Deep Water

Vic and Melinda Van Allen are a couple in the small town of Little Wesley. Their loveless marriage is held together only by a precarious arrangement whereby, in order to avoid the messiness of divorce, Melinda is allowed to take any number of lovers as long as she does not desert her family.

  • Released: 2022-03-18
  • Runtime: 116 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Thrillers
  • Stars: Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, Tracy Letts, Rachel Blanchard, Lil Rel Howery, Jacob Elordi, Dash Mihok, Kristen Connolly, Jade Fernandez, Finn Wittrock, Damon Lipari, Michael Braun, Shauna Rappold, Brendan Miller, Gregory Hobson, Jaren Mitchell, Devyn A. Tyler, Jeff Pope, Jade Fernandez, Sheenan Cole, Michael Scialabba, Krystal Tomlin, Armando Leduc, Jason Edwards, Kelly Connolly, Paul Teal, Andrew Penrow, Grace Jenkins, Juliet Brett, Sam Malone, Martinez, Sefenech Henok, Anna Bruno, Tiffany Christy, Joanna Connor, Maddison Marx, Goldie Lowe, Darius “Da Bucket Banga” Lindsley
  • Director: Adrian Lyne
  • dobly58 - 8 January 2023
    Adrian Lyne should be busier making more movies. Loved this!
    Patience, patience people! So many haters wanting quick fixes out of the gate. Life just isn't like that, something Adrian Lyne knows only too well. I was eager to see what Lyne had up his sleeve after a long hiatus from directing and the initial reviews were bad, I mean really bad. But, in my lowly opinion, he's alway been a hit-maker with his own brand of photogenic relationship drama focusing on the darker aspects; jealously, lust, dominance, submission - sometimes murder. So, I sat down expecting a dud and what I got was something else. I got a movie that we don't see these days, people being people. No CGI, not explosions, no political preaching, just a delicious slow burner about flawed folks who, as far as we're concerned are not conventional but entirely possible. Hell, we have a million genders these days, why should infatuation be a crime? What makes this an effective little thriller? We have no choice but to feel rage, explosive rage because we the audience become infatuated with his wife with her impossible good looks, her brazen charm, and timely warmth when all seems lost, her sexual energy, all of which had ME clenching my fist when she'd arrive with a new man. The awkwards moments where Affleck suffers the indignity of hosting his wife's boyfriends, watching her flirt and kiss them, and knowing he's dying inside made this an achingly uncomfortable watch at times which of course is the point. Meanwhile, after the mysterious death of a party guest (you guessed it, one of the wife's boyfriend's), we begin to wonder if Affleck is intent on murder afterall - and so does a local novelist. If you've ever had a toxic relationship or been so in love with a devil, you'll get this. If you're looking for Fatal Attraction 2, forget it. Or, if you can accept the unconventional, definetly give this a go. You're in the hands of a master film-maker who still has it!!
  • lmonahan91 - 31 December 2022
    I don't know why I watched this movie. I don't know why two people like this would be married. I mean seriously the wife is a POS and both are psychotic. Was hoping at least one of them would be likeable. I just felt frustrated that he stayed with her. Makes no sense to me. Very frustrating but I stuck it out hoping he'd let her run off to Brazil. I will say the acting was really good, everyone believable in their parts, I just hated their parts. And how stupid are all these men? It was disturbing so also successful in that. Also glad I watched the whole thing. End was a good twist I didn't expect.
  • schak23 - 29 November 2022
    Didn't get away with murder
    Where to start? It is a bad movie for sure. I felt sorry for Ben Affleck who was reduced to an actor who was not allowed to show anything apart from a scornful look and a silly level of unconvincing lies. Ana de Armas surely plays the role well, but and this is a massive but: Who green-lights these scripts?? Absolutely ridiculous at time.

    Affleck was last one in pool with the young man who openly slept with his wife. Right, the police walk away, shrugging shoulders?

    I can bear a lot of nonsense, plot holes and the like but here, no no, it simply became too much. Neither the characters, nor the story - nothing is really thought through. Lazy, hasty and as a cinematic meal it is less than lukewarm, half-baked and well, best forgotten.
  • qrkzvhybw - 26 November 2022
    Typical Adrian Lyne
    I can't remember which critic wrote this, but after the release of Unfaithful, the critic wrote that Adrian Lyne should stop lecturing audiences on why spouses shouldn't cheat. Apparently he has not learned this lesson and keeps churning out such films. I watched this because once I started, it was like a train wreck I couldn't look away from. The wife is annoying and the other characters are not sympathetic either. Vapid people who do terrible things to each other. At least the houses are beautiful and it looks like the movie takes place in New Orleans or nearby. If you can find other means of spending an evening, I suggest looking elsewhere.
  • kfada-50661 - 18 November 2022
    Deep Water? Honestly I think the water was shallow at best.
    Although I will say that Trixie, the daughter, was our favorite part. She deffinitley livened things up and gave us a few laughs.

    Overall I think the story line could have been very interesting, however it jumped around far too quickly for our tastes. The dis-jointedness left us with far too many questions for comfort.

    For example, what was the point of the snails?

    They could have been used to Posion someone, but NO. And why were their shells all in the back seat of the car when they were headed to the gorge? No explanation.

    There simply were too many things that could have been expanded on.

    And remember kiddos, don't text and drive.
  • paul_kristen - 12 November 2022
    Not ONE SINGLE EMOTION in this entire movie!
    This is the worst movie I have seen in many years!

    I have never really rated Ben Affleck in the past and he didn't fail to DISAPPOINT once again! He didn't show one single emotion in this entire movie!.......NOT ONE! He was actually starting to IRRITATE me by the end because of his utter lack of emotion, even at points when any normal human being would be screaming and shouting he was literally .......ZERO EMOTION!

    Ana De Armas was a far more believable character but still lacked real emotion and failed to connect with me in any way! Not even getting her breasts out could save this movie in my opinion!

    And lets not talk about how the bike Ben Affleck was riding suddenly changed from being an Off Road Bike with fat tyres and bent handlebars, to a Road Bike with skinny tyres and straight handlebars within the same scene at about the 1 hour 6 minute markmark!

    Just TERRIBLE from start to finish!.... AVOID.
  • oghart09 - 28 October 2022
    it looks realistic, it's totally unrealistic
    I hate those movies that look like a realistic story, but then a lot of unrealistic events happen (maybe it reflects the novel, but why do you make a movie from such a nonsensical book, if that's the case?)

    Their approach to their love story is intriguing, even though it's hard to believe that a husband would accept that behavior from his wife. However, that's the point, so it's fine. But then...

    No way che the husband can drown the pianist. If anything, it seems more likely the other way around since the pianist is younger and physically more fitted

    You wanna drown a corpse in that part or the river? Then call the movie A few feet deep water...

    And why did he keep the wallet? Oh, right. So he can be caught!

    Then the writer is running away in his car and the husbdand chases him with a bicycle: why is the writer panicking? Why does he text on the phone while driving is such "dangerous" situation?

    I'm upset because there was no need to make those bs happen. Why do they always have to push the events? Why can't they just let something realistic happen?
  • nostromout - 25 October 2022
    Slightly Better Than Rating
    This was a polished story with great presence by Affleck and adequate performances by remaining cast. While I did say the story is polished, the story itself was somewhat weak. I was surprised to learn this story was originally a novel given it feels diminutive. The same trope has been told better, but like I said, the movie overall is still just adequate, if only because it was pushed there by Affleck.

    Arma's character was very unlikeable and annoying, but we can't let that detract from our evaluation of her performance, which was adequate.

    Without the cast, this would have been a throwaway, but with the cast, it is worth watching.
  • deloudelouvain - 21 October 2022
    Watchable but it isn't great.
    I can't say I was impressed by this movie. The acting wasn't bad but that's about it. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas did their job, played their roles like the script said, but unfortunately the script wasn't great. The rest of the cast was also not bad. It could have been better, if for example the police would have been investigating the cases a bit, just to make it a bit suspenseful, but now you just have a bland and not very believable story with an extremely stupid ending, almost like they couldn't be bothered by it anymore. Deep Water doesn't get a high rating and it's totally justified, it should and could have been better.
  • adeyabuarqub - 20 October 2022
    Liked how mess ended
    Not the type of movie I would like to recommend, however I liked how things end and how last scene was presented. Although Ana is a very sexy actress, but nudity in such movie could be avoided. It is a straight forward event without much complications which reduces the score rating. I was interested watching Ana De Armas looks and smiles where she looked very genuine in most of her scenes looking to Ben Affleck.

    I doubt that there is an added value of this movie in any term.

    Finally I would watch Ben Affleck in a movie even it talks about robots in spaceship at 2090.

    Overall not satisfied...
  • sanjaperic-astrologe-466-503583 - 16 October 2022
    some things never change
    And Adrian Lyne after 20 years from his last film, appeared with this title, totally unchanged. Love triangles and 'deep waters' as a metaphor for complicated relationships, for the eternal question of love, hate, power, admiration, worshiping, loosing and everything else that left us unrecognizable of ourself.

    How is easy to get lost when it comes about love and passion. Like Bergman wrote long ago "Modern man is just your imagination", Lyne approves that maybe we changed a little, but our deep waters still run the same.

    Beautiful frames, stairways, casual city scape, and kitchen of course, big and white, are here again... Also, sensuality of woman and men under pressure - like in all of his movies.
  • dragokin - 10 October 2022
    i'd recommend marriage counseling
    The acting was good. It seems that as the time goes by, Ben Affleck is visibly trying and succeeding to improve his acting. Don't get me wrong, I've never had a problem with his performance, but it seems as if he's looking for demanding roles.

    In the case of Dark Water, Ben Affleck is convincing as a husband in not particularly happy marriage. Ana de Armas is well chosen for a role of vivacious spouse looking for excitement in her monotonous life.

    There is some mystery building up, but of a kind I found interesting as an adolescent, but definitely not beyond my tweens.

    In fact, if you reach a level of dissatisfaction as the two main characters, I'd strongly recommend marriage counseling. They both looked civilized and educated enough to successfully master the situation.

    But maybe I got it wrong. Maybe they're both happy in this travesty of a marriage rooted in sadomasochism.
  • nunnybarry - 7 October 2022
    Should have been done so much better than this
    Certain aspects of this story ran for me a little too close to experience than I would have liked. I had a long, stormy, non-sensical relationship with an incredibly attractive, flirtatious, controlling partner many years younger than me. It was non-sensical because we stayed with each other far, far longer than we should have, despite all the signs to each of us that the relationship was ridiculous. Pretty much all we had by the end was love and sex. And that's not enough. Really!

    So in that respect this story reflects a more real situation than many would understand, and I sincerely hope would never experience.

    Affleck plays someone in a similar position, but his is overlaid with elements of psychopathy, and a lot more wealth. I kept shouting at him to just divorce her, so they could move on with their lives, but then it took me years to listen to others and make the break. His condition possibly made him even less likely to do so.

    An uncomfortable film, which had potential, but was ultimately not well delivered.
  • saraclemens - 5 October 2022
    Lot of promise but amounts to little
    This film has a lot of promise. Intriguing from the start, interesting characters and raises a lot of questions early on. The problem is it builds to a very disappointing ending. It would have been nice if we could have had a deep dive into the main characters to learn and understand their driving factors. Unfortunately the direction chose to stick with the mystery element which just felt unnecessary and unjustified as the story continued. Some solid acting and a lot of potential, I just felt it complete missed the mark. I just wanted more but it felt like they skimmed over some key story telling which could have really have changed the whole tone.