An Icelandic couple live with their herd of sheep on a beautiful but remote farm. When they discover a mysterious newborn on their land, they decide to keep it and raise it as their own. This unexpected development and the prospects of a new family brings them much joy before ultimately destroying them.

  • Released: 2021-08-12
  • Runtime: 106 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Stars: Noomi Rapace, Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Ingvar Sigurdsson, Ester Bibi, Sigurður Elvar Viðarson, Theodór Ingi Ólafsson, Arnþruður Dögg Sigurðardóttir, Gunnar Þor Karlsson, Lára Björk Hall
  • Director: Valdimar Jóhannsson
  • miless-49621 - 8 January 2023
    Bizarre and Interesting Stuff, But Too Much Filler As Well.
    There is a certain amount of icelandic bleakness that is to be expected in any film made there. At the same time, there is just so much empty and uneventful space in this film. I enjoyed many parts of it, but it gave us too little plot fiber to bond with the child and too much filler.

    I am 100% interested in slow, large, open empty shots so long as there is a purpose to them. So long as an ant walks across the screen in the corner, there maybe was enough of a purpose, a contextual necessity, or an allegory. In this film, too many shots are simply empty and still. Yes, it's fine to have a film that is quiet and slow, but in this case it felt that they were a substitute for the main dish instead of an accent to it.

    Regardless, i think this is worth a watch. It just feels rather empty and pointless, and perhaps that's supposed to be a lesson re: humans needing to leave animals alone and to stop projecting meaning onto our interactions with them unless we are genuinely helping them.

    I have to take 2 stars off just because i think there is perhaps an entire character, and/or major event, and/or setting missing from the film. The ending was well executed and surprising in concept, but the extremely lengthy segment of the protagonist running out into the field and then subsequently staring at the camera for like 10-15 minutes straight was very questionable, and i would personally make a fan edit that removes this scene. I have to wonder what could have been done with just this specific amount of time, much less many others earlier in the story.
  • maryoraffael - 8 January 2023
    Biggest garbage of 2021
    Are people braindead? Or im incredibly smarter? Wtf i just watch? Better see Titanic for the 71th time. How do you rate this more then 2,3 stars? The only good thing is the landacape and mountains views. Stupid story. This garbage makes Midsommar look goos. And that was utter trash. Hahahahahahahahahhaha.

    Are people braindead? Or im incredibly smarter? Wtf i just watch? Better see Titanic for the 71th time. How do you rate this more then 2,3 stars? The only good thing is the landacape and mountains views. Stupid story. This garbage makes Midsommar look goos. And that was utter trash. Hahahahahahahahahhaha.
  • galirish - 28 December 2022
    If you love the bizarre and strange, you'll love this.
    I have just finished this movie. I for one ( and could be wrong) think it's a metaphor ( Or many layers of metaphors ).

    1) Was it a lesson in leaving the abominations alone lesson?

    2) Was it, that Maria knows what it's like to lose children, and yet she stole a newborn from its obviously broken-hearted mother because her needs trumped the ewes? ( Although I don't know how the ewe would have cared for a human-sheep child).

    3) Was it simply a tale of Satan wanting to bring about the birth of its child for the Apocalypse?

    Was it all three, and a tragic love story?

    The beast reminds them what is mine is mine, and yours is yours.?

    This movie and its meaning will haunt me for some time. And, for me, that is the epitome of a great story.
  • crumpytv - 13 December 2022
    Hardly an Entertianment.
    I was contemplating turning this off as it was... s o s l o w This review requires a minimum of 600 words, which is a lot more than the total dialogue in the first thirty minutes of the "drama".

    I just couldn't see where it was going, and then then for the first time the form of the lamb was revealed and I switched it straight off.

    What to say? I see some reviewers trying to categorise it as maybe horror, but I just can't understand how they can't see past the fact that it is just plain distasteful.

    Horror, quirky, fantasy, science fiction, some of a persuasion who notice a similarity may call it blasphemous, but I just thought it was sick!

    It certainly had no entertainment value.
  • danielwa64 - 30 November 2022
    A complete waste of time.
    After reading the one sentence description of this movie from the cable guide, I thought it would be an interesting movie. The sentence was --- A couple emcounter sinister forces after discovering a strange and unnatural newborn in their barn.--- And there was an 86 percent good rating that went along with it. So, I was intrigued.

    At the start I could see that it was a foreign film and I was worried weather it would be in English. It wasnt. It had subtitles. I hate subtitles because the last thing I want to do is read while things are happening. But, this was not a problem in this film because there were very few subtitles, due to the lack of dialogue, and very little action for any subtitles to infringe on. Then, there were chapters to the film, and I was hoping that one chapter might go backwards in time and explain things, kind of like in The Hateful Eight, or Reservoir Dogs, or Pulp Fiction, etc etc. But that never happened.

    As for the movie itself, there was never any "real" sinister forces as described in the description. For half the movie I figured that maybe since the married couple didnt seem happy in the beginning that maybe the husband went into the barn and had some "fun" with a sheep and that was how Ada came about, and that would have made a better story right there, but no, it wasnt that simple, or complicated either.

    The rest of the movie was a yawn fest waiting for sinister forces which never appeared.

    And then the ending, which made really no sense at all.

    And finally, all the people who gave this film a good rating, and the box office success in the beginning, just goes to show the intelligence of the movie going public.
  • Aoi_kdr - 16 November 2022
    This is A24!
    I realised that this is a controversial movie when I watched the trailer! This is A24 studio! If you like "Midsommar," you would like this one, too. I enjoyed "Midsommar" a lot including the ending credit.

    One day, Maria and Ingvar who run a sheep dairy farm attended sheep's birthings, then a creature which is half man and half sheep was born. They named it "Ada" and decided to grow her as their child.

    This is an introduction. But the first part was almost silence, so it made me dozed off. They communicate only by the eyes. Apparently they live in loveless marriage because of the depressed atmosphere. Suffering..

    They're so weird. When the mysterious creature was born, they didn't talk about it at all. Even if the moment is when everybody would say "Disgusting! What is this?", they say nothing and just accept her.

    While dozing off, they let her wear kid's cloth. I was wondering if I missed the story because I couldn't follow it.

    However, Ingvar's brother, Petur, suddenly came to there. He seems to be a irresponsible person, but spoked for us when he met her.

    "What is this?"

    Handshaking! It means I miss nothing, doesn't it?

    Actually, the couple is weird. Even if I take that they lost their own kid before into my consideration, I can't understand why they accepted Ada without much resistance.

    However, strangely enough, the more I saw her whom I felt was creepy at first, the cuter she looked. Since the moment when I felt she was cute, I've recognised that she is an individual existence.

    I laughed at the scene Petur fed the grass to Ada in hiding.

    Some spoilers included below:

    According to someone's review, the creature in the last scene is Faun or Satyros, a symbol of penis. Although I don't know what it is at the end, I feel it makes sense if it is either of them. Because there's a sex scene, and Maria granced at her belly with something in her mind in the last scene. It means that creature effected on sexual power of them?

    At first, I guessed that Ingvar raped a sheep, afterwards Ada was born. So, I coundn't understand why Maria accepted her. Sorry for doubting, Ingvar! The reason is why I sadly heard of that raping sheep or goat actually happens in rural area.,

    In the last scene, you know who is Ada's father. But, considering that sheep were scared of it in the first scene, that was also rape. That doesn't mean that someone like Faun is a sheep's ally.

    Ada looked at herself on the mirror and the picture of sheep. Apparently she realised that she's different from the human parents. I wonder if she went back to her true home?
  • masonfisk - 13 November 2022
    A folk horror film from last year. In Iceland, a married couple, Noomi Rapace & Hilmir Snaer Guonason, run a sheep farm & things seem to be going well but one day during a series of sheep births a strange anomaly occurs when a sheep is born w/human appendages (a sheep head & one hoof while the rest of its body is that of a human child). At first the new parents do a double take but soon fall into a steady rhythm of raising the child as their own even though its mother, the ewe, wants it back. Rapace enraged shoots the mother, unbeknownst to Guonason, & gets rid of the body. Things become tense when Rapace's brother-in-law, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson, shows up for a visit & is at first resistant to their new 'child' but soon grows to accept the welp as well but he also has duplicitous motives as tries to rekindle some past feelings he has for Rapace. This original story feels like it's based on something O. Henry or Aesop would pen which lends an otherworldly quality to the production which uses the expansive landscapes & the claustrophobic farm locale to great affect w/an ending so Earth shattering but expected, the story really, for me, couldn't end any other way.
  • youngcollind - 4 November 2022
    This movie is it's own straight man
    A quintessential slow burn set in rural Iceland, it's nearly silent given the sparse dialogue, yet a sombre melancholy hangs heavy in the air. It almost buckles under the weight of it's own dreariness before introducing the central theme, something so ridiculous you can't help but be taken aback. It's nearly comedic in it's absurdity, yet the film stays committed to it's stone face. Like a Monty Python character that won't admit they've been rendered limbless, it just caries on dryly, barely acknowledging the elephant (or lamb) in the room.

    This contrast between the outlandish and the mundane is the fundamental charm of the film, but can't carry it completely. It balances things out with gorgeous landscapes and strong understated performances. Given it's abstract nature, you can't help but feel like there's gonna be some symbolism beneath the surface. They lightly touch on themes of grief, showing a couple grasping at straws to change what's become, but ultimately it feels too vague to say anything conclusive or insightful. In the absence of a strong message, you're left with a hollow vehicle delivering the somewhat silly surface level concept.
  • Harthacnut - 31 October 2022
    Impossible to connect with these people
    Ok, we know, this is pure fantasy and could never happen in the real world. But people are people even in fantasy films and if we are to be carried along with the story they must at least credibly behave like people. What, no reaction of horror at the sight of the monster child? No frenzied discussions of what to do with it, hide it, Petur's unexplained change of attitude etc... I know this is Iceland, but there are other people around in that valley. And I know Icelanders might not be the most talkative of folk... but they do string more than a couple of sentences together from time to time. I also know that valley to be very beautiful, but does nearly every shot (even window reflections) have to show those same jagged peaks. I almost gave up, but pursued doggedly to the end, which dramatically brought some sort of resolution. All rather pointless though, (what was that sex scene for?) and I would not have regretted missing it. Dreadful acting from Noomi Rapace. Not all her fault, maybe it was just bad casting.
  • maxmaisonneuve - 26 October 2022
    Maybe don't watch this.
    I was originally gonna rate this 1 star and the star was mostly coming from the nice cinematography. I'm adding a star after reading a bit about it and understanding the metaphors a little better. If a movie is gonna be so hard to understand I'd at least like to be entertained during it, but this movie was so slow and boring I could barely stay awake. I like movies that make you think, but damn, there could've been a little more to this, it had maybe 20 lines of dialogue, I swear the goats had more lines👎🏻🐐 It was also one scene away from being a wholesome movie about loving your family despite there differences (or at least that's what I got from it minus the last ten minutes or so).
  • arthur_tafero - 24 October 2022
    Soap With Ice - Dyrio
    If you are a big fan of soaps, you can a star to this film. It is a slice of life in an unusual setting; Iceland. This actually helps the plot of the film along, as Iceland is both a beautiful and lonely place at the same time. It is quite easy to understand how a relationship, if not nourished constantly, can quickly turn into a dispassionate, cold, and mundane association. The introduction of a third party is sometimes a positive thing for relationships, as an unbiased person can shed new light on what both people are having issues with. The film moves slowly at times, but then again, the pace of life in Iceland is not exactly that of Queens, New York.
  • twopensfans - 22 October 2022
    Completely unexpected
    Between the trailer for this movie and the classification of it being a horror film, I didn't know what to expect. After seeing it, I can truly say I'm still just as mystified.

    This movie is in a genre all its own. It is like no other. That is not a bad thing; it's just...different.

    To start with, the movie's setting is breathtaking. It draws you in immediately. In addition, the silence at the beginning of the film; the fact that the cast is very small; the slow progression of the story; the simplicity of the characters lives. Everything envelopes you, engages you, intrigues you.

    You feel like you are being read a book, and this is what you are imagining in your head. And when it's over, you aren't sure what you just experienced. You definitely want to talk to someone else who experienced it too though. I don't know that it will be for everyone.
  • beatrice_gangi - 7 October 2022
    Lamb is a strange film, in some ways reminiscent of the atmospheres of directors such as Eggers and Lanthimos, who are masters in this kind of subjects. The film has a lot of potential, and deals with a plot that is really interesting to develop, capable of raising an infinite number of questions and undertones in the spectator, and it is excellent in its ability to disorientate and unsettle. Indeed, it is very interesting to try and reflect on the implications and themes of this film: from parenting, to our relationship with nature, to the aftermaths of deep traumas. Personally, I did not like the ending very much, as it discourages a more optimistic and hopeful interpretation. As for the main defect, the film is very slow and struggles to get going, making it quite heavy and, especially in the first part, boring.
  • sikihac - 20 September 2022
    Typical A24 stuff, hybrids, etc
    This is typical A24 type of stuff but the twist here is trying to normalize human-animal hybrids which will become more obvious as time goes by. We already see very strangely proportioned people now but most don't detect it. And of course when you're talking about A24 you're talking derogatory stuff about the major religion in the west especially the one based in Rome, in almost every movie they make it's there overtly and covertly and I've seen a lot of their films. The obvious reference to lambs and such are subtle but there. And the hybrid father comes and gets it back later and other things. It's never surface level stuff.

    This one also features someone who is supposed to be female but is barely passable I'm not sure how anyone can think the "female" lead is anything but a transformer. Mask face. I get that it's scandinavian descent but that doesn't change the facts, really obvious one. Soft pudgy lightly bearded hgh giants don't really convince much either. Pretty much all movies are like this though.