Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Once the booming home of pharmaceutical giant Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City is now a dying Midwestern town. The company’s exodus left the city a wasteland…with great evil brewing below the surface. When that evil is unleashed, the townspeople are forever…changed…and a small group of survivors must work together to uncover the truth behind Umbrella and make it through the night.

  • Released: 2021-11-24
  • Runtime: 107 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery
  • Stars: Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, Avan Jogia, Kaya Scodelario, Tom Hopper, Lily Gao, Holly de Barros, Chad Rook, Neal McDonough, Donal Logue, Janet Porter, Josh Cruddas, Sammy Azero, Marina Mazepa, Nathan Dales, Dylan Taylor, Carson Manning, Darren W. Marynuk, Stephannie Hawkins, Lauren Bill, Jenny Young, Matthew MacCallum, Pat Thornton, Pamela MacDonald, Nathaniel McParland, Aleks Alifirenko Jr., Kelly Reich, Jason Lee Bell, Amy Szoke, Kalie Hunter, Avaah Blackwell, Heloise Catherine Pead Galvin, Sophia Ann Pead Galvin, Andrea Ciacci, Lily Gail Reid, Daxton Gujral, Robert Chaumont, Jason Lee Bell
  • Director: Johannes Roberts
  • pudjo-dewo - 11 January 2023
    Miss understood
    I don't know why many give this movie a bad review, sure it's no Oscar worth movie but it a good fun zombie fest flick. I know The story is mediocre (what do you expect from a movie based on 90's video game) and the acting was also mediocre, but man the scenes were amazing, classing zombie horror flick... I know it's different than MillanJovovich's resident evil that is packed of CGI (specially on the later installments), this resident evil tries to do it old school, you can feel the classic zombie jump scare, the bloody gore mayhem.. it's all just fun to watch.. I hope the will make a sequel and have better storyline.

    And the way they tell the story has a potential for sequels.
  • catalinmarian-13885 - 9 January 2023
    Everything is so cheap!
    I'm not going to speak from the point of view of a Resident Evil fan, but I can't help but say that the movie is very, very bad! From special effects that look worse than those from the 90s to the story that he wants to capture from the games in a film of less than 2 hours, in short, it's a complete mess. But there is nothing worse than the empty characters, who have not the slightest connection with the ones in the games apart from their names, because of course every time they have to remember the movie who is who because they have no kind of connection, no more I'm talking about the acting, which is terrible. I don't know what was tried here, but it is clearly a joke and this is clear proof that they should leave this franchise where it belongs.
  • adamm-47831 - 9 January 2023
    Isn't bad, isn't good
    While Welcome to Raccoon City isn't bad, it just isn't great either. You can clearly see that the developers have a lot of love for the game franchise and do the best they can with a very low budget. None of that is enough though, especially will all the terrible special effects. They also, weirdly, decided to incorporate the first 2 games, presumably as they thought there wasn't enough script for a 90 minute movie. That is the movies biggest and major downfall as concentrating on the first game as a more darker horror would have worked much better. Especially with the correct casting choices.
  • Uriah43 - 5 January 2023
    Limited to a Degree by Mediocre Direction
    This prequel to the first "Resident Evil" film begins in Raccoon City with a young girl named "Claire Redfield" (Lily Gail Reid) waking up in an orphanage in the middle of the night because she felt somebody touch her while she was sleeping. Being rather inquisitive, she then walks down the dark corridors before finally being discovered by the head supervisor of the orphanage named "Dr. William Birkin" (Neal McDonough) who demands to know why she isn't in her room sleeping. Fortunately, her slightly older brother "Chris Redfield" (Daxton Gujral) just happened to notice her absence and manages to resolve the situation by explaining that she sometimes walks in her sleep. Satisfied with that answer, Dr. Birkin allows Chris to take her back to her room. The scene then shifts to several years later with "Claire" (now played by Kaya Scodelario) hitching a ride with a driver of a semi-truck one dark stormy night on her way back to Raccoon City. It's during this time that a mysterious woman walks right in front of the semi-truck causing the body to slam directly into the grill of the truck before being landing not too far away on the hard pavement. Naturally, being quite distressed by this sudden turn of events, both the truck driver and Claire immediately run over to the body lying bloody heap before them. However, upon arguing about what to do next, they neglect to see the zombified woman get up and retreat into the nearby woods. Recognizing the importance of reporting this to the nearest authorities, Claire is let off in Raccoon City and immediately goes to search for her brother--who just happens to work for the local police. Unfortunately, not long afterward, the two of them are separated again when a zombie epidemic breaks out and both Claire and Chris (now played by Robbie Amell) are forced to fight in order to survive. Now, rather than reveal any more, I will just say that this film started out rather well and continued to be quite entertaining until the last 30 minutes or so when the director (Johannes Roberts) tore a page out of Paul S. Anderson's playbook and chose to utilize CGI and action over tried-and-true techniques like horror and suspense. It's what unimaginative directors do when they can't think of anything else. Be that as it may, although the ending was somewhat disappointing, the overall film still managed to entertain to a certain degree, and I have rated it accordingly. Average.
  • nafisisgamer - 5 January 2023
    If this was not title Resident Evil, you would have no idea of what the heck is going on in this film. It's that empty and incomplete with very little substance. The acting is horrible and feels written for lack of character development, for example; every character has to introduce themselves by first and last name just so viewers know who they are. That's horrible!

    Let's hope the Netflix Resident Evil series do better than this!

    -------------------------------- Cgi was good but the acting and overall things were terrible.

    The cast, director, story. Everything in the movie was not well written and did not appeal to the vast people!
  • mf2812 - 5 January 2023
    This is by far the most faithful movie to the original PlayStation games and if you're pissed off with that then stick to playing Resident Evil 7 ,8, 9....god knows how many bad instalments have been brought to screen over the years. If you miss Alice & Co then go back to your Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovic movies and stop trying to educate the people who PLAYED Resident Evil 1 & 2. You weren't around, and by the way, neither was "Alice" in the first game. This has the mansion, the police station, the Redfields, Wesker and crew and Leon. PROPER Resident Evil characters from the original and best games of the series. Do your homework and stop whining about a movie that is actually like the games.
  • thewalkingpuns - 4 January 2023
    I thought it was good
    I thought this movie was pretty good. It was exciting to watch for one. Sure it is not as great as the mila jovovich ones but this movie as an origin of the outbreak is a good stepping stone and maybe even a sequal is possible. This movie got a few things right. The design for the police station and the mansion were spot on, they were given permission from capcom afterall. Now to the casting. First up is kaya scodelario as claire. An ok choice and she fight the role well being a badass and setting up her story in the beginning couldve been explored more. Her brother chris was played by robbie armell. An odd choice id saw but again he held his own but his character did seem a little flat compared to kaya. Our favourite rookie cop leon was portrayed by avan jogia. The only thing he resembled to leon was in the look of him. The mustache and build. He was still fine to watch but just ddint really remind me of him the same goes for wesker played by tom hopper. They both were good at fighting but he really did not remind me of him. We also have jill being played by hannah john kaman. She had the attitude of her down but again didnt remind me of her but other than that she was still good to watch. Lastly there was a surprise appearance by lilu gao playing ada wong. I really wish we got to see more of her, especially under her coat so I cant judge her but by apperance I feel she nailed it. If I had to say ada and claire were the best cast choices in the movie. The zombies had good effects to them which cant really be turned down. Overall it was a pretty good and entertaining movie. The cast were good for what they were and I hope for a sequal.
  • blu_crumbs - 2 January 2023
    Where were Leon Kennedy's golden locks?!
    This is a late review, and I am trying to remember the strengths of this movie, but I cannot remember anything. As a fan of the games, I understand that they tried to follow a mixture of the two Resident Evil games (RE2 & RE3) but it was horrible! The acting was average, but I was content with Kaya Scodelario acting as Claire Redfield and Robbie Arnell as Chris Redfield (even though I had specific actors in mind for the characters). However, I have to point out that they should have chosen someone who has similar features to Leon Kennedy (a lot of fans, including me, wanted to see the iconic Leon Kennedy hair flip), but maybe I am just too ambitious. I gave it a 3/10 because the movie was a disappointment and overall really bad. The undead from the Resident Evil series (2022) had much more potential and gore than this movie.
  • abedigithenya - 25 December 2022
    Mixes all manner of apocalypses into one
    I am not sure if this was supposed to a vampire, alien invasion, supernatural movie, or supernatural movie.

    There are elements to every type of movie. At the start, it seems like we are going to watch vampires, but what we got is a mixture of vampire, supernatural, and alien like creatures mashed into one.

    It is also not clear from the storyline how the creatures came to being, or why one of them became friends with the female main character, or why the whole city had to be destroyed while there were perfectly healthy people in it.

    Its an all round terrible movie and fails in the horror aspect entirely.
  • violentsuccess - 24 December 2022
    Hot smelly garbage
    I was extremely excited to see a more faithful version to the gameplay of the series in this movie. However, that excitement was immediately sucked out when the characters opened their mouths. If it were entirely sound effects and yelling, it would be better than this. Let me just say, I cuss... some say too much. I view it as the salt and pepper of language. When used strategically, it's an art form. When used the way in this movie, you're praying for the town to be nuked as soon as possible. The screenwriter obviously doesn't think much of his audience, or the English language for that matter, by the shear amount of nonsensical swearing in this beautiful movie. And while beautiful to look at, the dialogue immediately sinks any and all hope of being tolerable. You'd swear a 5th grade boy who learned new cuss words over the weekend wrote it. Watch on mute or prepare to be annoyed.
  • rllinlacs - 20 December 2022
    If you played RE 1 and 2 as a kid, you'll love it
    I have never cared for the Resident Evil movie franchise, at all. Having played the games before the movies started, the movies were pretty much separate from the games, capitalizing off the Resident Evil name only.

    This movie changes that, it is what the very first Resident Evil movie should have been. There are a lot of questionable decisions made, most obvious being the actors cast, but I was able to look past it and enjoy the movie for what it is. The start of it all.

    If you played Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 as a kid, you'll probably like it more than the average joe. The movie is basically Resident Evil 1 (takes place at the mansion) and Resident Evil 2 (takes place at the Racoon Police Department) combined into one story.

    They did a good job paying homage to the games, although it does feel super compressed. This could have been a 3 or 4 hour movie easily, a ton of details and lore are left out. The word T-Virus and G-Virus are said merely one time throughout the entire movie, and hardly explained, as the character who explains the lore and doings of the Umbrella Corp is killed off a minute after uttering the words T-Virus. I was disappointed they spent so little time at the Racoon police station, but seeing the front lobby alone had me saying "wow". It's iconic to me as RE2 was one of my favorite and most played games as a kid and the lobby was the most played area in the beginning. The movie even shows a couple of the puzzles as the diamond, heart, spade, and club keys make an appearance, although brief. The Licker also makes a showing. It was just a treat, I felt like a kid all over again.

    Despite it's shortcomings, it was a super nostalgic trip down memory lane and I enjoyed every single minute. It is by far the best game movie I've ever watched. It ain't perfect by any means, but I'll be watching it again and again.

    The movie is an 8 or 9 for me but I'm rating it 10 to offset all the ridiculously low ratings. Movie rating is such a subjective thing, clearly 90% of the people watching this, it ain't your thing, move on. No need to rate it 1 star and call it the worst movie in the world when clearly you need to go watch Shawshank Redemption (blech, snore) for the millionth time.
  • paulclaassen - 19 December 2022
    Yawn, please end it!
    There honestly was no need for this film to be made. Everything has been said and done in the 'Resident Evil' franchise and this is just a cash grab attempt at a reboot of a series that almost overstayed its welcome as it is.

    'Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City' adds nothing to the story line. This film suffers from underdeveloped characters I didn't root for at all, a boring premise, and so many inconsistencies that I sat there wondering how on Earth this script was greenlit. I'm not even sure who the main protagonist is - or the antagonist for that matter, apart from the zombies. Ah, and speaking of zombies, they were as passive and idiotic as they come. There was nothing exciting or frightening about these zombies.

    Set in 1998, Raccoon City is a ghost city "with only a handful of crew of the Umbrella Corporation" living there still, and "those too poor to move". Allow me to compose myself while I try to stop laughing! The film starts with young kids Chris and Claire Redfield in an orphanage. Later these two are supposedly the heroes when Claire returns to Raccoon City where Chris is now a cop. The opening back story didn't add anything to the premise, so it might as well have been omitted.

    Raccoon City is to be destroyed at 6am, so the film becomes a race against time. A Police team is sent to the Spencer Mansion, but I'm still wondering why and what it has to do with everything.... And in the midst of everything is a rookie cop named Leon, who is as pathetic a character as they come. This rookie cop doesn't even know how to handle a weapon!!! And he doesn't notice a truck blowing up right in front the police station!!! What the bloody hell???

    With all the characters and none I cared about I lost track of some of them. I mean, they were all over the place and had me confused as hell. And it was amazing how there's always someone to save the day at the very last moment! Yawn, it became so boring. The CGI effects were also not the greatest. 'Welcome to Raccoon City' is so incredibly inferior to the rest of the 'Resident Evil' films. If you're a fan of the 'Resident Evil' series, rather give this one a skip. You won't miss anything anyway.
  • frantzen79 - 15 December 2022
    Just why...?
    Why has got to be the question. You have a long running franchise where the movies got slightly worse every time a new one came out.

    Then new people decide to make an installment and thinks "how can we make it even worse?". Or at least that seems to be what they were thinking when making this turd of a movie.

    Admittedly i didn't last longer than halfways through it, it was just pure torment to watch.

    The script is terrible, the acting horrible and the editing is.... beyond words.

    How on earth does something like this pass test screening? And why even have them if something like this passes anyway?

    The Paul W. S. Anderson movies were masterpieces compared to this. That should say it all. Don't waste your time.
  • chaosesel - 8 December 2022
    No AAA Hollywood but still good
    Yes, its not a tripple A Hollywood movie, but still fun to watch.

    Story is Resident Evil 1&2 (Manor, Racoon City and Police Station) But onestly.. I wish they didn't combine the 2 parts in 1 movie.. The Story comes a bit to short in some cases.

    There some iconic showplaces from the games in the movie.. for example the truck start scene from RE2 or the Police Station main gate and reception.. garage with dogs (ok.. just 1 dog 😉) I never played RE1 for long.. just at a friends PS1 I didn't know if they catch the manson as good as the police station.

    So i guess all the 1 star raters are all hardcore Resident Evil (movie) fans and/or wanted to see Milla again 😂 For me is this the better RE movie.. because it gets closer to the game series.

    Acting was good.. Some effects are just mediocre (exploding fuel truck for ex.) Story also good but way to short.

    Bossfights are also to short 😂