Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, learn the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure.

  • Released: 2022-12-14
  • Runtime: 192 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Stars: Kate Winslet, Zoe SaldaƱa, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, Giovanni Ribisi, CCH Pounder, Joel David Moore, Matt Gerald, Trinity Bliss, Britain Dalton, Jamie Flatters, Jack Champion, Filip Geljo, Duane Evans Jr., Chloe Coleman, Jemaine Clement, Ava Diakhaby, Edie Falco, Michelle Yeoh
  • Director: James Cameron
  • MBID259 - 13 January 2023
    I'm not sure how anyone of right mind can possibly justify rating this less then a perfect 10. If you watched Avatar in anything other than IMAX 3D then you didn't really see the movie. Visually the film is practically flawless with relentless breathtaking action sequences weaves into the masterful storytelling. The groundbreaking water simulation is just the tip of the CGI genius at work and it is practically impossible to distinguish what is real and what is computer generated. I have no idea how long this film took to make but I would imagine that when the button was hit to render these scenes the lights in peoples houses in the neighbourhood must have dimmed as the servers went into overdrive!
  • developsolid - 13 January 2023
    Beautiful looking movie full of potholes.
    I didn't expect much less than from the first movie but when I watched it I was kinda disappointed.

    Scenery looked very very beautiful. I watched it in 4D and I think that's the only way this movie hast to be watched. After it finished my first thought was that it must be very boring if I didn't watched it like that.

    The story is very simple, not much different from the first movie. The Sky people attack on Na'Vi but now on the water instead of in the jungle. Everything else is the same.

    The thing that bothered me the most is who to hell funds all the army, machinery, flight to distant planet just so one bad guy could kill one good guy?! Who approved this? Why does he needs to kill him? They now have different rare pricey resource, they don't need the Unobtainium anymore. I guess the movie is made for teenager but couldn't they make some better storyline?

    The biggest difference between two movies is that Jake Sully was not badass like before.