Hutch Mansell, a suburban dad, overlooked husband, nothing neighbor — a "nobody." When two thieves break into his home one night, Hutch's unknown long-simmering rage is ignited and propels him on a brutal path that will uncover dark secrets he fought to leave behind.

  • Released: 2021-03-18
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Bob Odenkirk, Aleksey Serebryakov, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside, RZA, Colin Salmon, Billy MacLellan, Araya Mengesha, Gage Munroe, Paisley Cadorath, Aleksandr Pal, Humberly Gonzalez, Edsson Morales, J.P. Manoux, Adrian McLean, Ilya Naishuller, Sergey Shnurov, Joanne Rodriguez, Stephanie Sy, Megan Best, Paul Essiembre, Kristen Harris, Destini Boldt, Erik Athavale, Boris Gulyarin, Neven Pajkic, Sharon Bajer, Frederick Allen, Jim Kirby, Daniel Bernhardt, Alain Moussi, Alan Wong, Yulia Guzhva, Vladimir Levkovsky, Dasha Naishuller, Thomas Soares, Stephane Jullien, Meaghan Ann De Werrenne-Walle, Robert Heinamaki, Brent Alarie, Adam Hurtig, Darya Charusha
  • Director: Ilya Naishuller
  • 851222 - 5 January 2023
    Bloody and entertaining
    Greetings from Lithuania.

    Nobody (2021) was a very bloody, gory and supbly made action flick with very good lead performance by Bob Odenkirk. I had no idea that this movie had so much bloody and gory action - and I loved it. It's what John Wick 4 hope will be. The story itself wasn't anything special, yet it was effective. Some strong supporting characters were also effective.

    Overall, Nobody was a superbly made not a big budget but very effective action flick. It's like John Wick but on a smaller scale but way more bloody. I would love to see a sequel to it, because I liked this one very much.
  • tfsnxnvq - 6 December 2022
    Nobody should watch it.
    If you are a remedial teenager so strung out on hormones that you enjoy a formulaic, plodding, predictable plateful of insipid pablum to feed your never-growing brain whilst polishing your proverbial carrot for population paste (thus reducing the probabilities of more Darwin Awards for future beefed brained imbeciles) then this, this is indeed the movie for you. If a greed-driven display of nonsensical cartoonish violence and that further numbs the already catatonic American suburban male brain, while concurrently and paradoxically feeding it delusions of grandeur a la The Gravy Seals or Meal Team Six then this, this is your masterpiece; this is the film for you.

    Enjoy. Remember the chip dip and soda.