At the height of the Cold War, a troubled soldier forms a forbidden love triangle with a daring fighter pilot and his female comrade amid the dangerous surroundings of a Soviet Air Force Base.

  • Released: 2021-11-25
  • Runtime: 107 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, War
  • Stars: Tom Prior, Oleg Zagorodnii, Diana Pozharskaya, Nicholas Woodeson, Kaspar Velberg, Henessi Schmidt, Sten Karpov, Margus Prangel, Ester Kuntu, Jake Thomas Henderson, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Lauri Mäesepp, Karl-Andreas Kalmet, Markus Luik, Anatoli Tafitsuk, Carmen Mikiver, Imre Sooäär, Markus Habakukk, Jaanika Arum, Eduard Toman, Mari Lill, Anne Paluver, Märt Koik, Sergei Lavrentyev, Vladimir Nadein, Nils Mattias Steinberg, Mihkel Kabel, Ilja Toome, Kuldar Kristjan Kurg, Kaie Körb, Deni Alasaniya, Jonathan Tupay, Catherine Charlton, Britta Soll, Luule Komissarov, Timur Ilikajev, Eili Sild, Gerda Johnson, Aavo Pekri, Monika Jallajas, Vadim Sehvatov, Karl Markus Antson, Deniss Bogosjan, Artur Tjulenev, Romek Uibopuu, Gregory Kibus, Marge Sillaste, Silver Kaljula, Marek Rosenberg, Claus Mootse
  • Director: Peeter Rebane
  • leeeturner - 8 January 2023
    Tough acting
    The acting is stilted, the accent feels forced, and generally the majority of dialogue feels unnatural. It's hard to stay in a scene because the acting almost immediately takes you out of the movie with each odd gesture, turn of the head, or general interaction between characters. While watching you wonder: is this how people really interact? Then you wonder: ok is it the acting, the writing, or the directing? Something is very off, if not all three. Also, the pacing of the first 20 minutes is a bit weird as the relationship that blossoms between the 2 leads feels unearned in the initial stages.

    The leads are insanely handsome so that helps, but good lord this is a tough watch.
  • matouspudil - 17 August 2022
    Pure beauty
    I don't often write reviews, but this movie just deserves it. I was absolutely impressed by the camera and set, half of the movie looked like straight out of Maria Svarbova's photos. Attention to every detail, incredibly aesthetically pleasing, pure perfection and beauty. This will be the kind of a movie one can watch multiple times and always find something new.

    Otherwise, the plot is nothing totally special, but there were surprising moments and combined with the USSR / Cold War setting, the movie does bring a lot of novelty. And I appreciate the decision to shoot the movie in English, it's happening partially in Estonia, partially in Russia. I don't think I'd enjoy a movie in Russian, not speaking of the fact that actors are from various countries including the UK.

    So yes, for me pure beauty, despite the heartbreak, and I'm so glad there is a movie like this. One more reason to love Estonia.