 min runtime and fairly decent pacing, it still felt longer due to the lack of any constant suspenseful narrative. It did have its moments of intrigue and suspense, but those were too few and far in between the basic camping survivalist theme. Nevertheless, it's a decent genre crossing film that's a decent one-time watch by a relatively newb co-writer and co-directing duo.
  • Taaneekaa - 7 January 2023
    Significant what?
    It's like when you start off a hobby/project passionately but halfway through you lose interest, energy, and the will to be creative. That's what this movie feels like. I don't know if it's the writers or director or both but I'd guess both honestly. There was no chemistry first of all between the characters, mostly because the actors couldn't portray it well enough or at all. As the cliche goes, the spark was missing. The lovey dovey dialogues were good when he was proposing but that's it. It's like you're watching two uninteresting people with uninteresting lives.

    A small spoiler -

    Then the alien "love thing" came out of nowhere and it just progresses weirdly. On one hand, he's in love with her and on the other he transforms himself into her, literally it didn't make sense. Wtf was going on? It had no point whatsoever.
  • visionandyouth - 7 January 2023
    Unusual sci-fi but convincing enough.
    It embraces an eerie and enigmatic tone that subsequently gets turned on its head, First half drags a bit but there's a neat twist about halfway through and then you're in for a hell of a ride until the final credits. Its a great movie , especially the ending, i mean you rarely see an ending like this in movies these days that makes so much sense. The lead performances were more than acceptable, Maika Monroe is very convincing and fits well into her role. There are many twists that made me re-watch a few scenes over and over again. Good cinematography for such a low budget movie. Significant Other delivers tense and entertaining moments, that are direct and to the point.
  • tcurtis998 - 5 January 2023
    Movie started as a 5/10 but worked it's way to a 7/10
    The baseline for this movie was a 5 but the two lead actors and twist bumped it up to a 7/10 for me.

    The two leads did a great job of conveying the emotions that their characters were exhibiting and after the twist the lead actress seemed like a different woman altogether. For me that made the twist even better as I did not see it coming.

    The lead actor also does a great job in tonal shift when needed. These aren't Oscar performances but they are good and serve the story well.

    There is a brief tonal switch in the movie that some may not like but I found it enjoyable and would have liked to see the movie lean into it a little more.

    CGI isn't great but isn't used often. Locations are beautiful. Overall a movie that could have been bland but is propped up by the leads performances.
  • gjfrost - 3 January 2023
    This is a horror movie but not rated as such.
    This is a horror movie but not rated as such.

    Please correct this on the website because it is shocking when one sees multiple killings and it is only listed as a drama, sci-fi movie.

    Again this is a horror movie so beware.

    A horror movie. Please change the 600 characters needed to make a review because this does not make sense.

    This is a horror movie but not rated as such.

    Please correct this on the website because it is shocking when one sees multiple killings and it is only listed as a drama, sci-fi movie.

    Again this is a horror movie so beware.

    A horror movie. Please change the 600 characters needed to make a review because this does not make sense.
  • rphmcdhq - 2 January 2023
    What in the world?
    This movie took a huge turn!!!! What did i just watch? It went from some what interesting to incredibly weird. The CGI was embarrassing, the plot lazy and i went from watching intently to laughing at the stupidity. I was embarrassed that i started watching this!

    The main characters looked bored at the script and even bored at being in the movie. How i managed to get over 5.5 stars is BEYOND me. Did every cast member ask someone to rate it higher? I just dint get how this turned so quickly! The props were horrible was obvious how fake everything was, they gore make up was jist as bad. What a waste!
  • gfrancis0 - 30 December 2022
    Fun and original
    We weren't sure exactly what to expect from this, but were pleasantly surprised. It was a nice little popcorn flick. It has a somewhat original plot, good acting, brisk pacing, generally enjoyable. The special effects were interesting and well done. I do not want to give anything specific away, but if you enjoy a thriller combined with science fiction you should like this one. They did keep the plot moving and believable for the most part, with a few surprises along the way. It was only about 80 minutes, hopefully there will be a sequel to expand on the ending, but that would be an entirely different type of film.
  • pshcpa - 22 December 2022
    Close, but no cigar
    I am generally loathe to write reviews of movies I didn't enjoy, but this one falls somewhere in between. Let me start with the criticism. I like when a filmmaker pays homage to their influences. However, the tributes or homage in this one is not so much a stylistic tip-of-the-hat as it simply borrows from its predecessors. All artists borrow from others, but I think the trick is to borrow and make it one's own. In this case I found myself distracted by the elements drawn from Predator, Terminator: Rise of the Machines, The Ritual, etc. Structurally, it seemed this movie was written, directed and edited as a cobbling together of famous story elements guaranteed to draw in fans of the genre. I found that both distracting and disappointing.

    On the other side of the coin, I did enjoy watching the movie for a couple of reasons. First, it's got "Pete" from the office in the lead male role. He was great in The Office as the young intern pining for Erin in that whacky, dysfunctional work environment. And his character was convincingly written as an exuberant hiker eager to share his love of backpacking with his girlfriend who is "apprehensive" about being in wilderness. The character was really ready made for Jake Lacy playing Harry; engaging and enthusiastic while being love-struck naiive. Harry's got a Boy Scout earnestness that comes across as genuine. His girlfriend Ruth, played by Maika Monroe, is convincing as his reluctant travel companion. I enjoyed her performance for the most part.

    The plot is predictable but there is a twist that I appreciated for both it's timing and for its design. Finally, the closing scene is pretty good from the perspective that we all know life is full of uncertainty and things don't always resolve themselves neatly.
  • influxtwo - 22 December 2022
    Invasion of the quiet place cloverfield lane woods
    What you could imagine to be an average or even generic hodge-podge of many other films.

    Imagine...What Lies Below in The Descent of the Cloverfield Lane woods near the Jaws lake down by the A Quiet Place avenue with an Invasion of the Body Snatchers picnic in the forest of Annihilation with Mortal Kombat 'Get Over Here' cgi thrown in under a Ridley Scott filter.

    All great films, but quite obvious when we see newer films like this one 'Significant Other' married to older ideas quite religiously without finding it's own true identity during it's own runtime.

    Instead for me this was a one time watch and admittedly a lukewarm and derivative work of fiction, that tries so hard to scramble or withhold the plot points before feeding them back to you that it forgets to ever be truly frightening or exciting in the process.

    Once the cat's out of the bag, the writing takes a nosedive that Maika Monroe (the lead girl) can barely salvage. Overall forgettable from the writing up.

    The main twists rival something nearly filtered through a watered-down Lifetime B-movie syfy channel film, if that appeals to you at all, but copying just about every notable scifi thriller a tiny bit or excessively in the process, in a bottom of the barrel manner...and in this case not much punch.

    Overall I am glad I didn't have to pay to see this. It's an average scramble of a lot of other better films that became famous on their own merits for carving out an identity, ironically the one thing this film was aware it lacked.

    The only representative detail I thought was well handled here and seldom seen, was modern adults who don't want any part in a marriage contract.

    I can forgive the film as a fictional answer to the concept, nothing more or less. If only the production was more heavily married to its own idea.

    As an "Other", not so Significant.
  • athanasiosze - 21 December 2022
    5.7/10. Watchable but not recommended
    One of those rare moments where Metascore and Imdb have the same rating for a movie, and furthermore, this rating did this movie justice imo. This is watchable and entertaining, well directed, well acted. But it's too flawed to be good. It's like there are two movies here, because the second half of it is a different movie. Campier, funnier in a good and in a not so good way, like a parody of the first half. Whereas, the first half is eerie, more serious and scarier, building in harmony the relationship between these two characters.

    There is a good twist in the middle of the movie and the ending is not bad. However, i would prefer for this movie to be consistent, continuing in its first half eerie atmosphere. Overall, it's not a bad movie but it's not good either. If you have a lot of time and you love mystery/horror movies, even the mediocre ones, maybe you will like it more than me.
  • cardsrock - 18 December 2022
    Crafts a compelling atmosphere
    I love movies that can make you scared or fearful just based on chilling shots of its environment. I get much more uneasy from that versus jump scares. While Significant Other may tip its hand as to what is really going on a bit too early, it's still a pretty entertaining ride throughout its brisk 84 minutes.

    Jake Lacy is really rounding out his range after his coming out party in The Office and Maika Monroe continues her great work in horror films. The tone shifts abruptly throughout, but it worked for me for the most part. There are some good twists that surprised me, even with the story being a little predictable where things were heading. I found Significant Other to be a fairly enjoyable thriller and one of the highlights of Paramount+ thus far.
  • JackCowart34 - 13 December 2022
    Maika Monroe Headlines an Anxiety Filled Sci-Fi Story of Isolation
    Significant Other is a film that you convince yourself you've figured out by the midway point, only to completely change trajectory, leaving you bewildered at where the story proceeds to go. It's a remote, dreamlike movie that conveys the intense struggle of mental health, how people who aren't afflicted understand it, and how it factors into personal relationships. The directors merge a variety of different narrative threads. From the intricacy of a long-term relationship, to a sci-fi allegory about empathy, and a tale about literal and metaphorical isolation. Jake Lacy's bubbly personality doesn't always mesh with the script or subject matter, but Maika Monroe has cemented herself as a consistent leading woman. It may not be as entertaining as it is proficiently made, but Significant Other never ceases to be aesthetically appealing.