Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing

Abandoned by her family, Kya raises herself all alone in the marshes outside of her small town. When her former boyfriend is found dead, Kya is instantly branded by the local townspeople and law enforcement as the prime suspect for his murder.

  • Released: 2022-06-23
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery
  • Stars: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Taylor John Smith, Harris Dickinson, Michael Hyatt, Sterling Macer Jr, David Strathairn, Ahna O'Reilly, Garret Dillahunt, Jayson Warner Smith, Jojo Regina, Eric Ladin, Joe Chrest, Logan Macrae, Luke David Blumm, Charlie Talbert, Jojo Regina, Jayson Warner Smith, Billy Slaughter, Sterling Macer Jr, Robert Larriviere, Caroline Cole, Bill Kelly, Blue Clarke, Sarah Durn, Suzette Lange, Jerri Tubbs, Mike Harkins, Wyatt Parker, Taylor Shurte, Elton LeBlanc, Michael Wozniak, Grace Hinson, Will Bundon, Emma Willoughby, Michael A. Newcomer, Patrick Nicks, Brad Blanchard, Steve Kish, Jerri Tubbs, Lillian Dorsett, Anna Kabis, Zoey Reid
  • Director: Olivia Newman, Olivia Newman, Olivia Newman
  • aab874 - 13 January 2023
    Catherine Danielle "Kya" Clark (Daisy Edgar-Jones)
    Favorite scene with

    Catherine Danielle "Kya" Clark (Daisy Edgar-Jones) - Confronted by Chase. After an argument ensues, he attacks her, beating her and attempting to rape her. She fends him off and loudly threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave her alone. BTW #1, I Loved this Movie! BTW #2, Produced by Reese Witherspoon, it's a Very Beautiful and Very Haunting Film that leaves you Guessing up until The Very End. Just when you think it was either a Very Tragic Accident or an Unsolved Murder, the Truth is Revealed. BTW #3, I Love that this Film was a Period Piece. BTW #4, This Film is Up There with some of my other Favorites of a Similar Nature - The Help, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Driving Miss Daisy.
  • madhurabhargave - 13 January 2023
    Wasted opportunity
    The book is beautiful, the movie is superficial. Kya is shown way more sophisticated in the movie. Her crouching behind shrubs is forced and fake, her poker face doesn't feel like it gives her any depth. The mystery of her trip to Greenville is poorly treated in the movie. You just don't get any depth as compared to the book. I'm sad after watching the movie.

    Honestly, I felt like the movie expected you to have read the book. Kya had a beautiful relationship with Jodie earlier, that's lost here. The only thing that I think they did well was the father's behaviour. Everything else felt superficial and forced.
  • albertval-69560 - 10 January 2023
    Crawdads Don't Sing. But What a Beautiful Story.
    For sure, we have watched countless coming-of-age stories of marked by difficult circumstances. In this film, one feels the lead character might as well be marooned in a desolate island.

    Splendid performance by Daisy Edgar-Jones. Her portrayal as Kya who is abandoned by her loved ones when still a child exudes restraint and nonchalance amidst all the negative emotions she must be feeling growing up by herself in the wetlands.

    That she becomes what she is as a young woman isn't surprising at all. Daisy embodies all these bottled-up emotions even as her character Kya encounters love, betrayal, anger

    The cinematography is beautiful. Shots of the marshlands are so well-made, so crisp. These might as well be postcards. And the camera work captures the range of emotions of the characters as they interact with each other.

    The twist at the end might have caught some viewers off-guard. Great screenplay by Lucy Alibar.
  • taisou108 - 10 January 2023
    A Story of a Woman Who Falls to Satan's Temptations
    The pace and story at first was a steady riser. Somewhere around two thirds of the movie, it got very slow and full of too much exposition. All the men in this movie were either idiotic or violent. Kya (the movie's protagonist) eventually becomes worse than the abusive man she has a long term relationship with by murdering him. Chilling in the sense that, in the end, the murderer gets away scot-free and evil wins the day. It's pretty much a reverse, "To Kill a Mockingbird." Once you realize this, it makes for a less special, and even lazy story (it even takes place in the south too!). All in all I recommend you skip this.
  • danielgfarrellsr - 9 January 2023
    Odd, hard to believe story but is pretty good with great acting
    Can't believe a 9 year old can survive by herself in the marsh lands, but once you get past the disbelief, it seems to be a pretty decent movie. The actors all did a great job to make the 60's believable. Well written story and delivered very well. Kudos to a two hour movie that didn't waste my time.

    I especially liked the location chosen for the movie. Beautiful scenery and great colorful shots.

    I didn't read the book but certainly can understand why it was on the best sellers list.

    Daisy Edgar-Jones did a great job playing the role of Kya Clark. I can see her as an upcoming actor. Taylor John Smith offered a great supporting role.
  • nguyenhieulong - 9 January 2023
    Bring different view of the US to me
    The scene and details of this adaption bring a completely different view of the US. This shed lights on the lives of people living deep in the nature, in this case, swamp. I think the portray of Kya is wonderful, pure, and earthy in nature.

    I think the plot is subtle but unique. The nature scenes make up for the slow-paced narration of Kya's childhood. The narration is rather plain and too clean, lacked enthusiasm and punch. The plot twist at the end I think is suitable for the flow and nature of the story.

    Overall, a very good movie, maybe better for a niche type of audience who enjoy natural scene, or living different lives in the rural and the city.
  • UniqueParticle - 8 January 2023
    Very enjoyable adaption
    One of the sweetest, beautiful, and brilliant stories about a woman named Kyra that lives out in the wilderness falls in love despite being neglected by society most her life. I don't read books but this is very well filmed throughout! Daisy Edgar Jones is dazzling to watch in anything especially in Fresh that was completely different and disturbing. Where the Crawdads Sing is excellent and nice that Taylor Swift is nominated for her original song. I have trouble describing the movie but it's truly wonderful, engaging and has a great flow. I probably could've seen in the theater I'm glad I waited regardless id highly recommend it!
  • gameofthronesandme - 8 January 2023
    Reminds me of Terence Malik style
    I think this dazzling display of eyes will stick with me for a while

    He managed to make me cry, he was emotionally attached to Kaya

    The film presents society's view of the difference of one of them, so society looks at him in a low light. Kaya remains oppressed at every moment in her lonely, miserable life.

    When I watch a movie about a person's life, I often feel bored, but I never felt bored at any point in this masterpiece

    It's a character study in an amazing way

    All the characters in the film are impressive and were exploited wonderfully, even if one of them appeared in only two scenes and behind the shadows

    The cinematography is fantastic, it reminded me of the style of the great Terrence Malick I have seen beautiful landscapes and in every shot there is something beautiful that you will see for sure

    It's a really touching story I send it to you.
  • andri_ksm - 8 January 2023
    Will not be surprised if this gets an oscar nod.
    This is one of a very few movies that made me feel something when watching it.. made me sit closer to the TV near the ending.. one of a very few movies that I know will be good only after watching it for 2 minutes at the beginning.. anything you can ask for.. murder mystery,courtroom drama, romance and betrayal.. very easy to look at, the color, the setting.. the last movie to do so for me is the shape of water.. ironically you'll see more waters in this one.. great casting.. great flow.. great story.. almost no flaw whatsoever.. cant wait for more movies by the filmmakers and actors.. oscar worthy!
  • pbryde-11937 - 7 January 2023
    Best movie ever
    Thoroughly immersed in the story and loved it on so many levels. A story of empowerment and overcoming obstacles. The depravity and the glory of what it means to be human. Great story and great writing and great acting.

    Thoroughly immersed in the story and loved it on so many levels. A story of empowerment and overcoming obstacles. The depravity and the glory of what it means to be human. Great story and great writing and great acting.

    Thoroughly immersed in the story and loved it on so many levels. A story of empowerment and overcoming obstacles. The depravity and the glory of what it means to be human. Great story and great writing and great acting.
  • lachyna13 - 6 January 2023
    Enjoy it for what it is
    I like to go into movies without expectations and just take it for what it is. I didn't read the book so my review is solely based on the movie. The cinematography is beautiful and it captures the essence of living in the marshlands. The actors did a great job at portraying believable characters. I felt Kya's pain from the moment her family left her to constant betrayals she endured and the victim in question succeeding in making you deeply despise him. It was a touching story told through flashbacks that keeps your attention as you watch the trial unfold. If you like to simply enjoy things for what they are, I definitely recommend this movie.
  • mohammedjz - 5 January 2023
    Pretty powerful story
    Didn't read the book beforehand so I wasn't sure what to expect but this movie definitely delivered.

    I checked the rotten tomatoes and I'm surprised critics gave it such a bad rating, just look at the audience rating for comparison. The soundtrack, the cinematography and acting was all very good, the movie really captures the essence of living a wetland and puts you right in that environment.

    My only nitpicks I have would be that for a woman that was abandoned by her family, living all by herself from a young age, walking barefoot most of the times, etc. She seems to fit right in with the rest of the city folk visually. Like her hair, teeth, skin, etc. Seemed a bit too perfect for someone that is known in town as the "marsh girl".

    Other than that the movie was really good, and although you can tell Daisy Edgar-Jones doesn't have a true southern accent it was a really good performance. There are some disturbing scenes in the movie so TW of DA and SA.

    Also as a slight addition I would add romance as one of the tags for the movie, it was a bit cheesy but for 1960s America I guess you can't really expect any different.
  • felipe-eduardo - 5 January 2023
    Good plot, but a lot of romance, drama and little suspense.
    The movie starts well, then spends more time reporting the girl's life and the way she grew up and lives, I won't give spoliers so I won't stick to details that are passed. However, if you expect to watch a suspense film with an emphasis on investigation, this film is clearly not for you. I particularly prefer films where the most important fact is the investigation, of course it is necessary that the characters' lives are shown. However, in this film many details about the murder are missing.

    In general, the film is good, it has a great story, but if you expect a police investigation film, I recommend you look for another one. The film should be characterized as Romance, Drama and Mystery.
  • maria-agiacity - 4 January 2023
    Pure 10
    Amazing story, great images and good performances. The story behind a young marginalised and abandoned by everyone girl, that still managed to leave her impact on the world, is so empowering and impactful! I never liked drama films, but I saw this one twice this week. There is something mesmerising in the movie, from the landscapes to the flow of the plot, that will not leave you unintrigued. I don't know why somebody could hate that movie. Maybe, they judge it harsh becauae of the book. It is obvious that film adaptations are not ao detailed as the books, as it happens in this case. However, the development of the characters, their suffering and of course their redemption are all there, presented naturally, without rush. 10/10!