In 1918, 61 years before the events of X, Pearl, trapped on her family’s isolated Texas homestead, must tend to her infirmed father under the bitter and overbearing watch of her devout mother. Lusting for a glamorous life like she’s seen in the movies, Pearl’s ambitions, temptations and repressions collide.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Mia Goth, Tandi Wright, David Corenswet, Emma Jenkins-Purro, Matthew Sunderland, Alistair Sewell, Lauren Stewart, Amelia Reid, Todd Rippon, Gabe McDonnell, Grace Acheson
  • Director: Ti West
  • drewvogelaar - 12 January 2023
    Pearl is a Gem
    Pearl was the sequel to the hit horror movie X. I fell in love with X upon first viewing it and consider it one of the finest horror movies released in 2022. So when I found out there was a sequel filmed back-to-back with X called Pearl. All I knew was that it was a prequel to X. Exploring the backstory behind the antagonist Pearl. If MaXXXine turns out well, we might have one of the best horror trilogies.

    X pays homage to seventies horror movies, while Pearl takes a different approach. Pearl pays homage to films of the forties and fifties. The opening sequence, when she talks to the animals, had Wizard of Oz vibes. Then all of a sudden, a tonal shift comes out of nowhere. Unlike the original, Mia Goth only has one role; Pearl. Goth is the perfect casting for Pearl; she comes off as a sweet and innocent farm girl before you uncover the monster. Director Ti West also deserves some of the praise. His ability to take a film that could have become forgotten and make each scene memorable is incredible. Someone else who deserves tons of credit is cinematographer Eliot Rockett. Rockett makes every scene of this film beautiful. Without any of these pieces, I think the film automatically becomes worse. I can't wait to see what's in store for this franchise because I'm invested in where Maxine's story will lead.

    9.5/10 Peal is a true gem. Both joyous and brutal. One of the year's best.
  • Neekyrodrigues - 11 January 2023
    Interesting Character Study
    A character focused thriller of a character study into the life of an early 1920s suburban housewife struggling to cope under the pressure of family life, societal pressures and her deep sinister urges. It's slow but dramatic. If you're looking for a typical slasher movie, then you'll low-key be disappointed.

    Mia Goth is great as the titular character, her monologue is superb - she truly grows into the character on this prequel. If there's any reason to watch this movie it would be for her performance.

    My biggest critique of this film is that it feels incomplete. We're left with the husband returning from war finding Pearl living in insanity but why does he stay? Does he know she's killed his sister? You'd assume he knows everything and stays with her "out of love" or a sense of duty/loyalty because of marriage.
  • bigt-33146 - 8 January 2023
    This is not a movie for normal people
    Like most horror movies you've never heard of, this flick feels like you are watching a student film. I don't normally partake in the horror genre, but I was coerced into watching this movie by my wife and submitted only due to the fact that it has so many high reviews. After watching what barely passes as a cinematic experience, my only takeaway is that it is unsettling to know that I share public space with the 20,000+ people that reviewed this movie positively.

    This movie has ZERO suspense. It is amazingly bad. The extra star I provided is only because it is superficially interesting that the director mimicked the aesthetic of early 20th Century cinematography, the timeframe in which the movie is set. Don't waste your time.
  • morgangreen-42292 - 7 January 2023
    WOW!. WOW!. WOW!.
    Mia. You are heading for the Oscars ! The monologue was Faaaanfoggingtastic !. You sucked me in, with emotions as disgust, pity, understanding, wanting to hug you and flee asap !


    Best "horror" film since The house that Jack Built, IMHO.

    Rarely do I get surprised like this. Or almost never.

    Your monologue was just... Priceless... I had to watch the scene over and over again, as I felt I wanted to understand YOU, not just the character.

    I am at a loss for words honestly.

    Your fellow actors were GREAT too - but you were simply magnificent!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    At least I love you ! :-)

    Morgan Green, Denmark.
  • jfgibson73 - 5 January 2023
    Pretty fun prequel that was easy to watch
    I was glad to hear a lot of people enjoyed this movie. I saw several reviewers rank it as their favorite horror this year. It was very well done, so it deserves the recommendations. I thought it was very fun and easy to watch, although I would also say that I felt like I digested it pretty thoroughly on one viewing. It's got some wild stuff going on, but not to the degree that I feel compelled to tell friends they have to see it. Of course, Mia Goth's performance is what carries the film, but I also think the script did it's job in giving her lots of chances to go crazy. I guess I would have like to see them take it even further, as weird as that sounds. But you definitely have to make time to see it. Lots of fun.
  • AvionPrince16 - 4 January 2023
    Dreams and Reality
    I already saw X the movie with that Pearl character is on this movie. So now we see Pearl and in what family she growns with: a father who is disabled and cant take care of himself, a mother really strict and have a certain autority on Pearl. And Pearl is one of the girl who wants her freedom and do something big like the dance stuff and to be a star. Like in her dream. We will see also a weird behavior from her with her dad (thougnt about drowning him). Pearl will get some friend who will helped her but that girl is too sensitive and will really be violent at multiple times. And be self centered always. So Pearl will kill her new boyfriend, the sister in law too (because she gets a job that she wanted). I mean we just see a girl who really just selfish and when things dont turn in her advantage she becomes really angry and thats all. I mean the performance of the actor of Pearl is great but really superficial and i didnt really get into that character and clearly lacked of psychological mechanism(except the autority of her mother and stuff like this). I just felt that the movie was just an excuse to make some violent scenes and to use the characters to make Pearl justified the violence. Really superficial and boring in my opinion.
  • simonwoodwrites - 4 January 2023
    Amazing But Not Enjoyable
    This prequel to X is so much better than X. The story's focus is tighter. Visually, it looks fantastic. The vivid colors make this film look awesome. Mia Goth in the title role and Tandi Wright as her mother do amazing work. As others have mentioned there's a Psycho and Wizard of Oz vibe to the whole thing. I liked the parallels between the characters of Pearl in this film and Maxine in X. The pacing is a little slow. The monologue at the end is great but it's way too long. All that said, as much as Pearl is an amazing and absorbing film, I didn't enjoy it. I didn't care for Pearl as a character and her story. That meant there was nothing entertaining about the film.
  • jp_91 - 2 January 2023
    Mia Goth is awesome!
    "Pearl" is a worthy prequel to "X", in which the life of the titular character is told, Ti West and Mia Goth worked together on the script to immerse the public in the reasons that led the protagonist to be the woman who was. Mia Goth gives a terrific performance as Pearl, demonstrating the evolution of her character. The production design and costumes are top notch, masterfully recreating the year 1918. The cinematography is elegant in every frame. The editing work done by Ti West himself is stupendous, playing perfectly with the image. Finally, it remains to talk more about West's achievements, this time as a director, demonstrating once again why he is one of the current masters of horror. "Pearl" is a modern horror movie classic.
  • fciocca - 2 January 2023
    A nice origin story that is slightly better than the first movie, but nothing particularly memorable.
    I liked the origin story of Pearl, and I think that the script was more cohérent compared to the first chapter. The plot was very predictable and all the characters were clichés, however, the director still managed to build a bit of tension that made the story interesting to follow. The gore element is way more violent and there was more attention to details in certain sequences.

    Mia Goth was absolutely amazing and she delivered an amazing performance, especially towards the end. For me she was quite an interesting discovery and I hope to see her in different roles, because in my perspective she deserves more attention. Overall the acting is competent and all actors were pretty engaging. I loved the score, it reminded me a lot of those 30's and 40's movies. The photography is a mix between old and new techniques that work well. "X" and "Pearl" are two respectable horrors, made clearly by professionals, unfortunately both of them did not impress me that much in terms of story development. I believe that they are a pleasant watch for the genre followers, otherwise I would simply skip them.
  • dmatsoukas - 2 January 2023
    Horror? Really?
    I am sure a six years old kid could have done a better job on this. I can't even imagine that someone rated this over 1/10. If so, probably is in the mental whereabouts of Pearl. I mean, it is really a waste of time.. At the end of the film I was staring the screen for at least three minutes trying to figure out wth did I just saw, and moreover...WHY? It is so bad, that balanced in the edge of being a good flop.

    If someone feels he needs to sacrifice two hours of his life then this is the movie he was always looking for. Other than that, the most interesting thing in the movie is the end titles...
  • Poshlust - 2 January 2023
    Overly cynical, but truth regardless
    This film was more enjoyable to me than its predecessor, X. I won't go into spoilers, but the theme and main story of the message is life isn't fair and sometimes you get the short end of the stick and have to deal with the cards you're dealt. This theme is obviously taken to extremes compared to most others, with an insane protagonist and overall insane cast of characters. Pearl is very obviously insane and deranged, but the writing still made her somewhat of pathetic character, rather than one that is simply evil for no reason. That doesn't justify what she does, but it does somewhat still very crudely carry out the films main themes.
  • hellholehorror - 1 January 2023
    Pretentious vanity project
    I wanted to like it, just like X (2022) but I didn't because it's boring. I mean really boring. And forgettable, even more boring and forgettable than the first film. Barely anything happens, it took me two attempts to finish it. It's all character led which is fine and I like the character of Pearl but there is literally no story or action to support the characters. The charismatic and interesting lead character carries the movie except, unlike the first movie, the supporting characters do not have equal acting ability or memorability of Mia. Because of this, it became the Mia show, possibly even a vanity project for her. At least the first film had Jenna Ortega supporting along with some other great actors. But I haven't reached the worst bit yet, it is the tedious ego-driven monologue, it is so so terrible, it goes on for so long and is so utterly boring. We are just watching Mia's ego. Why do they think this is what people want to watch or do they want to prove they can do a really long take for no reason. Ugh hate it. Try sitting through it without looking at your phone. The long take is over five and a half minutes, the scene itself is nearly 15 minutes. I hate to say it but I think that this is the film that Ti West gave up entertaining and made films he wants to make. Probably the same for Mia but I haven't followed her career to realistically make a fair assessment on that. The split-screen montage is annoying. They fail to depict the filmmaking style of the time that it's set, unlike the first film. There are a lot of continuity errors and I never normally notice them. I absolutely hated the ending. I liked the dance number. Overall it is best described as pretentious rubbish. On the plus side, the technical aspects are really good, it looks and sounds nice.
  • krukk-59323 - 1 January 2023
    It's not a horror but rather a psychological thriller(spoiler part marked)
    Although the movie is labeled as horror it's not one. The goal of the movie isn't to be scary or mysterious but rather show a clearly unstable characer slowly descend into madness.

    Pearl is a fascinating character because of how multilayered she is, and although she can be monstrous in one scene we can relate to her in another. Mia Goth gave an outstanding and phenomenal performance.

    There are only 2 issues the movie has. One, the first 30-40 minute feel very slow as not much is happenning.

    SPOILERS Two, there are 2 deaths that felt forced. Pearl's mother being severely burned after merely 10 seconds after her dress catches fire. She would obviously be burned but not to THAT degree. Mitzy getting killed because she tripped when running away from Pearl is not only very cliche but also fat fetched. She was dressed for dancing audition, surely her shoes should be comfortable enough to minimaze any unfortunate accidents like this? It'd ba great opportunity to have Mitzy struggle and fight back a little bit before her demise instead of going down so dully and abrutply. Give the viewers false hope that she can make it. It should also be noted that we don't know whether MItzy actually won the audition. She's written as a very empathetic person so could she really ignore her friend being distressed to the point of crying and go to the dancing audition?

    In spite its few shortcomings it was enjoyable watch.
  • nowlflr - 31 December 2022
    Unoriginal .. even for a campy horror
    I'm a lurker and not a poster but felt so compelled after this movie to leave a review.

    Saw this movie as a rental and came here to see the reviews first. So many positive reviews so I bucked up and paid the rental fee.

    Unfortunately, there are no refunds on rentals or refund of my time. This was, legitimately, the most stupid horror flick I've ever seen. What's the level below "B" rate? This sits a solid 5 levels below that. It's unoriginal, story was anything but interesting, compelling, or riveting. There are no twists ... just stupid same until the end. There's no help for me to get my time back or the rental fee but you can and it's best that you save yourself.