Spoiler Alert

Journalist Michael Ausiello embarks on a rollercoaster ride of emotions when Kit Cowan,his partner of 14 years, is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

  • Released: 2022-12-02
  • Runtime: 110 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Ben Aldridge, Sally Field, Josh Pais, Antoni Porowski, Nikki M. James, Jeffery Self, Winslow Bright, Allegra Heart, Sadie Scott, Scott Burik, Supriya Ganesh, Eleni Yiovas, Shunori Ramanathan, Kate Pittard, Paco Lozano, Christine Renee Miller, Erica Cho, Brody Caines
  • Director: Michael Showalter
  • scotty-33340 - 7 January 2023
    A phenomenal performance and story of love, challenge and acceptance. A definite tear jerker, this film is not romantic per se but a real life story of two mature men in love facing seemingly insurmountable odds when faced with a grave illness. Sally Field is great in her supporting role. Jim Parsons is a strong lead but the true star is Ben Aldridge. His dreamy character is flawed yet very human and convincing as a man who's life is irrevocably changed when faced with very hard news. Fans off Queer Eye will recognize Antoni Porowski in a cameo role. A definite must see although bring a box of Kleenex.
  • shrjmfmth - 7 January 2023
    Beautiful romance
    My daughter and I watched this last night and absolutely loved it! It had adorable funny moments and of course the heartbreaking moments. I am 66 years old and married almost 47 years so I felt the loss from the mothers viewpoint - losing her child and also from a partners viewpoint. I didn't think of it as LGBTQ+ movie - I felt like it was just a beautiful love story where opposites attract and then sometimes heartbreak and tragedy gets sent your way. I loved how Sally Field showed her anger through someone cheating in a race instead of how unfair she felt it was her son had cancer. To me just a lovely but heartbreaking story.
  • subxerogravity - 4 January 2023
    Makes me feel bad that I did not see Bros.
    I'm not really into Romance or Romantic comedies but form what I have seen of this movie, if that is your thing than this works.

    I won't lie to you, there are no love scenes per say but the two male leads get hot and heavy at least twice and it was awkward for me cause this is not the type of porn I search for on the internet, but I have to admit the fact that this is a story about two men in love made it more interesting to see the relationship fan out. It's a typical love story given some flavor by the two male leads.

    Impressed to see something other than Sheldon Cooper come from Jim Parsons.

    Definitely Heartwarming. High scores all around.
  • zozo-94776 - 1 January 2023
    I Loved it!
    Although the story is very close to my own life experience, this is a beautiful love story. I've cried and cried and cried throughout. Don't get me wrong it is funny, sweet, It's no secret that the hero dies - courtesy of the 2018 memoir that the movie is based on, Michael Ausiello's "Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies" You need to know that Spoiler Alert is a terminal-illness romance. Jim & Ben are absolutely a delight to watch. This is one of their best performances. It is heartbreaking yet heartwarming if that makes any sense.

    I am surprised that the rating for this movie isn't above 8 -- it definitely deserves at least 9 Thank you for making such a beautiful film 😍😍😍
  • MrDeWinters - 27 December 2022
    Jim Parsons blank face makes it very difficult to engage in his character. He is not a character actor. The love scenes are unconvincing. They say opposites attract but here you cant help but wonder what do they see in each other. Especially someone as gorgeous as Ben Aldridge, we dont get to understand what he sees in Jim Parson. Jim Parsons is strangly lit and covered in make up in order to hide the 12 year gap between him and Ben Aldridge. Also the relationship with his parents was never explained. One moment they appear to be conservative and the next moment we hear from his dad they are super liberal. Overall better than expected but could have been a much better movie with a better character development and without Jim Parsons.
  • djcmnv - 26 December 2022
    Opened my eyes to the lack of acting ability
    Don't get me wrong here.. I loved The Big Bang Theory and thought Parsons was a great actor. I believed the part as Sheldon was made for him and his demeanor. I always thought he made the show what it was. That was until I watched this movie.

    This movie has a great story line with a bounty of emotional scenes that would overwhelm any viewer. Most of the actors fit well in their characters with the exception of Parsons. He just didn't fit.. I'm not sure if they purposely pulled character traits from Sheldon or if that is the only way Parsons can act. But the character just did not fit. Parsons needs to play another character in another film that is non-distinctive of the Sheldon character and play it well before I will once again believe he can truly act.

    At this point I feel he was offered a gold mine when he was offered the roll of Sheldon. But what I haven't seen is the ability for him to act outside of that character. I hope he ventures into something new in the future. I wish him well but I won't be lining up to watch anything he is in just because he is in it like I did this movie. I don't want another disappointment...
  • ops-52535 - 25 December 2022
    its a gay...
    Movie, and its a good gay movie, especially the second half, and its a great gay movie due to its solid acting cast, and it made me feel almost like i did when i was viewing ''torch song triology'' back in 1989, all except for the dragshowing that was the main theme there, they both share the subject of death and pass away and loss and grieving and a snotty and tearful end. And that is highly unusual deeds made in today gaymovie entertainment which has bend more over to the sexual stuff, the kiss and the closetfighting either its gay or lesbian or btq+ stories...

    therefore the grumpy traditional old man gives this a recommend, its biographical sting leaves you numb in the end.
  • gem2070 - 23 December 2022
    Beautiful love story...
    I had to watch this film after seeing the trailer, and I'm glad I watched it b/c I really enjoyed it. I, especially, liked the fact that even though they were together for so long, the showrunner didn't hide the struggles that every relationships go through, which is no relationship is perfect! Every relationships have their ups & downs, good days and bad. But no matter what the circumstances may be, what matters most is that they stuck together through to the end and accepted each other's flaws & mistakes.

    Even though they're complete opposites, it's not always about the exteriority that mattered, it was that they loved each other's inner being and withholding their commitment through sickness & in health till death parted them. It's obvious that they're love is true b/c they were able to survive the hardest of all hardships that a relationship can endure, especially in the darkest of days, like facing death.

    Like I stated before, this is a beautiful love story and I enjoyed it very much!
  • shawnjgongwer - 14 December 2022
    Heartwarming and heart-wrenching
    A masterclass in emotional turmoil, Spoiler Alert is the gay romantic dramedy millennials have been waiting for. Anchored by speculator performances with wonderful dialogue, this is a treat to witness. I loved every beat. I highly recommend trying your best to find a theater where you'll be the only one because tears will inevitably happen. Not quite sure why others here are saying something different, but as a 30 year old gay man, this touched my soul in ways other romantic dramas haven't. We need this kind of storytelling and I would highly highly encourage everyone to support this in the theaters so we get more.
  • brentsbulletinboard - 14 December 2022
    Nice Try, But Could Have Been Better
    When the outcome of a film is already known going in (in this case, so much so that it's more than apparent from its title, which is served up here with an all-too-obvious wink and a nod), the trick to making it compelling is to take a route to the destination that captivates and holds interest along the way. But, unfortunately, that's where this fact-based gay romance/comedy/drama comes up a little short. Director Michael Showalter's latest is a fairly formulaic tragic tearjerker that starts out rather conventionally and takes a little too long to get off the ground. Because viewers know what's coming, there's considerable nervous anticipation of what lies ahead, yet it's only when the narrative switches gears to that aspect of the story that the picture starts to get interesting. The film's concluding act successfully manages to earn the emotional response it seeks to evoke, but that's only one portion of an offering that takes its sweet time getting there. The emotional home stretch will indeed tug at the heart, but it's the sole sequence that brings out that response. The remainder of this offering is a mix of familiar turf with gay romantic tropes we've all seen before and humor that never really lives up to its potential (despite what the film's trailer would lead one to believe and some of which is more than a little forced). It's too bad that this release comes up somewhat wanting, especially given its truly touching portions and the fine performances of Sally Field, Bill Irwin and Jim Parsons in a role that finally establishes him as a TV star-turned-big screen actor who's worthy of the movie roles he lands. "Spoiler Alert" is by no means a bad film; it just could have been better at doing what it set out to do.
  • JankiSharma - 13 December 2022
    Love is unconditional
    The movie Spoiler Alert Directed by Michael Showalter( also directed among others movies The Eyes of Tammy Faye & The Big Sick) has once again chosen a nice story . Simple and likeable gay Michael Ausiello(Jim Parsons from TBBT) likes to be on his own after work and socializes very little. Michael takes a liking to Kit Cowan( Ben Aldridge) who is dancing in a gay bar with his female friend who likes to hang out with cute gay friends. Screenplay is simple and natural. The conversations and awkwardness of Michael, Kit and Kit's roommate Kirby when the relationship between Michael and Kit is questioned by Kit's mom Marilyn (adorable Sally Field) and dad Bob( Bill Irwin) is one of my favorite parts of the movie. The scenes in the restaurant when Michael sits across from Kit with both knowing the near future are exceptional. Sleeping under the Christmas tree with hopeful wishes is beautifully done. Sally Field as the mother who is extremely hurt and vocal because her son did not expect her to understand his sexual orientation and her maternal love for her child are depicted very well. Jim Parsons , Ben Aldridge , Sally Field along with a good screenplay and excellent Direction have made 1hr52 min movie very likeable.
  • dwr246 - 13 December 2022
    What Happens When Happily Ever After Meets Terminal Cancer
    I've been waiting for a gay romance that I could really identify with: one with likeable protagonists who form a loving relationship and aren't tortured about their sexuality. This film checked all of the those boxes for me.

    Based on Michael Ausiello's book, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, the film depicts the author's relationship with his husband Kit Cowan. The two meet when Michael (Jim Parsons), who works as a journalist for TV Guide, accepts an invitation from his coworker, Nick (Jeffery Self) to go out clubbing. Michael, a self proclaimed "former fat kid" is out of his element at the club Nick takes him to, but eventually, he locks gaze with a handsome man on the dance floor, who comes over and introduces himself as Kit Cowan (Ben Aldridge). The two strike up a friendly conversation, and Kit reveals that he is a photographer. Eventually, Kit induces the shy, bookish Michael to join him on the dance floor. Taking a break from dancing, the two are starting to look like they might leave the club together when Kit's friend, Nina (Nikki M. James) drunkenly interrupts them, and then proceeds to get sick. Kit apologizes and is getting to leave to take Nina home when Michael, thinking quickly, gives Kit his card, not really expecting to hear from him again. Much to Michael's surprise, Kit does call him again, and the two embark on a somewhat cautious courtship, awkwardly working their way through their first sexual encounter, where Michael's body image threatens to derail the entire process, and Kit's first visit to Michael's apartment, where Kit is shocked to find every surface is covered with Smurf memorabilia. Still, they persevere until Kit comes down with appendicitis, and his parents (Sally Field and Bill Irwin), to whom he is not yet out, come to visit. Causing Kit to beg Michael to "de-gay" his apartment. Michael somewhat hesitantly does so. And the ruse works until Kit's mother catches wise when Michael offers to get some sheets for her and her husband. She demands to know who Michael really is, and Kit comes out to his parents, introducing them to his boyfriend at the same time. Fortunately for both Michael and Kit, Kit's parents are less upset about Kit's sexuality than they are that Kit hasn't already told them. Kit and Michael then move into an apartment together. Decorate their first Christmas tree together, and take a picture in front of it, setting up the pattern by which they mark time in their relationship for the next thirteen years, until they announce to their friends over Christmas dinner that they have decided to temporarily separate due to issues in their relationship. However, as Kit is leaving the apartment, Michael notices that something is wrong with him, and Kit reveals that he hasn't been feeling right, and he will be visiting the doctor tomorrow to find out what is wrong. Michael asks to be kept in the loop, and when the diagnosis is revealed, it brings about changes in their relationship that few could have predicted.

    Michael Ausiello was heavily involved with the making of the film, so one supposes that the storytelling is pretty accurate. And Ausiello does and excellent job telling his story, creating characters that you care about and route for, and along the way exploring how relationships start, stop, and deal with crises. He shows his own interest in television by using the medium of a fictious family sitcom to divulge information about his past, a device that is slightly overused. He also makes the somewhat odd choice of pulling out of the story at the moment of Kit's death to depict it as part of a series and Kit as an actor in it who is being interviewed by Michael to help show Michael's acceptance of what is happening. It works, but it plays with the momentum of the story arc in an odd way. In the end, he posits a somewhat unusual take on happy endings and happily-ever-afters.

    The acting is first rate, which is little surprise, given the cast assembled. Jim Parsons once again proves himself to be an actor with great range, giving a totally believable performance as a nerdy, shy young man who comes into his own as a result of his relationship and his ability to care for his ailing partner. Ben Aldridge plays Kit with charm, charisma, and a commitment that make you route for him even when his behavior is somewhat questionable. Sally Field play Kit's mother with considerable charm and clear-sightedness. And Bill Irwin is stalwart in his portrayal of Kit's father. The supporting parts are equally well handled, resulting in a film without a weak performance.

    Visually beautiful, the film uses New York City as a backdrop for the story, taking side trips to the Jersey Shore and rural Pennsylvania that are equally visually appealing.

    The overall message, that life goes on after "and they lived happily ever after" is a very powerful one, so no relationship really can ever live happily ever after since one of the partners must die at some point, unless they break up. Ausiello opts instead for exhorting us to celebrate the here and now, which he does with great success as he tells his story.

    This is a film that will make you laugh (frequently), make you cry (unashamedly), and ultimately make you glad you came along for the voyage. Many thanks to Michael Ausiello for sharing his story with us.
  • nicolasroop - 13 December 2022
    Fantastic look at a genuine homosexual relationship!
    Most LGBTQ movies you see are riddled with stereotypes, sex and falsehoods. This is one that doesn't fall into those things, but shows you a genuine adult homosexual relationship and how it truly is. The good times and the hard times, this film doesn't pull it's emotional punches. Bring tissues, you will need them for the final act that, while sad, isn't meant to he spirit breaking. Instead, I felt it was uplifting. While it does get off to a rocky start by just throwing us into this story, it quickly grows on you after the initial start. I don't particularly care for Jim Parsons but I felt he was perfect for the role and the chemistry he eventually attains with the other lead is palpable and felt. Highly recommended, as it's one of the most true to life depictions of a gay relationship.

    4.5 heartbreaks out of 5.
  • GreatestArtform - 12 December 2022
    Amazing, epic, brilliant.
    Finally a big budget film that doesn't mock or create more stereotypes within the queer community. This is a heartfelt touching film. Finally they get the idea write a script, and then don't focus on who the characters are gender or sex wise just cast great actors. This is a smart realistic portray of a couple. Who both happen to be male. It is great for the community and it's a step forward. But in general far beyond that this is purely beautiful work of art. It's sad that it took this long comment to understand one that a couple can be male or female and have love and compassion for each other but two on a business end of it this is a huge area of Finance why a company wouldn't have done this earlier I don't know. Now there are thousands of independent future films and short films which are just the same as this. But it's nice to have a bigger budget film finally put this to screen and into theaters. It needs that support for the fact that it's just a beautiful film. And of course for the fact of helping the queer community and not looking down at them.