The Batman

In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City that connects to his own family while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler.

  • Released: 2022-03-01
  • Runtime: 176 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Stars: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Alex Ferns, Jayme Lawson, Rupert Penry-Jones, Con O'Neill, Vic Waghorn, Dave Simon, Amy Clare Beales, Joseph Balderrama, Todd Boyce, Andreea Helen David, Gil Perez-Abraham, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Elliot Warren, Mark Killeen, Bern Collaço, Angela Yeoh, Jay Lycurgo, John Wolfe, Elijah Baker, Will Rowlands, Amanda Blake, Obie Matthew, Alfredo Tavares, Kosha Engler, Stuart Whelan, Elena Saurel, Daniel Eghan, Phil Aizlewood, Bernardo Santos, Kiran Asahan, Kenny-Lee Mbanefo, Tiago Martins, Amber Sienna, Sid Sagar, Ed Kear, Ruth Horrocks, Leemore Marrett Jr., Bharat Mistri, Nichola Jean Mazur, Mike Cappozola, Swaylee Loughnane, Albert Giannitelli, Susan Gillias, Paul Whelligan, Rodrig Andrisan, Chosen Wilkins, Tony McCarthy, Heider Ali, Maggie Bakir, Douglas Bunn, Evan A. Dunn, Janine Harouni, Lorraine Tai, Juke Hardy, Adam Rojko Vega, Annishia Camilla Lunette, Iana Saliuk, Craig Douglas, Luke Roberts, Stella Stocker, Oscar Novak, Archie Barnes, Peter MacDonald, Barry Keoghan, Hana Hrzic, Joseph Walker, Sandra Dickinson, Douglas Russell, Lorna Brown, Stefan Race, Akie Kotabe, Jack Bennett, Andre Nightingale, Richard James-Neale, James Eeles, Ezra Elliott, Itoya Osagiede, Stewart Alexander, Marcus Onilude, Brandon Bassir, Will Austin, Chabris Napier-Lawrence, Philip Shaun McGuinness, Craige Middleburg, Spike Fearn, Urielle Klein-Mekongo, Bronson Webb, Madeleine Gray, Ste Johnston, Arthur Lee, Parry Glasspool, Jordan Coulson, Hadas Gold, Pat Battle, Bobby Cuza, Dean Meminger, Roma Torre, Amanda Hurwitz, Joshua Eldridge-Smith, Daniel Rainford, Nathalie Armin, José Palma, Kazeem Tosin Amore, Peter McDonald, Muneeb Ibni Usuf, Rodrig Andrisan, George Symmans
  • Director: Matt Reeves, George Symmans
  • christianguy-00835 - 3 July 2024
    The Start of A New Vigilante Trilogy?
    Matt Reeves had his own personal take when directing "The Batman". Our favorite vigilante is back, but this time he's more humanized (physically and mentally) and he has a much darker side.

    Robert Pattinson wasn't my favorite candidate for Christian Bale to pass the torch to, but he did a good job keeping the audience in Bruce Wayne's mental development and thought processes throughout the film. This is not the same suave, charismatic billionaire that Bale played. I will say I was not a big support of Robert Pattinson's choice to not workout for the film due to his disdain for "method acting", but to each his own.

    Looks like DC is laying the ground work for another Batman trilogy? Strong character development setup and very small hints of foreshadowing. In total I would give the film an 8.5.
  • darkalo84 - 1 June 2024
    Rosarsch in Night Owl costume... And where's the detective work?
    1 hour and 15 minutes into the movie and I am starting to lose my interest and patience.

    So, a madman is on the loose killing Gotham's most prominent figures and the DA parks his car in a shady place with no surveillance, no bodyguards, no police officers watching his back.... He is an important figure but hey, why taking any precautions? How convenient for the story that the Riddler can enter his car... How convenient for these movies that the bad guys can abduct prominent figures or just anybody so easily...

    But, wait, why are all those people being slain? We are told they are corrupt. But are they? I have yet to see a single politician or Mafia boss commiting any wrongdoings? Well, maybe the Penguin handing over some pills in his club but come ooon... Is that it?

    Is someone trying to wrestle control from the authorities for a greater purpose? Trying to destabilize the city by flooding it with drugs for something more than just money? Is someone trying to steal or sell something that would endanger Gotham city or the system or the whole country? Something? Nope...??

    As I said before, 1 hour and 15 minutes and all we have is The Riddler kind of taking the portmanteau of Kevin Spacey in Seven with a Batman detective that is just doing some partial detective work. Like he is more interested in deciphering the riddles than in looking for a profile that could match the killer's identity. I am no detective but I'd say he could check police, hospitals, mental asylums or some psychiatrists records. The guy seems to be white with green eyes. Maybe those eyes can be matched with the aforementioned profiles. He used a specific type of American tape. Let's see stores that sell that kind of tape, let's see the forensics report, let's check the video recordings of the dozens of cameras probably installed across the whole city in stores, buildings, gas stations, highways, public buildings.... Nahh breaking and entering into the Penguin's club and squarely manhandle the owner over a few questions should do the job for a good detective. Right? "Ey Batman! Thanks for the visit. Give me a holler next time".

    If I were the Penguin I should be nervous. "The Batman was here, he might spoil the entire operation. I need to make some calls, hire some baddies, reschedule some things...." Oh wait, wait, wait people in the audience... nothing of that sort matters now that The Batman and Selina have just met. On with the subplot of their sexually-charged relationship and... back to the Riddler's puzzling puzzles for the next 1 hour and 15 minutes?? I don't know if I ever finish watching this movie.

    Besides, Pattinson looks just feeble, detached, lonely, weird and fragile as Bruce Wayne. He is a handsome guy but here he looks just the opposite. He sports an awful haircut. His face is way too pale, way too desaturated of color. He is many miles away from the charismatic established persona of Bruce Wayne that was nicely captured in the past by either Keaton, Bale or Affleck.

    This version of The Batman/Bruce Wayne totally reminds me of a hybrid version of Watchmen's Rosarsch and Night Owl. The first scene of the movie being the prime example where the director took his inspiration from.

    This Batman is always brooding, moody, more grey than dark. He patrols the streets at night eager to dispense his ration of knuckles in the face but... not so quite intent on calling the police to aprehend and arrest all those punks going off the rails he has just beaten. I don't know....

    At least I just hope they come around the idea of making this and Phoenix's Joker part of the same universe, because this is movie I would never ever subject myself to a second watching.