The Good House

Hildy Good, a wry New England realtor and descendant of the Salem witches who loves her wine and loves her secrets. Her compartmentalized life starts to unravel as she rekindles an old romance and becomes dangerously entwined in one person’s reckless behavior.

  • Released: 2022-09-29
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, David Rasche, Rebecca Henderson, Molly Brown, Kathryn Erbe, Beverly D'Angelo
  • Director: Wallace Wolodarsky, Maya Forbes
  • stugood-07006 - 4 January 2023
    Charm and sobriety
    Weaver's character should be unlikable, but the humanity of her flaws, as well as her humour makes that not so. I can't say this is is Weaver's best film, but she's highly watchable.

    Themes include friendship, class, and alcoholism. There's really not a lot new here, but Weaver breaking the 4th wall is a nice touch and all the subjects are treated with a degree of finesse.

    I'm sure many will watch The Good House for the third outing of Kline and Weaver together, despite it being their softest. It's not as bleak as The Ice House, or as quirky as Dave.

    This is predictable adult-contemporary fare, but I was engaged until the end. Weaver mostly steals the show.
  • al-939-110267 - 2 January 2023
    Tired story, weird editing and pacing
    How I want to see another alien but for not. This movie with is a group of older recognizable actors making a movie with actor narratives about alcoholism. The narrative are up in the air with me as to whether they added or just seem to be transition aids.

    More of a sad tale than comedy with a very old story. Not just alcoholism but the entire progression and issues. Been there so many times. Let's try something different. This must have been a personal reach out from someone telling there story. Hey hate to tell you - but this is a common day occurrence. About as varied and interesting as cars changing at a traffic light.

    But I will say what was sad was flow and disjointed nature of the movie. It was grueling to watch not only the subject but just the way the movie was put together. I think I blame it on the editing. Visually things seemed to be shot at the right angle, focus, panning and stuff like that but the scene to scene and where are we going was not to my appreciation.

    I saw nothing but old late career actors giving them something to do and then this tired story was finished off with editing that tanked it.

    I would have moved on after 15 minutes but I paid for it and that made me stick it it.

    Of course I think you can tell I would recommend you watch something else.
  • iamjamalwhite - 31 December 2022
    From the writers of boring movies like "Let him go", "Family Stone", and "Polka King." You see some Sigorney 73 year old side boob as the high point. Lots of therapy, a gay ex-husband, too much debt, autistic kids, affairs and lies, shady business deals, overpriced cars and houses, alcohol addiction -- just a liberal mess that passes today as "drama." It will probably win awards because it lost money and checks all the boxes. Strong women and weak men. All we needed was a climate change March and some anti-gun rhetoric to make it complete. I would not watch this again if you paid me. Skip it very hard.
  • shannonbrady-35044 - 28 December 2022
    Garbage movie
    Way to margalilize a major talent and women of a certain age. Horrible. Can't belive she agreed to this movie. Don't waste your money. Plot line is weak as well as characters and writing.

    Can't belive Amazon had rated at over 4 stars. The source was IMDB. Would absolutely not recommend watching this for any reason whatsoever.

    Who directed this and how did they get the money to do so?

    Acting was flat and kept waiting for something to stop the bleed. Can't believe I wasted money on this. Sigourney Weaver is so much better than this, but is she? Felt like a bad nightmare. Who didn't stop this?
  • pjrag - 27 December 2022
    Misleading premise
    The acting is above average as one would expect. The story is non-existent. We get a little family drama, a little small town drama, an aging woman alone drama, and very very little romance. AND A LOT of alcoholism. Alcoholism is not funny and I have no idea how this was labeled a comedy. It was all over the place and the ending just really sloppy.

    I would have enjoyed more of Kline and Weaver romance. More of their backstory. We could have used more of Weaver own history...why she was who she was. The townsfolk were not enough of the story either. It is just and overall mess. Do not recommend.
  • graceoverpressuretheoneANDonly - 21 December 2022
    Advertising plot was skewed
    Had I known the crux of this plot? I probably would not have watched it, even though? Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline are two of my most favorite actors. The major "thread" of her alcoholism is just something that didn't appeal to me and took "center stage" in this whole drama, that I THOUGHT, was truly MORE about two highschool "loves" reuniting after many a year apart. -So that rather dampened the story for me, but the acting was very good, the setting ideal, the ensuing friendships of townspeople all "came together" in a way that was both surprising and yet strangely familiar for any one whose ever resided in a small town. I do feel Kevin Kline's role was underrated and could have been enhanced lending itself to greater interest in this long term relationship, but that was not to be.
  • goshamorrell - 21 December 2022
    Sigourney Weaver Owns this movie and she is the movie
    These are among the many lies Weaver's Hildy Good tells herself-and tells us in frequent, fourth wall-breaking confessions-to keep the reality of her alcoholism at bay. Based on the novel by Ann Leary, the romantic dramedy "The Good House" touches on some piercing and deeply relatable truths about drinking, and about women's drinking in particular: that it gives us swagger, that it helps us hang with the big boys, that it lets us present the best version of ourselves to the world. Even when the film falters, Weaver consistently finds room to explore the many fascinating flaws revealed by her character's addiction. Her performance, and her effortless connection with frequent co-star Kevin Kline, remain engaging even after the direction from Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky grows unfocused. Hildy's narration is wry and wise, sometimes conspiratorial and increasingly contradictory, as she shows us around the charming (and fictional) New England town of Wendover. She's been the queen bee realtor for decades in this insular hamlet, but all that's changing as nouveau riche families barge in from nearby Boston. Hildy's proud of the fact that her family's been a fixture in Wendover for centuries-dating to the time of the Salem witches, one of whom is her ancestor. None of these characters is nearly as richly drawn or interesting as Hildy and Frank, but increasingly, the story turns toward them and others. They feel like contrivances and plot devices, especially in some third-act melodrama that comes out of nowhere and whips the story up into an empty frenzy. It's so wild, you'll wonder what's really happening and what she's hallucinating. The film clearly seeks deep emotions from us that it never earns. If anything, you're more likely to feel annoyed by all these distractions. But there are worse ways to spend an afternoon than on a lobster boat in the shimmering sunshine with Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline. Dressed in a barn jacket and a knit Patriots hat, getting messy out on the water, Hildy finally appears to be where she belongs. And she doesn't have a drink in her hand.
  • rabbitfish63 - 12 December 2022
    Superb Actors Save a Messy Movie
    The script is clumsy (Really? Breaking the fourth wall?), the blocking is stumbling and cinematography bland (I felt bad for the poor editor who seemed at a loss to shove the clunky shots together). But in the end, this movie still worked.

    It was a pleasure to spend two hours with these actors, especially the always witty and wonderful Sigourney Weaver. She gives the part weight without making it heavy, and she is well-supported by Robert Kline, Rebecca Henderson, Rob Delaney, and Morena Baccarin, all of whom turn in well-rendered performances. And in the end, all the pieces came together to make a satisfying story about people trying-some successfully, some not-to get through life's trials.
  • Willy-Nilly-VanIsle - 28 November 2022
    Couldn't watch the whole thing. Can't recommend.
    I don't typically review movies, but this one definitely rankled. The trailer for this movie looked promising. The movie itself was painful. The timing was off, the plot too thin and it just doesn't ever get off the ground. What's with Sigourney's character addressing the audience directly throughout? That rarely works. One would expect better content and a more robust script with some sharp and engaging dialogue, given the calibre of actor hired to deliver. I can not think of a reason that anyone would want to invest the time to watch this movie. Full disclosure: it is highly unusual for me to quit a movie part way through. Therefore I was surprised to find a number of glowing reviews posted here. Disappointed.
  • ayoreinf - 17 November 2022
    How many times can I say it - Comedy Drama - doesn't exist
    I really get sick and tired of the repeated use of this combination. I said it so many times in my reviews and again and again I get proven right. Have a look at this movie - it's a good movie so you won't regret it. But do tell me, - what's funny about it? A few snarky remarks said at the right point may make us snigger, or maybe even laugh for a second or two, but the movie has nothing funny in it. If every time we said something snarky, we were in a comedy, we'd all be living in a comedy. - We don't. At least most of the people I know, who do use sarcasm regularly, don't live in a comedy. They just live, simple plain life. This movie is once again - a life story, and like life it does have moments of fleeting humor. But the life story we see in this movie is not funny, in fact, it's rather tragic. I didn't say it was a tragedy - it was a life story a life story that rings true with real people in it. And real people don't often let themselves slide into tragedy they usually stop before the tragedy materialize.

    That's what we got here. A life story, with real characters. Well written characters. Superbly acted with the best performance I ever saw from Sigourney Weaver and some superlative acting from a few others. In my personal book, calling it a comedy is not just missing the point, it's plain offensive. So, go see this movie - it's definitely worth your time, but don't expect any comedy.
  • RebelPanda - 27 October 2022
    Melancholy yet Uplifting
    The Good House follows Hildy Good, a prominent realtor in Wendover, a fictional coastal Massachusetts town resembling Gloucester. Hildy knows everyone in town, as she's lived here all her life with family and friends. She speaks directly to the audience by breaking the fourth wall to offer background information and gossip on the main characters. The town of Wendover feels very lived in by the end, due to how each well developed character is acted excellently. Hildy's struggle with alcoholism is incredibly believable because her relatable excuses and nonchalant internal voice is convincing. This is largely due to Sigourney Weaver's stellar performance as usual. As the film progresses, it passes through comedy, romance, drama, and finally suspense. I laughed, cried, felt on edge, and finally the ending warmed my heart.
  • tdwillis-26273 - 24 October 2022
    A Rare Gem in These Days
    Ms. Weaver makes this role seem effortless. I totally related to her character.

    I have to search diligently these days, to occasionally find a gem of a movie, and this one is one of those special few.

    The acting, the story, the characters, the setting, the score,the camera work....everything, was authentic, beautifully and excellently executed.

    The only tiny thought I had, which did not lesson my enjoyment, was why they didn't go with a more authentic Maine accent. No big deal.

    A must see movie for those of us who are not entertained or much impressed with what is most popular of movie making these days.
  • BogdanH - 23 October 2022
    Failed to catch my attention
    Before I continue: not that I'm some fan of it, but I quite like romance/drama movies. And even better, if spiced with moderate humor.

    Ok, there's no doubt that S. Weaver and K. Kline are great actors -which also influenced my decision to watch The Good house.

    Now, I can't really say if the whole movie is good or bad .. because my "patience" ended at 31st minute of watching it. You know, I made my personal rule: if movie doesn't "engage" me in first 20 minutes, then it just isn't worth my time -so far, this works very well for me. Ok, I gave it additional 10min's, because I hoped... After I stopped watching it, I checked IMDb and see rating of 6.7 (which is good rating in my eyes). But then, I see only 715 people voted, and only 15 made a review. In short: this movie didn't really caught some attention.

    First 31 minutes... story doesn't develop at all. There's only narrative (by S. Weaver) introduction of characters (so we know, "who is who") -a great way to have movie content, without telling anything. I mean an average movie is about 90 minutes long -so don't waste the time!

    I'm probably not entitled to comment it, but my impression is, this movie was made for those, who dream (or can't forget) about their lost youth love... the possibility to spark again? I have nothing against such stories, though. It's just, this one starts very poor. Does it become better later? I really don't care anymore.
  • ops-52535 - 18 October 2022
    the revival of...
    An old genre of drama has appeared, very well carried on the shoulders of sigourney weaver and kevin kline, a drama about a realtor at the gold coast of massachusets, her relations to alcoholism , and a story about family concerns, and most of all a strange story about love when becoming grey by age..i will not elaborate much about the plot...

    other than mentioning the blased and relaxed acting by the cast, all of them manage the rule of their game, and i think mrs weaver delivers one of her best performances ever, dealing with a role like this which must be very difficult to act with such realism. Also a note on kevin kline...that man bewilders me of his goodlookingness. He was actually more grey and oldlookish back then when he did the eloquent acts of a cancersick architect in the film called''life as a house'' then he appears like 20 years later in this film ''the good house''. You were a clown 40 myears ago, but now youre a real superstar of mine.youre just eminent at the acting.

    So hereby i'm sold as the mansions over there in new england, its a sharp and sober look toward addiction and its kin, a well made movie that will give you a wakeup call whatever the grumpy old man says...