When teenage Priscilla Beaulieu meets Elvis Presley at a party, the man who is already a meteoric rock-and-roll superstar becomes someone entirely unexpected in private moments: a thrilling crush, an ally in loneliness, a vulnerable best friend.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 110 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Cailee Spaeny, Jacob Elordi, Dan Abramovici, Jorja Cadence, Tim Post, Luke Humphrey, Ari Cohen, Josette Halpert, Deanna Jarvis, Tim Dowler-Coltman, R Austin Ball, Dagmara Domińczyk, Kamilla Kowal, Conni Miu, Gwynne Phillips, Kelaiah Guiel, Stephanie Moran
  • Director: Sofia Coppola
  • thejackalinfinite - 13 June 2024
    Terrible/Uninspired "Film"
    First Of All.. This Movie Is A Good Idea On Paper. But in reality it's an Uninspired film class project like film that seemed to be thrown together and done quickly just to make money using Elvis' name after the success of his biopic from 2022. The book (Elvis And Me) was a much better experience telling Priscilla's POV of her life with Elvis and how she felt. Priscilla in this "movie" is portrayed like an object rather than a person, Elvis' actor was god awful and all he does is scream and mumble his dialogue. Stay away from this trash and go read the book for a better experience. Lisa Marie not endorsing this "Film" was an obvious fact to stay away from this movie. Priscilla needs to do her homework the next time she produces a movie like this. 0/10 if I could have rated it such but the 1 is out of petty.
  • nps-58640 - 11 May 2024
    Pointless Movie
    A tv movie based on Priscilla's book was done in the 90s and was way better. What a waste of time this movie was and the girl who played Priscilla looked nothing like her. Susan Walters who played her in tv movie looked a lot like her and acted the part very well. On a side note, I don't understand the fascination with Elvis. He had some serious mental issues, including sexual and drug ones. He liked to play head games with Priscilla and I really don't know what she saw in him. It must be have just pure lust at first and the naïveté that comes with youth. Skip this movie and watch Elvis and Me instead!