DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets

When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto the Super-Dog must convince a rag-tag shelter pack - Ace the hound, PB the potbellied pig, Merton the turtle and Chip the squirrel - to master their own newfound powers and help him rescue the superheroes.

  • Released: 2022-07-27
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Animation, Family
  • Stars: Olivia Wilde, Jemaine Clement, Daveed Diggs, John Early, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch, David Pressman, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, Vanessa Bayer, John Krasinski, Diego Luna, Natasha Lyonne, Kate McKinnon, Jameela Jamil, Marc Maron, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, Kevin Conroy, Dascha Polanco, David Pressman, Sean Lee, Alfred Molina, Lena Headey, Keith David, Busy Philipps, Dan Fogler, David Pressman, Maya Erskine, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alfred Molina, Lena Headey, Keith David, Busy Philipps, Dan Fogler, Winona Bradshaw, David Pressman, Sam Levine, Jared Stern, Michelle Morgan, Amanda Ames, Gavin McCrillis
  • Director: Jared Stern
  • fthkgdcc - 10 January 2023
    The Kids loved it
    They were deeply fascinated by this superhero/animal world. I also found some funny jokes for adults. It was all entertaining and thus we liked it. I always think that the Warner Animation Group films are underrated. I prefer to watch something like this over the zillion minion flicks there are. I have to praise the lively voice actors and the script that is "intelligent, exciting and very funny"! So I would recommend every family to watch this film. Another win for Jared Stern! I only dislike that they don't really found a unique animation style like into the spider verse for this. I really liked the sequence at the beginning and they style of it where in krypto retells his jealousy of Louis Lane.
  • liamusforthewin - 26 December 2022
    A funny and exciting adventure!
    I wanted to see the movie last summer after seeing the trailer. I missed it when it was at the theaters, but my dad bought me the Blu-ray Disc, and we watched it for the first time on Christmas. The movie was as good as I expected, and my dad liked it as well.

    It was a funny and exciting adventure that combines the classic Superman story with elements that are more appealing to the younger crowd. Any DC fan should like it. Plenty of laughs and excitement, great entertainment for the whole family. First-rate animation and great voice acting.

    In addition, the Blu-ray Disc contains a full load of bonus materials that enhance the experience of the movie.
  • ssr2000 - 26 December 2022
    league of brilliance
    As a 90s kid who has seen the cartoon series of Superman and his super dog... from that to this it's beyond brilliant Jared stern you knocked it out.the animation is top notch to go with the story and the way it's presented.

    The chemistry between rock and Kevin was utilised very well.

    Really good for adults as well as kids.. everything came together for this thing to work.the justice league was a little mild and stupid but that's how it had to be for the title stars to rock the movie and make it count.from the villain to each supporting role was just so much funthe movie had fun written all over it.
  • amwilburn-60131 - 19 December 2022
    DC League of Super Pets (2022) was surprisingly decent. It is still an animated film aimed at kids, but unlike really dumbed down fare aimed *solely* at kids, adults will find something to like here as well. Especially Keanu Reeves as Batman (Reeves elevates any role he takes), but both Kevin Hart & Vanessa Bayer give really good performances (normally not a fan of the latter because everything she did on SNL outside of Miley Cyrus felt like she was just playing herself, but first Brooklyn 99 and now this show she *can* act)

    Visually they did skew this a bit younger, and unlike visual powerhouse animated films like Spiderverse or Disney, this looks painful simplistic and undetailed. Everything looks almost gouraud shaded, with no specular highlights or reflections, giving everything a soft vague look.

    Still entertaining 7.7/10, B.
  • mjocabed-34905 - 27 November 2022
    Kid approved!!!
    First of all adults should not be reviewing a kids movie.

    Secondly my kids found it funny and entertaining as heck.

    It's funny and action packed. Isn't the kiddos who these movies are for?

    So 10/10 from my children. Ages 11 and 6 and they're boys who can't sit still.

    Sometimes you have to appreciate movies that are easy, the ones that please the young and older crowd. Honestly for anyone who has kids, the moment you hear the laughter and enjoyment coming from your kids, the movie is worth it.

    My boys barely sit still, this movie is two thumbs up us the parents, because honestly we all laughed together!!!!
  • TxMike - 19 November 2022
    Enjoyable animated Super Pets movie.
    First off, I believe this is the first time a Superman story deviated from his origin story. In this one baby Kal El has a pet puppy, at the very last split second before the lid of the baby's space ship is closed for launch the puppy jumps in with him. Both of them travel to Earth together. (I found myself wondering how dirty that diaper would get over the course of the long voyage!)

    Fast forward to modern days, Superman has a dog companion, Krypto. Naturally he has super powers, flight, strength, x-ray vision, things like that. He and Superman are crime-fighters. But Lex Luthor is still the nemesis and in this story he is aided by a cunning Guinea Pig that wants to get out of her cage and become a super villain herself.

    The story also introduces something I had never encountered, orange Kryptonite which can make a mere Earth mortal imbued with certain super powers. Very soon a number of animals that had been in cages in a pet store are now out and battling for Super Supremacy.

    This being a Superman movie the ending is pretty standard but it is fun to see all the action and how they arrive there. Even though it is a movie, and animated at that, I still cringe when I see buildings destroyed in the manic chases. The voice-acting is genuinely first-rate across the cast.

    My wife and I watched it at home on DVD from our public library.
  • ar_jake-122-466213 - 15 November 2022
    a charming and enjoyable family movie
    I rarely recommend animated movies but here's one film that i really enjoyed. Watched this with my kids and they loved it, too. It rekindled the kid in me and probably stirred that superhero geek I have been hiding. Lol. Probably because of the genius idea of making a story around DC superheroes' pets - Making it an origin story that builds up on known superhero as side characters and propels it to a great plot using lovable pets. The comedic scenes were effective. The characters were cleverly built. Basically, it's just something that you and your family will enjoy watching together on a Friday night.
  • TheMysteriousReviewer - 10 November 2022
    The DC Version of Secret Life of Pets
    At first, I have set my expectations pretty low mainly due to how it looked like a Secret Life of Pets clone. It hasn't surprised me much, but wasn't a bad movie either. DC League of Super-Pets is an okay animated superhero movie that its purpose is just a way to make as a kids version of Justice League. On one hand, it is a Secret Life of Pets clone due to a predictable story, some of the weak characters, and jokes that are at best hit and miss. On the other hand, it was able to have fun moments with good animation, enjoyable action that gives some charm from the DC superheroes, and a great heart that comes to the right place as the movie would be about human-animal buddies. The purpose with this movie is for the kids to introduce them to Justice League superheroes we know and love since let's be honest, they won't fully get the live-action superhero movies yet. As for DC fans, even for those that are animal lovers, I would watch this at least once. The most I'll probably get from this is this is Warner Animation Group's version of Secret Life of Pets but with superheroes. But at least it tried with Krypto having his own movie.
  • The-Sarkologist - 3 November 2022
    The Tale of Superman's Dog
    This was one of those films that I pretty much would have ignored, except that I suddenly realised that my brother likes superhero films, and also animals, so what better film to take him to see but a film about animals that happen to be superheroes. Okay, this is basically a kids film, but with a lot of these types of films there is quite a bit of adult content in it as well, no doubt to keep the adults entertained despite the fact that it is targetted towards children.

    Anyway, the film is about Krypto, who happens to be Superman's dog. It turned out that when Superman was sent off from Kyrpton, his dog decided to go with him, and he has grown up with superman, as well as having similar powers. The problem is that Superman has got to the point where he is falling in love, which basically means that Krypto is taking a back seat to Lois Lane.

    Anyway, what happens is that Lex Luther attempts to drag a meteor containing orange kryptonite to Earth - the difference being that orange kryptonite gives normal people superpowers. However, they stop him but parts of the meteor fall into an animal shelter and falls into the hands of Luther's abandoned guinea pig, who suddenly gains superpowers. However, so do the other animals, though unlike the guinea pig, they are a bit hesitant to use it.

    This is fairly typical of a lot of superhero films that I have seen, though of course one does need to keep the plot rather simple for the children to be able to enjoy it. Basically the Justic League all get imprisoned so it is up to the pets to rescue them. The problem is that Kyrpto has lost his powers, and the friends that he has made either don't know how to use theirs, or have issues that they have to overcome. Yeah, this is also a theme that seems to be prominent in a lot of films, and that is overcoming your weaknesses and thus saving the day.

    As I mentioned, it wasn't all that bad, and there were some interesting parts to it as well. Sure, it isn't a part of the DCEU, but that probably shouldn't surprise anybody. It is fairly stock standard, but as I mentioned, that pretty much is also to be expected. Still, I rather enjoyed it, even if the first part was a little slow, and also the fact that Lex Luther is pretty much my least favourite Superman villain (and honestly I don't know of any others, which says something). However, it is probably worth watching, and is rather enjoyable.
  • thesar-2 - 1 November 2022
    Another Underdog
    What the DCEU needs now: a parody. Well, of sorts.

    Finally! I can see this. Been waiting like a month since it came to HBOMax. I generally choose to only watch horror in October, and now that it's November...I regret I waited. I loved this. WAY more than I had expected. Granted, my expectations were neither high nor low.

    In a twist, Superman has a partner in this universe and that's his dog, Krypto. Unfortunately, Krypto's rather jealous of Lois, but forget all that. When Superman & the Gang are kidnapped, Krypto's gonna put his paw down and make his own animated version of Cats & Dogs.

    For the most part, this is all-ages, including and mostly the humor - though some humor really did land for me and made me LOL. But, then they make A Nightmare on Elm Street reference not too far after bleeping out an F-bomb. Not that I was offended, but it did kinda misstep the tone/audience.

    This was way better than it deserved to be, and it was more fun than you'd expect. It's no Incredibles, though it is almost as long. (Yes, that's a gripe. No horror or animated movie should be longer than 90 minutes.)

    I've seen better, but I've seen WAY worse live action, so this is totally recommended. And make sure watch the 2 mid-to-post credit scenes. (I'm not a fan of these, but every once in a while, they strike gold.)


    Final Thoughts: Though... Why did they need to add the DC to "DC League of Super-Pets?" Is anyone gonna mistake this for Marvel or any other brand? Kinda hate that they did that. (And yes, I know Marvel did the same for their first Avengers movie. In their defense, they needed to separate it from that British Spy TV show-turned-90s-movie.)
  • LiveLoveLead - 30 October 2022
    Super Disappointing!!
    Thought this would be a fun kid film that adults would also enjoy. I feel it fell short in both departments. As a parent I didn't like the intentional bleeped out cursing, which of course was obvious what word they "censored". What was the point of having this in a kid's film? It made no sense and it wasn't even funny nor fit the script/character. As a kid's film it was average, kids love animals but it's not super funny, or entertaining enough to hold kid's full attention throughout, and wasn't amusing enough to want to watch multiple times. The script was disjointed, super childish/bathroom humor in parts and other parts too adult for a kids movie. Except for a couple, most of the jokes didn't land well. The "villain" was corny and over the top. They, of course, had to make noticeable efforts to please all cultures/identities by changing the race and/or sex of well established superheroes, along with a few other forced additions. As an adult the storyline was tedious, predictable, and sometimes annoying. On the plus side, the actors/voices were great, loved "squeaky Bruce" and Batman scenes, and although it got boring in the middle I enjoyed the ending and I was wishing the entire movie had of been done as well as the ending. Although I didn't hate it, I wouldn't recommend it. This could have been so much better with some clever tweaks but its not even close to the caliber of films like, The Incredibles, The Mitchell's vs The Machines, Sing, Zootopia or Minions...which are good examples of how to make an animation movie enjoyable for both kids and adults, In My Humble Opinion! Note: stay for 2 post credit scenes, one at the very end.
  • cruise01 - 29 October 2022
    Fun family film that all will enjoy.
    3 out of 5 stars.

    Dc League of Super Pets is a fair superhero family film that is fun for the kids and adults. If you are into superhero films with animals this would be the movie for you. It is cute and fun. It may not be as memorable and film worth watching again. Kids will love it.

    The plot is thin and forgettable. The animation is colorful and striking. The script and humor does provide endless entertainment that adults will get with its references to other superhero films. It does have some entertaining fun action that everyone will enjoy.

    The voice cast ensemble is good. Dwayne Johnson did great with the lead role. This film is definitely worth the watch if you care about seeing pets taking over as superheroes. There is a fun post credit scene that gives a nod to another dc film.
  • daveditch-53291 - 27 October 2022
    Suspend reality , just sit back and enjoy.

    This film is entertaining on all levels. Primarily aimed at kids most adults with a sense of humour will find themselves sniggering away at times. Its a well made slick production with nods to various things and of course has a happy ending which has the potential to lead right into the sequel. Don't want to post any spoilers bit there's the usual spectrum of cute and or witty characters , villain, side kick , acolytes the lot . Good clean fun .

    Don't leave the cinema before the credits finish or you will miss the true end of the story .

    Highly recommended .
  • espinozanico - 23 October 2022
    Subverted my expectations.
    When I saw the trailers for this movie I was a bit skeptical. I remember the "Krypto the Superdog" cartoon from when I was a kid and was glad to see it getting a movie. However, the trailers made it seem like just a generic kids movie.

    Although, after watching the movie in theaters, a few weeks after it came out, I am happy to say that it surprised me. The movie was really fun, cute, and very clever at times. It had a surprising amount of innuendos. Most of them involving the horny turtle. There were many inside jokes for DC fans. Throughout the movie there is joke after joke. While not all of them land, you do get one every so often that does. I like how everything starts out very mundane and then gradually gets more crazy as the film goes on.

    The voice acting is also pretty good. Dwayne Johnson brings a lot of optimism to Krypto. Krypto is very guileless in the movie. Kevin Hart is doing his usual Kevin Hart thing, though his character did have a very sad backstory. Kate McKinnon is very entertaining as the evil Guinea Pig. John Karinski and Keanu Reaves do a fine job as their respective superheroes. And Ben Schwartz has proven again to be a great voice actor. One of my favorite characters is Lex Luthor's assistant. She's very edgy and is not having any of it.

    My biggest problem is that the ending is a bit drawn out. Something happens that feels like it's the climax and the movie should be wrapping up. But it turns out there is still a little bit more movie left. The pacing is also a bit weird at times. And I feel like Krypto and Ace could've had more interactions. Superman and Batman's dog going a "buddy comedy" adventure sounds like a really entertaining idea, but there are also three other less established animals who take up a lot of screen time.

    DC League of Super-Pets is a very fun watch. Kids will enjoy the action and cute animals. And teenagers and adults will enjoy the snarky humor. Definitely recommend it for everybody.