Laura, traumatized by an abusive relationship, runs away from her former husband with her seven-year-old son Cody. But in their new, idyllic and remote sanctuary, they find they have another, bigger and more terrifying monster to deal with…

  • Released: 2022-05-13
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Christina Ricci, Santino Barnard, Don Baldaramos, Colleen Camp, Lew Temple, Carol Anne Watts, Peter Hodge, Nick Vallelonga, Sally Elbert, Rachael Edlow, Philip V. Bruenn
  • Director: Chris Sivertson
  • enzo_gd - 4 January 2023
    Good movie - I am giving 9 stars in order to balance the unfair low rating
    Thank God I did not pay attention to the score and started watching straightaway.. is an interesting story very well portrayed, good art direction and photography. Excellent music.. what else should I ask from a film ? I find annoying the fact that viewers should give such a low score.. is simply unfair !

    As others have mentioned here, this is a phycological thriller - not a horror movie - so, from that point of view is a very interesting story, I would have given 7 stars to be more precise, however I find very unfair the overall score based on the bad reviews some others have given, so I feel morally tempted to give 9 in order to help upgrade it a bit .. (hope it makes sense) Once again: This movie is worth watching !!!
  • johannes2000-1 - 2 January 2023
    Very entertaining, and Christina Ricci is absolutely great!
    I really do not understand the low rating here on IMDb, personally I was very much captivated by this movie! Cinematographically it's impressive, with beautiful photography, a flawless rendition of the 60's in styling, colors and musical score, and very effective CGI. This kind of story may be told several times before (lately I saw for instance "Goodnight Mommy" with a comparable premise), but why should that be a problem, if it's solid and involving and presented so flawlessly as here? So many know-it-all and smug reviewers sneered that they saw the major plot-twist coming miles ahead. Well, good for them, I was lucky to be so naive that it only gradually began to dawn on me, and even then it's fascinating to see how the writer and director intelligently moved towards that twist: the scene where the penny definitely dropped (the buzzing phone) was absolutely perfect! Another perfect aspect was the acting of Christina Ricci, she is great as the brave optimistic young mother that desperately clings to her child when things get rough. Ricci is 40 plus by now, but here she looks simply adorable and as fresh as a young woman of 25. Little Santino Barnard by the way does a great job too. In short: a very enjoyable movie, greatly recommended!
  • dagdonderend - 30 December 2022
    First of all, I would like to thank you for your effort, but I have definitely seen opinions that diverge, both in terms of category and expectation. It has nothing to do with a horror movie, and it's even scarier when the movie is projected as if it were a horror movie! . The chair I like the most from the actors .My suggestion to the director may seem a bit harsh, but he should not try to make a horror movie for the sake of it. If he tries harder to make a psychology genre film, he will get his money's worth.

    I'm giving 1 point for the cute little Cody who plays a role in this movie........
  • fluffchop - 16 December 2022
    Have to watch till the end
    Ok so I didn't actually enjoy this movie. It was just too slow and uninteresting. The kid was a total nightmare. I was going to turn it off. I persisted till the end. So all is revealed in the final scenes. Still pretty boring but it had a point to it. Not a very interesting point but it does have a conclusion. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't watch it again. I liked her car. Those Chevys were some of the most beautiful cars built in that era. I don't think the film benefited from having a twist. It really just spoiled the mood of the film. It gave it an ending but it was a shock to our heroines bliss.
  • henry8-3 - 9 December 2022
    Christina Ricci takes her young son to live in a new location, having apparently run away from an abusive / negligent husband. Each night a creature emerges from the lake by the house and goes after the young boy, who seems remarkably sanguine about the whole thing.

    Whilst this is not really that frightening and there is no real gore, it is an intriguing mystery, ideally suited to Ricci's persona. Whilst there are some clues and bewildering scenes in the first hour as to what the creature is after, they tend to come thick and fast in the last half hour as the fog starts to clear. Certainly not great, but interesting, if light-weight and overall better than I was expecting.
  • mstayah - 20 November 2022
    This movie deserves better reviews!
    I'm sad to see this movie has so many negative reviews, I truly enjoyed it. The story telling was beautiful and there were so many artistic undertones, I recommend everyone should at least give it a chance. While watching, be sure to look out for subliminal messages and hidden metaphors, it's worth watching for those reasons. Sure, it isn't what most would consider "HORROR," and that could be why some viewers may react negativily toward the film, it is more of a "Drama/Thriller." Christina Ricci is always amazing, some of her scenes in this film even brought me to tears. I'm happy to give it a 10/10!
  • twentyangel - 18 November 2022
    Not Horror but Fantasy/Psychological Drama
    They did this film a huge disservice by marketing it as horror. There is nothing in the fim that is remotely horror. There is a supernatural element but supernatural does not equal horror. If it had been marketed as fantasy or psychological drama an entirely different audience would view it. I believe that it would have much better reviews.

    Cristina Ricci, as Laura, does a superb job portraying the many different emotions that one experiences when enduring the circumstance that is the theme of the film. The scenery is well done using upbeat 1950's music and bright colors to depict how Laura views the world.

    Bring tissues.
  • SnoopyStyle - 24 October 2022
    twist and stakes
    It's seemingly 1950's. Laura (Christina Ricci) and her son Cody are moving into a remote Californian house. She is renting from the Langtrees (Don Durrell, Colleen Camp). She is troubled by unknown mental issues and an abusive ex-husband. She is also facing a monster from the waters.

    I'm revealing spoilers since I have to talk about the twist. It's a big part of my review. I do like an aspect of the twist. I like the present-day revelation. It's unexpected and fun. The bigger problem with the twist is that it has no stakes. There is no real danger involved. What's going happen if the monster gets her? Cody can't get any more dead. Laura's life needs to be in danger. Better still, she could put another person's life in danger. Somebody needs to be in danger. This movie has Ricci and that's pretty good by itself. With more care, this could be better.
  • baronoble - 22 October 2022
    Why is It so hard to do a period film ???
    From the first scene of Cody's bedroom that has a French daybed that is not period to the time or a boy's bedroom.... The same is for the entire movie sets all have props that are not vintage to the era !!! The wallpapers on the other hand are accurate as well as a few fabrics. The tv commercials are vintage !!! The cars the costumes but the ineptness's of the set decorator/ director and props people unaware that the props are not correct escapes my comprehension and ruined the movie for me from the beginning!!! I like Ricci and was disappointed about the sets and other issues!!! Also Cody is a bad actor!!!!! Thanks.
  • nrwmnkpsb - 18 October 2022
    I've seen much worse, but that doesn't excuse this film
    Christina Ricci is an amazing actress! I'm always glad to see her on screen, even in this film, and even if she has to carry it on her own. The flaw/weakness is actually in the story itself. I guessed pretty early on what the premise was and I was very close to right. Beyond that, the story is nothing new, especially for fans of horror/psychological dramas.

    The movie itself is well done, visually, and the actors certainly delivered their parts. It was just predictable which made the ending payout just meh. What I did enjoy was thinking back to moments in the movie that foreshadowed the ending. It was all there.

    I marked this as containing spoilers even though I don't specify just because I heavily hint at what it could be. Would I recommend watching it? Only if asked and even then I'd probably offer a bit of a disclaimer to not have too high of expectations.
  • mitpen - 15 October 2022
    Interesting simple story
    So this movie was pretty enjoyable. I didn't see the twist coming but I also knew nothing about this movie before I watched it.

    I was a bit confused in the third act (ending) but now having seen that ending, I guess it makes sense. Trying really hard not to do spoilers but I personally had a bit of sadness as the accident parallels a real occurrence in my life. So it hit me a bit harder then perhaps other parents.

    I feel like I should watch it again now that I know the ending; I did watch the trailer after watching the film and it made the movie make more sense.

    Overall it did a good job of building moments of tension and maintaining them for the most part. But it's not all that scary; although I have seen a lot of horror so I could be a bit desensitized.
  • Leofwine_draca - 13 October 2022
    Nothing going on
    MONSTROUS is another cheap, lame duck attempt at horror that fails to ignite the senses at any point in the proceedings, and screams generic right from the outset with the cliched tunes and set-up. Christina Ricci plays a single mother who takes shelter at a new community/refuge with her son after she can take no more of her husband's abuse. The place is populated by visibly aged actors like Lew Temple and Colleen Camp, but even worse, her kid says there's a sinister monster outside with designs on him. Clearly influenced by the likes of THE BABADOOK, this is a low-fi, low intent production with absolutely nothing going on.
  • plasmapilot-97398 - 13 October 2022
    This film took me back to my childhood, when horror was subtle & implied instead of relying on graphic, visual images that current horror films rely! The subtle, implied terror is much more dynamic than current representation of horror, because my imagination is more creative than the HOLLYWOOD idea of horror! I saw PSYCHO as a 7 year old at the drive in ( what were my parents thinking?) The constant references to the 50s are appreciated, because they remind me of a time when we .didn't lock our doors, but still enjoyed scary shows like TWIGHLIGHT ZONE, THRILLER AND OTHERS! Does anyone remember those idiotic appliance commercials? It was common to refer to a refrigerator as a FRIGIDAIRE.... I refused to respond. Typically I don't like period films, but this one hit the spot!
  • kosmasp - 12 October 2022
    Who's bad?
    I have to admit, I did not hear anything about the movie before I watched it. And I do like Christina Ricci - she may have taken a bit more than she could chew though. But back to the beginning - well if it is the beginning (another pun). Because obviously we do not go back to conception - this would be too much.

    But we do get a strained and weird relationship - and some real shockers! Again no pun intended - the scare (jumps) do work quite well. The effects are also really good. The story is decent too - though you may have issues getting everything. On the other hand, you may also be able to decipher major plot points and twists way before others ... including the main characters ... a nice little movie that could ... even if it did reach for the stars.